Super 6 Group Review: A Group of Scam Crypto Schemes

Super 6 Group

Super 6 Group has very poor marketing and does not convey the purpose of this platform. Its website ( has a totally different name than the company itself. Moreover, it keeps mentioning Speedway 7 and Speedway 16 without giving any details. It never makes it clear whether these Speed 6 Group is an entire organization or a composition of multiple companies.

Dr. Stefan Pienaar runs the company. Other than the branding problem, has a number of other issues as well. Suspicious owner, a poorly designed compensation plan, and lack of authentic information are some of the problems of this company. Keep reading this review to find out whether you should invest in it or ignore it like any other crypto scam.

What is Super 6 Group?

Super 6 Group claims to be a crypto company that was established to help people get Bitcoins in the minimum amount of time. It even claims that 90% of the income goes back to the members while the managers and the owner get only 10% profits. uses this statement as a way of proving the credibility of the company. It says that by investing a huge amount of income back to the community, the company is uplifting millions of people around the world.

There is no truth to this statement because there is no proof that such a huge amount of people is using this platform. The website even says that it is not just another crypto company but can help you to earn a whopping $1 million in a single year with very less investment. It seems really suspicious that a new company is promising such a large amount of money.

Founder of Super 6 Group

Dr. Stefan Pienaar is the founder and director of Super 6 Group. He appears in numerous marketing videos of the company. Pienaar has a long history of running MLM crypto companies. In 2010, he was the developer of the Dynamic Travel Network, which was a travel MLM pyramid scheme. He says that he has 23 years of experience in marketing. There is no way of confirming this information because he does not social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other such platform.

Super 6 Group

One of the biggest concerns about Super 6 Group is its owner. Pienaar does not have a good track record with the previous companies. In 2017, he was the head of Crypto Wealth, which was a bitcoin gifting company. The company eventually collapsed in 2018. Similarly, in March 2019, he was the man behind the Global Rewards Program International. There is no official update about Rewards Program, but it is possible that it has shut down because its website is no longer operational.

Products and Services

Super 6 Group does not offer any products or services. Affiliate membership is the only way of earning compensation. The company claims that it is aiming to help as many people as it can with just a $7 investment. Making people financially independent seems to be a major goal of this venture. Moreover, it invites people to become affiliates who are not reluctant to develop a large and solid team.

Joining Fee

Super 6 Group has two main pyramid schemes: Speedway 7 and Speedway 16. The investment charges of both of these schemes are different. Initially, affiliate membership is completely free. However, to earn income, you must invest in the company.

A minimum investment of $7.20 per position of Speedway 7 is necessary. Similarly, a $16.20 investment is necessary for a position. The website encourages people to buy several positions to earn maximum profits. Even though the company mentions all of the joining charges, investment plans, and compensation structure in USD, but the transactions have to be made in bitcoin.


Super 6 Group’s Income Structure manages two pyramid schemes, which are Speedway 7 and Speedway 16.

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While the compensation plans might seem very complex, but convincing to the users, they are not fault-proof. In fact, there is no proof that the company actually invests in any amount in the community. It claims that it is uplifting millions of people but fails to mention any project or organization it is involved in. Therefore, instead of wasting your money in such scam companies, you should make less-risky investments with crypto cloud mining companies. These companies are much more reliable than suspicious crypto companies like Super 6 Group that eventually turns out to be a scam.

Both of the groups have different income structures, which are:

Speedway 7

Once you buy a Speedway 7 position for $7.20, you become a part of its 4×5 matrix scheme. It means that the affiliate is at the top of a matrix while the four members are under him. The first four positions are on the first level of the matrix. When these four positions split into further slots, then a total of 16 positions are created on level two. The process is repeated, and the positions keep on splitting until level five.

The amount of recruitment commission also increases as you keep recruiting more people and filling the positions. The whole structure is designed in a way that keeps creating more positions, and hence, the company is able to get investments from a lot of people.

The company promises the following recruitment commissions:

  • $4 for level 1 (recruiting four positions)
  • $16 for level 2 (recruiting 16 positions)
  • $64 for level 3 (recruiting 64 positions)
  • $512 for level 4 (recruiting 256 positions)
  • $1024 for level 5 (recruiting 1024 positions)

The company claims that most of the income is invested back in the community of affiliates, while only 10% is charged a fee. This fee is used in generating positions for the second block, which consists of fifteen slots in the matrix.  Similarly, the third tier contains 21 positions for the Speedway 7 and Speedway 16.

Speedway 16

The income structure of Speedway 16 is similar to the Speedway 7. The only difference is that a single position of costs $16.20. Another method of obtaining these positions is by completely filling the three tiers of Speedway 7.

Super 6 Group claims that the first matrix tier of Speedway 16 is capable of generating $7260. Out of this amount, about $4040 is distributed as a referral commission, while the remaining amount is used to produce new matrix positions.  Similarly, the second matrix can produce about $374,000, out of which $246,500 goes to fees.


The business structure of Super 6 Group makes it clear that it is a multi-level pyramid company. It is mainly dependent on new recruits to generate income. Any company with a business model like this one will ultimately benefit the owner. Hence, the founder of, Dr. Stefan Pienaar, will earn the maximum profits while the members will have to suffer losses.

The pyramid scheme of Super 6 Group seems fraudulent and very confused in marketing. It says that the fees are invested in various projects but does not mention any project’s name. In short, Super 6 Group is a scam crypto company. You should not invest in this platform. Hence, you should use the services of authentic crypto cloud mining companies because they provide you with an opportunity of mining your own crypto coins and earning maximum profits.

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