Swis Trust Review: Swistrust.com a Terrible Scheme

Swis Trust Review
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Swis Trust is a platform that is not genuine. The scheme is using false reviews to promote their illegal business. You can tell from the remarks that the information is misleading.

Swis Trust is a company that has been in the market for years. Their lack of trading history is a clear indicator to refrain from dealing with the platform. The firm states that it is safe, simple, and powerful. They are trading stocks, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities.

Swiss Trust Review, Swiss Trust Company

The platform allegedly was designed to assist inventors that are starting in the market. You will hardly find expert traders falling victim to scammers. The terms of the Ponzi schemes are intriguing. Those that look for easy money end up making huge losses.

Swis Trust claims it offers traders all the necessary materials to trade. The deposit and withdrawal method is swift and straightforward. We are yet to encounter individuals that have earned using this platform.

The scheme allegedly has won several awards. They claim to be the best trading firm in Switzerland. However, the venture leaves behind a critical issue. They do not reveal the people that are behind their business. 

Swistrust.com Review

 Swis Trust is a broker that claims it among the best entities in the market. However, there are several worrying factors that the scheme has displayed. For instance, the company is unregulated. This does not seem to bother them as they proudly feature an offshore address. 

The scheme is shamelessly collecting money from traders across the world. Avoid dealing with this evil scheme as they are only going to devastate you. You can earn actual time returns by dealing with licensed firms. 

The parent company of the entity is known as Axent Tech LLC. It would help if you did not think that you were going to make money with the venture. This is because you will be dealing with a complete scam. You cannot trace the entity down as they have done perfectly to stay from the regulator’s eye.

Invest in genuine and reputable forex trading schemes. These are platforms that have been in the market for years. You will sleep soundly knowing that your assets are in safe hands. The customer support also responds in time. 

Trading Conditions of Swis Trust

The entity has a leverage of 1:400. This is a risky limit because the European Union regulator has set 1:30, while for the Canadian and the USA, it is 1:50. They do not have a trading platform. The spread that the venture is offering is not disclosed.

Swis Trust allegedly sends trading strategies to investors. They also have software that you can use to boost your outcome. The entity has a section where they update the trading news. 

They provide a web-based trading platform. The interface does not have several advantages compared to the MT5. The payment methods are e-wallets, credit cards, and wire transfers. The credit card option is safe because you can issue a chargeback from up to 540 days. 

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Customer Support

The scheme has an office address. They also feature phone numbers that investors can use to reach them. You should handle the safety of your data seriously. There are schemes in the market that tend to violate the terms of their clients. They will sell the information to rogue third parties. 

Furthermore, it is the least of the offshore companies’ concerns to hire legit customer support. Their sole intention is to get your money. Hence, all the phone calls and emails will be unanswered. Find reputable schemes that are transparent. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that one can deposit is $250. The broker states that the withdrawal requests are handled within one day. You will have several assets on your dashboard. The chances of the scheme withholding the payment of users are high. You cannot be able to get your funds back.  

Swistrust.com Review, Swistrust.com Features

 Swis Trust is also offering trading bonuses to investors. Legit companies are not allowed to offer such lucrative deals to their clients. Therefore, this should ring a bell to investors. Your money is not safe. The company will not permit you to withdraw. They will come up with all sorts of excuses. They can start asking for taxation and other hidden charges that were never disclosed before. 

Regulation Status of Swis Trust 

The entity is based in SVG. Saint Vincent and the Grenadine is not a real place. The majority of the investment schemes that are based in this area turn out to be scams. The entity is collecting money illegally from the public. They do not have a compensation scheme in place. Therefore, in case this venture faces bankruptcy, you cannot get your money back.

The individuals that are behind this broker are also anonymous. The law requires that every scheme operates in complete transparency. This helps in ensuring that the people that are managing the funds of traders are qualified. It would also be easy to trace them down in case things go south.

The trading conditions of Swis Trust are exposing investors to severe risks. The financial bodies protect traders from being exploited by the brokers. Therefore, your money is in safe hands. The legit companies also work with reputable financial institutions. They segregate funds, and the money cannot be used for an unintended purpose. 

Swis Trust Clients Review

Swis Trust is a platform that is not genuine. The scheme is using false reviews to promote their illegal business. You can tell from the remarks that the information is misleading. They praise the MT4 platform that the scheme has and the trading conditions.

Some even claim to have doubled their investment within a short period. The problem is that there is no evidence. There is no proof of payment or trading results. The information also suggests that customer support is responsive. The problem is that this is an offshore entity. They cannot afford to pay a team. 

The individuals that are leaving the testimonials behind are anonymous. It is most likely that they are paying random people to endorse them. If you want to find, genuine results deal only with reputable brokers in the market.

The Domain Insight

 Swistrust.com is a company that has been in the industry since August 2021. This is a newly built website. They have had no intention of being in the market for the past year. Their operation is doomed, and it is most likely that they will exit the market unceremoniously with their victims’ funds. The traffic that is visiting the website is not much. 

Final Verdict

 Swis Trust is a company that lacks all the criteria of a genuine scheme. The venture has insufficient information regarding its trading activities. Additionally, they do not have a trading history. The safety of your money should be your main priority.

Any scheme that is not willing to protect the safety of your money should not be given the benefit of the doubt. There are several reliable ventures in the market that you can rely on. Invest wisely and get the best outcome. Here is a list of some of the regulated forex trading brokers

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  1. Ellenna

    SCAM Allert! Swistrust.com is 100% scam company!!! Never make money transfer and trust nothing they tell you! This company is not a registered broker and no one of those people has a broker license.

  2. Zbigniew

    Dziękuję za ostrzeżenia, mnie zaniepokoiło to, że ich domena jest aktualnie na sprzedaż, pewnie nie długo się zwiną tak jak poprzednia ALPARI sztab ludzi jest w Moskwie który kreuje te oszustwa. Zebrałem trochę informacji na temat tych ludzi agitują filmami reklamowymi nowym programem Quantum-8 wystarczy jego oglądać i w tym czasie już namierzają twoja lokalizacje i przekazują dla ich brokerów i nagabują do transakcji telefonicznie, na które nie można oddzwonić a jak przyjmiesz to podają swoją identyfikację numeryczną jako kod tożsamości incognito, pod którym się ukrywają i w ten sposób kradną pieniądze.

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