Top Ranking Forex Brokers (Best forex broker) To Trade With

A list of top-rated experts or a forex broker keeps on changing with new ones claiming to be the best. Not all brokers are genuine.  Some of the brokers are to be blamed for harsh trading conditions such as high spreads and delays in releasing funds. And yet, the forex broker claims to be top-rated in most review sites. Who is the right broker to have?

Traders should not give in to platforms whose standard is wanting. A unique forex broker has to get a customer rating of 4 to 5 stars to be considered valid. Experts who offer unmatched services to users hardly get the praise they deserve. The internet is awash with scam brokers who pop up each day. They make it impossible for clients and newbies to trade profitably in the online trading world.

Claims and Promises of a forex broker

Scam brokers will entice investors to sign up and deposit funds with them. They promise over the moon claims and promises to lure investors into collecting. After signing up and depositing, disaster strikes. These brokers rarely pick your calls or respond to emails. Withdrawing funds becomes a struggle, and eventually, investors give up.

They impose silly terms and conditions, which makes it impossible to withdraw funds. Before opening an account, it is best to read and understand the terms of use. Scam brokers will use terms and conditions which only favor them. Certain trading conditions are harsh to investors, especially those with withdrawal time limits.

Finding the right forex broker

Getting a trusted forex broker in the online trading world can be overwhelming. Successful traders credit their success to having reliable brokers with a ton of experience. They rarely get the attention they deserve from investors. After all, they help investors make money and demand no special treatment. The road to success needs a qualified partner who will ensure every trader gets the best. A genuine and transparent broker will allow users to withdrawal funds at any given time.

The good news is that we have taken the time to compile a list of top-rated Forex brokers in the industry. These brokers have, for years, proven outstanding in their service delivery. They have been credited with offering a comfortable trading experience. These are also highly rated by both experts in the field and successful traders. A strong online reputation precedes them, and this is why most of them are on our list.

A careful search that had gone for months produced a favorable forex broker list to use. The investigation entailed the products and services offered. Withdrawal time was also taken into account, as well as the communication process. The trading conditions were favorable, and terms fit for both expert and newbie traders. Clients were also contacted to give their experience with the brokers. And this led to a compilation of the best forex broker to use in the online trading world.

Automated Crypto Trading Robots and having a forex broker

With digital currency trading becoming a lucrative market, traders are quickly turning to this market. Using Crypto trading robots that are credited for online success is a must. Getting the right cryptocurrency trading tools is the key to success. These robots pose advanced technology to help users make realistic profit margins. Traders make the bot work for them and help investors achieve immense growth.

For traders who don’t have the time to look for ample brokers, the list is here. Check out these favorable brokers who have been given the green light by experts and investors.

BrokerMinimum DepositRegulationBonus
$5CySEC, FCA, IFSC$30 Deposit Deposit Bonus
Any AmountIFSC50-101% of your deposit
Broker Minimum DepositRegulationBonus

#1. World Markets Highly Rated AI Managed Account Broker

World Markets is a broker offering AI Managed accounts. With their accurate trading signals, traders have the chance to trade thanks to artificial intelligence. These AI managed accounts consistently outperform any human trader. Thanks to their accurate and sophisticated AI trading tool, members can now trade without worry. World Markets is producing computer algorithm signals which are near perfect.

forex broker- World Markets

The platform is for investors who are looking for a trading platform offering advanced AI features. Members have praised the platform for one of a kind trading experience. Safety is guaranteed, and trading signals are accurate. Experts in the industry have hailed World Markets as a genuine and transparent broker. Thanks to a solid trading reputation, more and more traders are opting for the AI managed accounts way.

Once you open an account, the account is managed by a team of financial analysts and software engineers. The bot on the platform searches for market insight from different information pools. MQL Copy trading is also available on the platform and is compatible with all devices.

Advantages of World Markets

Withdrawing funds is evidence as users get to withdraw funds every month. Clients are overall happy with the withdrawal procedure. The balance reflects on accounts in less than 24 hours, depending on the mode of withdrawal used. It means that from the time of deposit, the bot works tirelessly for a month to provide accurate trading signals.

Safety of funds is guaranteed thanks to the cutting edge state of the art technology present. The software has been praised for mitigating losses as best as possible. Members can get risk management protocols that help calculate the risk of placing trades.

For a chance to sign up with an AI Managed account, World Markets is the number one platform to use.

#2. IQ Option (Best Fit for Newbie Traders)

IQ Option is offering beginner traders a forex trading platform with a user-friendly experience. The broker revolutionized online trading for beginners by being the first to ask for a $10 minimum deposit. They were also the first brokers to offer investors a chance to trade with $1 contracts. And it’s the main reason the broker became an instant hit with newbie traders. The broker is hailed for keeping old clients as well as attracting new ones. And this has led to the brokerage firm becoming the best platform for beginners.

IQ Option forex broker

New features have been introduced, and also old ones are still available. The platform is running on IQ Option 4.0, which was the first to run on WebGL technology. Thanks to WebGL technology, clients can manage up to 9 charts simultaneously. The broker also provides a demo account to help newbies horn their trading skills. IQ Option is offering a free demo account.

IQ Options is REGULATED BY CYSEC and is fully compliant with their regulations.

Advantages of IQ Options

The broker is transparent on the hedging positions available on the platform. IQ Options also designed their trading facility to match their brand. The broker also offers an advanced and intuitive trading platform. Features found on their platform could not be found on most regular trading platforms. IQ Option uses both web-based platforms and can be downloaded for desktop and mobile uses.

A robust online presence and reputation are what sets aside the broker from others in the market. The platform offers Binary options, Cryptocurrency trading, and Forex trading. Members get direct access to Cryptocurrency markets, which are a plus to newbies. Sign up with the broker by clicking on this link.

#3. AMarkets

AMarkets is one of the most used trading platforms in the world. They are one of the most professional and transparent brokers to have on your side. With a strong online presence since 2007, they have proven to be worthy of expert and newbie traders. Thanks to their favorable trading conditions, they were awarded the best broker in 2019.

AMarkets forex broker

The broker is also regulated by FSA, which means deposits are insured. Clients who sign up should know they are in safe hands. The broker practices the segregation of funds, which is vital in ensuring the safety of funds. AMarkets is providing attractive trading conditions such as leverage of 1:1000. Members get low spreads from 0 pip and over 250 trading tools, including CFDs and stocks.

Advantages of AMarkets

Clients get two trading platforms that are considered the best in the world. Members can use MT4 or MT5 trading platforms. One of the most significant advantages of this forex broker is offering instant withdrawals. Fast execution speeds while trading is what sets aside this broker from the rest. Various payment methods are available, making it accessible to any part of the globe. The broker is the highest-rated broker so far with five stars. To start trading, you need to sign up and start trading.

#4. XM

XM Broker is offering over 1000 trading instruments. Assets found on this fantastic forex broker include Commodities, Currency pairs, Indices, and Precious Metals. XM is one of the most generous brokers when it comes to bonuses. Members are privy to bonuses and promotions, which offer over $5,000 in real bonuses. The broker is also regulated by several regulators, including CySEC, FCA, and IFSC.

XM forex broker List

Advantages of XM

The broker offers unique leverage of 888:1 and can is adjusted according to the client’s needs. There are three account types to choose from. These include Micro, Standard, and Low account. The forex broker has introduced a Share account which has no leverage but offers commissions.

Sign up with XM broker and get a clear picture of the trading conditions available on the platform. With six asset classes available and numerous awards, the broker is worth your time.

#5. FXOpen

FXOpen is, without a doubt, the most innovative in our high ranking forex broker list. The broker is also offering digital currency trading, which is a plus for newbies. Traders who would like to take advantage of Bitcoin and other Crypto assets should sign up. FXOpen is also providing other trading products such as CFDs and Forex.

FXOpen forex broker list 2020

The forex broker is well regulated and is a member of the Financial Commission. Clients can also expect to get bonuses, cashback, and other Forex contests.

Advantages of FXOpen

The minimum investment is pocket friendly. FXOpen is one of the safest online brokers having a license from different regulators. They have made it on our list due to their due diligence and transparent service delivery. Sign up with FXOpen and enjoy affordable and safe trading conditions.

#6. Alpari

Alpari is one of the brokers who handle a large trading volume daily. This is one of the qualities of a high ranking forex broker. Alpari is regulated by the IFSC and offers a 50 percent bonus on the first deposit. The gift is a friendly reminder that the forex broker wishes the best for clients. There are two account types to choose from, Micro and Standard. Users get over 250 trading instruments, which are a huge plus.

Alpari Ranking Top Rated expert

Advantages of Alpari

The broker is keen on offering soft spreads to users. When the trading conditions are reasonable, the broker keeps the spread at less than one pip. The broker is also ensuring members get educated on how to trade. Members are continually increasing their knowledge thanks to educational materials available on the platform.

Depository channels are easily accessible to users. Withdrawals are made on time, and clients are satisfied with the overall terms and conditions available.

Alpari is improving on becoming the best forex broker the market has to offer. Sign up with the broker and get a chance to get a free demo account with $1,000,000 worth of trading.

Resolution on the Top Forex Broker

We promise to educate our readers on the brokers available. The list will continue to grow as more and more online brokers prove their worth. There are other online brokers available with an honest reputation. The list above does not restrict anyone from trying out other brokers. We simply came out with a list based on happy clients and customer ratings.

Other brokers have started offering Crypto trading services.

Continue reading our detailed online trading products and service reviews. If you wish we conduct an investigation on any broker, leave a comment.

We wish every trader all the best and safe trading experience.  Trading with any of the above-listed Forex brokers is the best step in being a successful trader.

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