Surex Insure Review: a Bogus Scam

Surex Insure is a company that markets itself as a cheap and unique platform. The firm believes they are the best investment option for everyone.

The company deals with digital currency mining and AI trading. Unfortunately, the information is false, as there is no evidence of investment taking place on their website.

Just like all other pyramid schemes, Surex Insure is not left behind in crediting its team for its performance. The company brag of having a professional team that handles all their activities.

The company is also known as HourMiningOnline Limited. They offer enticing returns that are difficult to attain, ask yourself why is this platform offers high returns compared to their competitors. Yet, they are not among the top-performing companies around the globe.


Surex Insure is a company that proclaims they have talented, experienced miners and traders in the digital currency niche. Their vast profit comes from trading Bitcoin and other currencies on most renown exchanges in the market.

The platform state they have a trading bot that helps them to trade, through utilizing technology Surex Insure has achieved stable profits. Sadly, the company does not even disclose the accuracy of trading software. It raises more doubts if at all they have a bit in the first place.

The time the platform has been in the market is enough for them to avail of financial reports for everyone to see their alleged performance. Additionally, they are no managerial report of their team.

Surex Insures Review, Platform

The platform features some statistics regarding its operations on its site. They show the total deposit and withdrawal that they have acquired since their launch.

The shady company claim withdrawal requests are handled instantly, and their clients won’t suffer from any delays. Surex Insure uses funds via Perfect Money, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Payeer, and Litecoin.

We need visible proof to endorse this platform; as far as we know, the company has numerous loopholes, and we cannot endorse them to the public.

Services offered by Surex Insure

The platform offers mining and Trading investment services to their users. Mining associates, a significant startup capital, and mining energy are also high.

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Unlike in the past, when mining was a very profitable venture, and everyone could eat a piece of the cake currently, it is hard for individuals to enter the market.

Surex Insures mining farms are based in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The company state that they have modern hardware that operates 24/7 without suffering from malfunction.

The information is not sufficient to prove there is a need for mining taking place in this company. For instance, pyramid schemes will display false information to get innocent investors to deposits money in their fraudulent services.

There is no proof has mining farms in those areas. Moreover, legit mining firms will showcase the hardware and gadgets they are using in mining activities.

This company has not done this; they expect us to believe in them blindly. Investment is not an alight task for you to earn; you need to ensure you trust the reputable mining platforms in the industry; otherwise, you will be scammed.

Surex Insure Regulation and Registration

Surex Insure claims it is operating legally, and it is incorporated in the UK. The company collects funds from investors across the world.

For an investment company to operate legally, they need to have several licensing certificates from the financial watchdog in the countries they operate.

We checked with FCA since the company is located in the UK. Unfortunately,  the company did not appear in the financial watchdog’s cluster.

A competent investment company will display its licensing form for the public to see, but this is not the case with Surex Insure. Instead, they have a registration form which does not mean much,

The documents are easily accessible and cheaper as well. incorporated company number is 12079725; according to this registration form, they were registered on 2nd July 2019.

Without a regulation certificate venturing with them would be a dangerous choice one that could lead to loss of money or even worst disclose your personal information with scammers. Stay away and spread the world that Surex Insure is nothing but another scam in the industry.

Contact and Customer Support

The company is allegedly located at 45 Portobello Rd Notting Hills, London, UK, W11 3DL. There is no method to verify if this is their real location. However, as numerous pyramid schemes generate random areas to appear legit, this could be the same case with Surex Insure.

Surex Insure boasts of having 24/7 customer support services to its clients.  Unfortunately, to acquire the company telephone number, you must be a VIP member.

The legit company treats all their clients equally without discrimination; for a regular user of this platform, they can raise their queries via email; [email protected]

Surex Insure Promotional and Bounty

The platform features a bounty section on their website. They are trying so hard to prove that they are the best investment choice for you. To receive the bonus, you need to take a video of yourself praising their platform. You can earn once a week by uploading the video on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

The token of doing this is receiving a $2 to $500 bonus. If you delete the content from the named platform, you will be disqualified, and the action will be termed as a fraud. Clients from legit platform will freely review a company without even being paid so long as the company offer the best services.

For website owners and bloggers, you need to perform a positive review on Surex Insure to receive a bounty of $4-$50. If you put their banners, the higher the amount you will receive.

You can as well hold webinars and inform the public about the shady platform. However, you must have 30 and above viewers, and the webinars should not last less than 20 minutes.

There is no proof of payment available, and the only people who will benefit from this fraudulent company are those that help them market their murky business.

Investment Plan and Returns

Surex Insure guarantees those that venture with them they will receive a fixed return. The platform has four investment plans that they offer to their clients.

If you take a closer look at what they promise their clients, you will notice the red flag.  They have primary, advanced, expert, and VIP account.

All the profit is instantly withdrawable, and the earnings will can be generated within 24 hours. The least amount you can earn is 20%, and the maximum amount of profit that they promise is 150%.

Surex Insure Scam Review, Plan

The Ponzi scheme creates the notion that for you to earn more, you have to make vast deposits. The least amount your ca deposit in their primary account is $30, and the maximum amount they accept in the VIP is $100,000.

There is a high chance of losing all your money if you deposit a large amount of funds. The platform is a pyramid scheme that lures naïve investors into their company.

Surex Insure Final Verdict

Surex Insure is a company that is operating against the law; the founder of this platform is running it behind the scenes. According to, it was launched in October 2019 and will expire in the same month the year 2020.

There is no transparency of how the company achieves its alleged returns. Invest only with cryptocurrency trading, and mining companies that provide adequate info regarding their operations.

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  1. robson soraidema

    Never ever give these guys you money is a big scam they will let you withdraw first so that you invest more after investing more they start asking more money and tell you that you have to insure your account to withdraw. They did that to me .the owner him self he is also the heard of this scam group please be careful. There Telegram group testimonies it’s all fake and all those people are just getting percentage from the scammed money .yhe lady on the group called Annie Minh shez the one who fouled me to trust this scammers .please please never ever put your money on school kids have been scammed school fees with this guys .after they are done with you they will block you from your account even on groups

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