SwissUnion Review: A Befitting Platform

Swiss Union Review
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SwissUnion is one of the best institutional trading platforms. With safety and transparency at the core of the platform, it makes sense to trade with them. In addition, there are a handful of advantages that come with it. Learn more in our detailed review.

SwissUnion ( provides traders with an exceptional institutional trading experience. Swiss Union is at the top of the trading game, from the platform’s tools to the fast withdrawals. In addition, investors and traders alike will love the immediate communication and support structure available on the platform. To top it all up, the platform is easy to navigate and understand. Please find out more about this thrilling platform on our compelling SWISSUNION REVIEW.

SwissUnion Review

About SwissUnion

A platform that has your back, SwissUnion provides a better future for all traders. The platform is unique and helps solve trading problems by creating better trading conditions. A fast-growing platform, the Swiss Union, has over 21 offices all over the world.

There are over 10,000 team members ready to help you find trading your home. The platform is built on transparency and result oriented. That’s why we believe the platform is what every trader should try.

For newbies, the platform offers classic and managed accounts. In addition, you get a team of experienced account managers to help navigate the trading system. Once you get the hang of it, will be the best investment decision of your life.

Finding the right broker is not easy for beginners and newbies. That’s why going for industry-backed brokers is the best decision you can make. Also, go for brokers that have a proven track record all the time.

An award winning broker, signing up with the Swiss Union is fast. You can easily open an account within minutes. Then, members have to submit their application documents, fund their accounts, and begin trading.

The platform avails a wide range of trading instruments. You get to trade with over 300+ trading instruments. Members get to trade anywhere thanks to this engaging and user-friendly trading platform.

Accounts and Plans SwissUnion

As listed above, SwissUnion provides two classes of trading accounts. In addition, you get to choose between classic and managed accounts. The classic account is best for traders who want to trade in near-perfect trading conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at four account types available on the platform;

SwissUnion Accounts


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The bronze account comes with a minimum acceptable deposit of $5,000. After that, you get an incredible account with attractive features. For example, spreads start from 2.8 pips, and the platform has a maximum leverage of 1:100.


For the Silver account, investors must deposit $15,000 to get started. With this amount, you get a friendly account that offers spreads from 2.5 pips. The maximum leverage on this account is 1:200.


With the gold account, investors must deposit $25,000 as the minimum deposit. The features include spreads from 1.5 pips and maximum leverage of 1:300. In addition, there is no commission on any of the four accounts.


Hailed by some as the best exclusive account, investors must deposit $50,000 with the account. Spreads start from 0.1 pips and come with a maximum leverage of 1:400. In addition, you get VPS services on all accounts with stop-out levels of 5 percent.

Account Features

All these accounts have distinctive features making them easy to choose from. You get to select the account that suits your trading style. News trading and scalping are allowed on all accounts. Traders get 50 currency pairs and 45+ CFDs.

Members also get a personal account manager on each of the accounts. With such a feature, it makes sense why the minimum deposit is higher than other trading accounts. But, unfortunately, there are no expert advisors on the platform.

The minimum trade lot size is set at 0.01 percent, with the platform offering ECN Pricing execution-style. All these accounts offer day, position, scalping, and swing-trading features. It makes them a perfect fit for all classes of traders.

Affiliate Programs

You get to have a partnership with this fantastic trading platform. Swiss Union offers multi-levels of engagement thanks to its affiliate program. A partner receives exceptional levels of support and a dedicated affiliate manager.

Affiliate partners earn commissions as long as their clients trade with the platform. The platform also offers one-of-a-kind promotions from time to time and personalized programs. You get a chance to join a team of hard-working professionals.

Are Funds Safe with SwissUnion

Swiss Union Trading Platform

Your funds are completely safe with a platform that follows a strict protocol. The platform offers DDoS protection and SSL encryption on all transfers. You also get a platform that segregates funds.

Insurance cover for deposits is a guarantee. And this makes the Swiss Union one of the best trading platforms to use. With a secure platform, you get to trade with ease, knowing withdrawal is prompt.

Business/Managed Accounts

SwissUnion also offers managed account services to institutions that want to keep their head in the game. There are three managed accounts to choose from. These include blend, dedicated, and fixed income portfolios.

Let’s take a look at what each managed account has to offer;

Blended Portfolios

There’s an initial investment requirement of $75,000. With this account, you get to work with a financial consultant to tailor your portfolio. There’s an annual blended advisory fee of 0.95 to 1.35 percent. It’s one of the lowest in the business.

Dedicated Portfolios

The institution has to make an initial investment of $150,000. After that, you get to collaborate with a dedicated financial consultant. Members also get custom portfolios of stocks and benefit from active and ongoing portfolio management.

Fixed Income Portfolios

You must deposit an initial investment of $250,000. It’s the most exclusive managed account the platform has to offer. A barrage of advantages come with it, such as low advisory fees and a custom bond portfolio built.

Business Registry

The platform is owned and operated by Mira Vital LLC. With their registration in Zurich, the owner is a long-time investment house. So you get a platform that’s fully compliant with Swiss investment and trading laws.

Contact and support contact and support

Support is available for clients 24/7. The platform is there when you need any assistance. You can call or email and get a quick response. When you make the call, you can schedule a meeting with account managers or consultants.

The platform makes investing, and trading looks easy. You will feel right at home thanks to their fast support structure. Email is also another fast feature that we have to point out. You get a response within 24 hours.

Deposit and Withdrawal

To make funding quickly, the platform avails several different funding methods. For example, you can fund your account using bank and wire transfers. In addition, members get to fund using secure and trusted brands such as MasterCard and Visa.

You can also fund your account using cryptocurrency. The platform accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum. And that’s the reason why investors feel at home. Once you deposit funds, the balance will reflect within minutes.

Withdrawing is fast as members get to withdraw immediately. There are no restrictions, and withdrawal fees depend on the mode of transaction. Members are overall happy with the way the platform delivers on its promise.

Trading Platform

The platform avails a web trading platform that suits all investors. It has an easy interface with all the right tools. In addition, the platform is secure and offers investors advanced charting tools and pattern recognition.

You also get a platform that offers a fully customizable screen. Members get to set the platform to suit their way of trading. With stop-order execution, members get to protect their trading. You get to trade using all browsers.


After checking the full features, we are overall happy with SwissUnion. It is the best trading platform you could wish for.

Try and get professional experts to help with your trading. It gives you the momentum to become a better trader.

Feel free to comment or drop an email, and we would be happy to respond.

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