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Text ALN Review
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Text ALN does not deal with retail goods or services. Once a person starts working with them, the only thing they can promote is the firm’s affiliate membership. If a member recruits another to the program, they get a commission.

Text ALN is an SMS marketing pyramid scheme. They claim to be a flexible marketing platform that can be integrated into existing businesses or offered independently to reach business professionals. The platform claims it can provide the resources necessary to launch and expand your company.

Text ALN Review, Text ALN Company

They do this through a program that works within anyone’s budget, thanks to their six tiers. These tiers vary in terms of training and credit. To become successful in MLM, you should always work with honest and trustworthy crypto companies.   

The term “multi-level marketing” (MLM) refers to a business strategy in which a corporation sells its products through a network of distributors. These distributors make money from both their own product sales and the product sales of their direct and indirect recruits. They are not employees but rather “participants” or “independent business owners” of the corporation.

Many multi-level marketing businesses are structured like a pyramid, with the CEO at the top, followed by tiers of distributors. These people earn commissions from the sales of the distributors they have recruited. Distributors typically receive discounts on products they buy for personal use, in addition to commissions and bonuses based on their sales and their recruits’ sales. MLM is not an illegal business. However, many of them are pyramid schemes like Text ALN.

Text Message Marketing

Sending promotional or informative text messages to current or future clients is a form of digital marketing known as text message marketing (SMS marketing). Marketing via text message can be used to promote sales, provide discounts or coupons, answer consumer questions, and update customers on corporate happenings.

Textaln.com Review, Textaln.com Features

Usually, a company will either buy a list of phone numbers to text or use its existing client database to send out SMS messages. A company can manage its lists of recipients for text message marketing campaigns through opt-in or opt-out techniques. Also, they can send messages to individuals or groups.

Compared to other kinds of communication, like email, the open and response rates for text messages are far higher. This makes text message marketing a potentially fruitful strategy for reaching clients.

For your SMS marketing efforts to be successful and avoid being viewed as spam it’s necessary to adhere to industry standards. This also helps in keeping customer information protected. Many nations have laws stating that businesses need customers’ permission before sending them marketing messages via text messaging.

Text Message Auto Responder

These include: Here, your campaign will immediately begin sending out an auto-reply message to subscribers as soon as they confirm their subscription. You can customize this response anytime to include a greeting, discount code, or special offer.

Age Verification

In order to opt into a keyword, the contact must first input their date of birth. This is excellent for access-based restrictions on products and services. The feature is for those who want to run a campaign that insists all participants be at least 18 years old. The feature allows users to schedule their campaigns and send them on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis.

Company Founders

Although the company is not forthright about its administration, we established that controversial businessman Dustin Mansell operates it. He is an avid supporter of MLM and lives in the United States. He has been supporting many companies involved with money laundering cases.

It is generally a good idea to avoid working with companies whose leaders have questionable reputations. This is because such leaders may engage in unethical or illegal behavior that could put you or your company at risk.

Additionally, working for such companies may damage your reputation and make it difficult for you to find work in the future. It is also essential to consider the values and culture of a company before choosing to work there. It is not good to be associated with a company that does not align with your personal values.        

From whois.com, we established that the firm’s domain website has been working since 2019. The company, however, had not divulged much information about when it was launched. This is a red flag that shows they are shady.

Text ALN Company Products

Text ALN does not deal with retail goods or services. Once a person starts working with them, the only thing they can promote is the firm’s affiliate membership. If a member recruits another to the program, they get a commission. The compensation plan pays when the person makes a direct recruitment or an indirect one.

The Compensation Plan

For every recruit, the company pays the recruiter $50. There are also residual commissions that work based on a 3×10 matrix. In this arraignment, the first affiliate is at the top, with three positions below them. The first three positions form the first level.

To form the second level, the first three spots are split into three positions, each having three branches. The second level, therefore, has nine parts. The process repeats itself until the matrix gets to level 10.     

At the first level, a person earns $19 when other people fill all three positions. The amount keeps dropping at the lower levels. For level 10, which has 59,049 positions to fill, a person earns $4 per position filled.

The creators designed the scheme to entice you to recruit as many people as possible to keep earning. To join the company, you must pay an initial membership fee of $109 and then $59 monthly.   

Text ALN Contact Details

The company has provided a phone number and email. However, they have not provided a physical location. It is risky to work with an MLM company that is cagey about where its headquarters are located. Such a company lacks transparency. Because of this, it could be harder for you to acquire information or get answers to your queries.

It can also be more challenging for authorities to hold an MLM organization accountable for violations of different laws and regulations if it has a physical location. Before working with one, always ensure you can physically access the company premises in case you need help.

Text ALN Regulation Status

Governments have instituted strict licensing procedures because of the enormous stakes involved in internet investments. Due to the nature of a pyramid scheme, this business cannot legally operate. For starters, its home base is a mystery. This is a strategy employed to keep them anonymous.

For a company to gain legal status, it must satisfy certain criteria. Protecting customers’ financial information is one of these. In the case of insolvency, consumers should suffer no losses. This company cannot guarantee anything like that.

Regulation of multi-level marketing (MLM) firms varies by country. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States, for instance, regulates MLMs as it relates to the enforcement of laws against deceptive and fraudulent business practices.

The FTC has established rules for multi-level marketing businesses. These include prohibitions on making misleading or unsubstantiated claims about the products or business opportunities. They also have rules regarding disclosures about the income potential of participants.


Text ALN is an unregulated MLM company. As such, it has all the signs of a pyramid scheme. Working with a company with no license puts your money at risk. When something goes wrong (as is often the case), you will have difficulty getting back your investment.

There are numerous honest and legit crypto companies in the market today. With proper research, you can establish which one is real and which one is fake. Since everyone is an affiliate in a pyramid, all commissions are contingent on new signups. This is dangerous. 



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