The King’s Life Review: is Untrustworthy

The King’s Life Review
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The King’s Life is a Ponzi scheme in the field of cryptocurrencies. The company presents itself in opulence, and people seem to be making it big here. However, it is worth noting that it is unregulated and, therefore, not worth working with. For anyone interested in cryptocurrency MLM, there are many legalized crypto companies or transparent forex brokers.

The King’s Life Review, The King’s Life Company

Many of the investment opportunities that have arisen due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies are scams. Ponzi schemes, which lure victims with the promise of huge profits in exchange for little to no investment of their own time or money, are a popular form of fraud in the cryptocurrency industry. Although initially profitable, many scams inevitably fail, devastating investors.

The excitement and interest in the cryptocurrency market also play a role. Because they desire to profit from what they perceive to be the next big thing, many investors will likely ignore obvious red flags. Ponzi schemes prey on this excitement by offering excessive rewards for negligible risk.

Thirdly, some investors simply lack the knowledge to make sound financial decisions. Many people lack the foundational ability to recognize a Ponzi scheme as such. Because of this, they are more prone to become victims of fraud.


From their website, we gathered a few things about the shady company. The first thing is that they purportedly make luxury easily accessible. Ponzi schemes often use the promise of opulence to entice investors.

They often create the illusion of a luxurious lifestyle by showcasing pictures of expensive cars, yachts, and private jets. They also use fake testimonials from supposed investors who claim to have made significant profits. This can be especially appealing to those looking for a quick and easy way to achieve financial success.

It also purports to be the first crypto token in the world to connect the crypto affluent to luxurious products. In the context of Ponzi schemes, a crypto token is a digital asset created and issued by the scheme’s operator and sold to investors.

These tokens may be marketed as having some underlying value, such as being backed by tangible assets or providing access to a specific service. Still, they have no real value and are being used to attract investment into the scheme.

The scheme operator uses the funds collected from new investors to pay returns to earlier investors, creating the illusion of a profitable investment. Eventually, the scheme collapses when the operator can no longer attract new investors or when too many investors try to cash out their investments.

The King’s Life Founders and Team

The company has stated that Louis Casper Dünweber is its current CEO. From their description, he is a millionaire cryptocurrency and stock market veteran. He apparently enjoys a life of great luxury and splendor and hopes to share it with his fellow residents of The King’s Life. One of his primary goals is to improve the lives of others by giving back to the community and constructing a remarkable structure. Review, Features

According to him, the KING token is quite successful and has many applications. Louis Casper Dünweber hosts the private networking events and Yacht/Villa parties. If you buy The King’s Life NFT and stake enough tokens, he sends you an invitation and lets you into the exclusive members-only club. In his view, crypto is the future wave, and The King’s Life is here to do more than merely dominate.

Something worth noting about this self-proclaimed millionaire is that he is also linked with another shady company called BitMonsters. This is a Ponzi scheme based in Dubai, and its CEO is Louis Casper Dünweber. It, therefore, goes without saying that The King’s Life is also a scam. The company also has some women who look like supermodels as brand ambassadors.          

Contact Details

The King’s Life has provided an email for communication. They have, however, omitted the phone number and physical address. Ponzi schemes often hide these details in order to evade detection and avoid being shut down by regulators or law enforcement.

 By not having a physical location or phone number, it makes it difficult for authorities to track them down and take action against them. Also, hiding their location makes it harder for investors to visit the company’s office or contact them directly if they have any concerns.

Another reason is to avoid angry victims who want to take action alone. Ponzi scheme operators might fear being physically harmed or having their assets seized. Hiding their contact information also makes it difficult for investors to verify the company’s legitimacy or the investment opportunity. This  allows the Ponzi scheme operator to continue to solicit investments and collect funds from new investors, even after the scheme has collapsed and investors are losing money.     

The King’s Life Company Products

The King’s Life has no tangible products. As a Ponzi scheme, it only allows people to sell affiliate memberships. The affiliates can invest in KING tokens. The tokens are in the form of USDT. The early investors purchase the tokens for between $0.0001 and $0.006 per token.

Affiliates can also earn through referrals. At the first level, a person earns 10% for a referral. At the second level, you will earn 5% of the money invested by the person you recruit to the program. You will not be required to pay any money to join the program. However, you will need to buy crypto tokens to earn any money.

Private Sale Rounds

In the first round, 40 Billion tokens are sold at a $0.0001 price per token. The vesting period is 12 months, after which there is a 10% monthly release.

In round two, they have 10 Billion tokens for sale at a $0.0002 price per token. The vesting period is nine months, after which there is a 20% monthly release. The process continues up to round 8 (presale period).

Regulation Status of The King’s Life

Regulation of crypto token multi-level marketing (MLM) companies varies by country and can be complex. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has stated that some crypto tokens may be considered securities and, therefore, subject to federal securities laws.

This means that crypto token MLM companies may need to register with the SEC and comply with regulations related to the offering and selling of securities. However, many countries have not yet established clear rules for crypto token MLM companies, and some have outright banned them.

Regarding The King’s Life, this company is unlicensed to operate. It is a fraud that is just after people’s money. If they had a license, they would show it on their website. It’s also uncommon for any legit company to promote wealth and riches as something one gets quickly. This is an unrealistic concept.

The crypto market’s decentralization and lack of regulation contribute to the proliferation of Ponzi schemes. There are fewer restrictions on who can participate in the cryptocurrency market. It can be more challenging for regulators to step in and stop fraudulent behavior in this sector than in traditional financial markets. This fosters conditions favorable to the growth of Ponzi schemes.


The King’s Life is a Ponzi scheme. Like many others, this one is just selling affiliate membership. It’s unrealistic to make money without selling anything. There are however, many legalized crypto companies or transparent forex brokers you can work with.

Always do your homework on an investment opportunity before putting down any money to ensure it’s not a Ponzi scheme. Any chance that promises huge profits with low or no risk should raise red flags, and you should check for clarity. Always get a second view from a professional financial advisor or investing expert.             


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  1. Gladowine

    I’m also a “client” of The Kings life token and the red flag for me was the physical address on the website is in the UK that leads to no where. Google Maps can’t find it yet the CEO claim he is staying in Dubai. Also there is not a legit email address to communicate. Alot is happening since the KINGAI.AI is released suddenly all the free tokens is gone and you have received a reffereals code to invite more persons. And of course alot of questions is raised on Telegram yet no response from admin.

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