SuperRare Review: A Great NFT Marketplace

SuperRare is another NFT marketplace worth checking out, thanks to the array of NFTs to get. Super Rare offers a different aspect of buying and creating NFTs.

The marketplace uses the ETH Blockchain, cementing itself as a reliable and safe NFT marketplace.

A strong NFT marketplace supported by one of the best networks ensures quality for the NFTs created.

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What’s interesting about SuperRare is that it only accepts Art as the main category. So you won’t find gaming or trading collectibles on the platform.

And we know that some of the NFT arts have sold for over $2 million. But, again, this is because the quality of the NFTs on the platform is high and attractive.

About SuperRare

SuperRare The Pros and Cons

The marketplace started in 2018 and has grown by leaps and bounds. These marketplaces offer insightful art that brings art collectors into one marketplace.

NFT creators post daily, ensuring traders get to see new art every time they log in.

Navigating through the platform is easy, and members get a perfect line of art placed for them to scroll.

We found it easy to find art on the platform, as there’s also a search tab for any art you want to view.

Most Marketplaces leave out the fine details of the art and the creator, not SuperRare.

You will get all the details, including the art’s concept and the date created. That gives you an idea of the longevity of the creation and the creator’s skill levels.

Most token standards are ERC-20 or ERC-721, with the art being less than 3MB in file size.

Advantages of SuperRare NFT Marketplace

Some of the biggest advantages of the marketplace are the fees and bidding process. But, as we always maintain, accountability and transparency are key.

You need to know all the details beforehand without necessarily risking the investment. And Super Rare is an NFT marketplace that gives you what you need.

Each art has a bidding process with a time limit on when the bid closes. You get the details of the creator and owner of the NFT readily available.

There’s a chat tab with everyone’s bid on the art. And that gives an open and transparent bidding process that is fair to all.

Surprisingly, it’s not always the highest bidder that takes the art. Sometimes the user who bids first gets to go home with the NFT.

Of course, you must use Ethereum as it’s the primary currency used on this network. Buyers also get the contract address of the art for clarification.

And that’s the beauty of NFTs since you can go and check the origin, including the date of inception. So that shows the whole process is fair and accessible for all parties.

Creators and the commissions earned

Want to be a creator on the platform? The best way to go about it is by creating quality NFT. The rest is up to NFT fans to check your quality.

Engagement with buyers is almost guaranteed with each of the NFTs we have looked at, getting over ten bids.

That goes to show the marketplace is an ideal place for NFT creators.

What we found interesting about the marketplace is the high fees charged for placing NFTs on the platform.

SuperRare is taking 15% of the total sale as commissions for placing your art on the platform. Without a doubt, that’s a high margin.

Nonetheless, the platform offers what most platforms fail to provide, and that’s total engagement from the NFT community.

Exploring NFTs on

There are over 57,000 arts available on the platform, including over 3,000 creators. It goes to show there’s room for more creators to join.

You can explore the platform using one of the nine statuses for purchase. These include buying now, live auction, open offer, upcoming auction, primary sale, etc.

There are two primary currencies available on the marketplace. These are Ethereum and the RARE cryptocurrency.

You also get to choose from 5 media types on the art presented. These include 3d, GIF, Image, Interactive, and Video.

There are three types of artists to find on the platform. These are new artists, no sales yet, and genesis artwork artists.

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What is the RAREPASS feature?

NFT arts and oollectibles found on

Buyers and creators on the platform can mint what’s referred to as a rare pass on the platform. It’s a pass that allows you to access the Dutch sale.

With this sale, you can set the price for the auction and raise prices as you watch the bidding war.

Features of SuperRare NFTs Marketplace

Here are some of the features worth mentioning on the platform;

Contact and support

There’s no support from the SuperRare platform, and you only engage with buyers and sellers via chat.

What if there’s an issue with placing an order or purchase? That’s where things might take the wrong turn for creators.

We don’t understand why NFTs marketplaces don’t still offer dispute resolution centers.

We haven’t seen or heard of anyone who has lost funds with the platform. Additionally, no art has so far got lost or stolen via hacks.

And that proves that the Ethereum Blockchain is more secure, especially after the Ethereum merge a few months ago.

Deposit and Payment options

SuperRare doesn’t accept bank or wire transfers. The platform doesn’t also accept PayPal, unlike other leading NFT marketplaces.

All transactions are under the Blockchain network, which is odd considering the crypto aspect.

You can also engage with the RARE currency, which most haven’t heard about.

Having several deposit and payment methods helps with the sales process. Some customers don’t have crypto yet and would happily pay with FIAT.

High Commissions

We must insist that SuperRare has one of the highest commissions we have seen. And this is why the Ethereum Blockchain is sometimes a drawback.

High gas fees get transferred to the consumer, hence the 15 percent commission.

Our Verdict on SuperRare

The platform is an excellent place to get quality NFTs. You get to find willing buyers and quality NFT creators on the platform.

Brace yourself for high commissions when buying or creating these NFTs.

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