The Daily Income Method Review: A Clever Scam

the daily income scam,
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Friends and those who love to surf the internet in search for money-making opportunities, here’s another scam which you need to avoid at all cost.

It goes by the name Daily Income Method, and it’s among the many websites built around the Motor Club of America pyramid scheme.

Believe it or not, the Daily Income Method has survived for quite a while now. Think about the days when ”selling your soul to the devil” scams were the main livelihood for thieves and internet criminals.

The moral of this statement is that you should never judge a ”money-making” opportunity by the number of years it has been running.

As a matter off fact, some pyramid schemes do remain operational for a very long time. As long as their operators don’t decide to take the money, close down and run, they will always open their doors for new members who will then fund the top members, hence profits keep rolling into the pockets of their founders.

Now, the Daily Income Method takes the route of affiliate marketing.

Although the idea behind affiliate marketing is not a scam, sometimes it depends with the business model being used.

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In this case, the Daily Income Method promises $500 per day to anyone who will sign up.

The promotion video is full of hype — you know the type that flaunt luxurious cars, expensive holiday destinations and a fat check at the end of every week? That’s the kind of lifestyle that Daily Income Method is promoting and welcoming everyone to join.

Overview of Daily Income Method

It’s an ”affiliate marketing program” that masquerades as genuine opportunity where users are expected to promote the services of a company known as Motor Club of America or MCA.

Once the video is done with lies, you will be asked to sign up for your membership at an upfront cost of $39.90. You will then be required to keep funding your membership on a monthly basis, which costs $19.95.

The moment you pay these bills, you will be asked to get the highly acclaimed Daily Income Method.

But we also noticed that the owner was not so concerned with you signing up for his Daily Income Method. It seems that this program was only meant to conceal what lies underneath.

By now, most people looking for affiliate opportunities on the internet have heard of MCA, and they know very well that this program does not have a good reputation even though it claims to have a solid history.

At this point, you realize that the Daily Income Method is just a gateway for enticing people to sign up for the Motor Club of America membership — even if they don’t own cars yet.

Once you sign up, the owner of the Daily Income Method will earn a referral fee which he can keep earning for as long as you maintain your membership with the hope that you will soon make $500 a day for the rest of your life.

But who is Mark Zidan?

He is a known fraud. Not long ago, this man introduced a similar program called ASPIRE.

This is the first time we heard from this guy who had dubbed himself “Mack Millions”. In that promotion video, he claimed that all his money (which he uses for vacations and on other expensive things) came from the opportunity he was offering on that site.

The same guy has also been reported elsewhere on the internet for having ripped off those who initially trusted him. Headlines such as the ones you’re seeing in the screenshot below tell a lot about the nature of this shrewd man.

mack zidan complaints

It might be true that he is actually rich. However, the thing is that he exaggerates his promises.

Secondly, a lot of work goes into building something that will end up scamming lots of people.

Thirdly, even if he was involved in genuine affiliate marketing, it would only be fair to tell his victims that this kind of business takes time before one can achieve success.

In this case, he makes things look as if money comes to him while he sleeps at night.

Mack Zidan is simply a veteran of scams. He makes his money purely by selling lies on the internet.

The process of joining The Daily Income Method and what to expect

Most people who land in that website and have never been scammed before will get excited of having discovered an opportunity which could change their lives.

However, these people will never realize that what they are seeing in front of their computers is nothing but empty dreams.

The sign up process consists of joining the Motor Club of America and getting the ‘automated sales system” that this crook is selling.

The real motive is to get more people signing up under him so he can rack up referral commissions from MCA. He is just a recruiter and he expects you to do the same.

What he calls ”automated sales system” is a set of tools which he will give you access to in order to collect user contact details.

He will also give you some email templates that you will use to automatically spam people’s inboxes, hoping that these targets will convert, hence more commissions for him.

Considering the price it will cost you to join the Daily Income Method, we doubt if you will ever recoup the cost of signing up since there is no guarantee that someone will join under you.

Also, when you consider the scamming nature of the Daily Income Method website, you already know what to expect.

You see, the difference between this guy and the average Joe out there is that he is a professional scam artist. With a series of websites and email templates, he can net victims.

On the other hand, you will never receive the so-called training in order to succeed in his field. He has no time for that because his objective is to make money off you and other people you will recruit (if at all you will succeed in convincing your friends to join).

Thing is, you can work day and night, 365 days a year and you will never make any money, let alone the advertised $500 a day.

Motor Club of America

The company claims that you’ve never seen an opportunity like this one before — you’ll be rich because they are showing you how to convert $40 into $80 in 10 minutes or that you will earn 200% commission.

Are those the same claims made by Daily Income Method? Certainly yes.

They even claim that a 9-year old boy can make money with this system.

Now, the reality is that marketers promoting MCA are making income statements — without giving any income disclosure.

See, they already breached FTC guidelines. And did you know that MCA charges back your commission in case a member abandons ship prematurely?

MCA also throws in a bunch of low-insurance items into their packages to make it look like they are offering a lot when that isn’t the case.

While the promoters of MCA have since formed a scam network that misleads individuals with false information, MCA tries very hard to put up a respectable public image. Nevertheless, damage has already been done, and it’s hard to recover.

Our Best advice for you

Avoid anything to do with MCA or affiliate offers touching on the company. First of all, this is an insurance service for car owners, not just everyone.

Secondly, scams have been formed around the Motor Club of America thing. These scams offer no value expect to waste your money and time. Take precautions.

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