Torrent EFX Review: a Dirty Scam

Torrent EFX Review
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Torrent EFX is an offshore automated forex broker that aims to provide investment services on forex. The platform was anonymously launched into the market, raising more suspicion on the kind of offers they promise traders.

Torrent EFX is an offshore automated forex broker that aims to provide investment services on forex. The platform was anonymously launched into the market, raising more suspicion on the kind of offers they promise traders. Furthermore, they also claim to provide 100% transparency. This is not really the case.

Transparency plays a major role in earning the customer’s trust and should always be the priority while choosing a legit investment firm meanwhile, as you read this unbiased review in the quest to determine whether Torrent EFX is a scam platform or legit. You can also consider investing with tried and tested forex brokers and earn reasonable profits.

Scammers promise you the world, yet how they will provide the same services is unknown. They claim that traders can monitor all the operations of the investment firm through the downloadable platform on their phones.

The founders’ information is not mentioned anywhere and who controls and runs operations of Torrent EFX is unknown. Thus you risk dealing with criminals, and not only are you found that risk but also personal information may fall in the wrong hands.Torrent EFX suitable for mt4 and mt5 platforms, which is the only positive thing regarding the investment firm. Review grant investors multiple advantages while using the platform, including; instant trading, and they guarantee pips of up to 0.4 based on various accounts. They also guarantee traders superfast trade executions, and you can easily check the performance scorecard.

Also, they claim that all trades are safe and secure, and they operate with reliable brokers. However, there is no information to show, but you’re dealing with professionals. They also promise investors multiple trading tools to facilitate their trading needs and generate massive profits. The kind of algorithm used with software is unknown, and you risk using the wrong tools. The risks of generating losses are very high in Torrent EFX. Review, Company

They also feature a section with the number of traders that have registered on the platform. Furthermore, the company has a very shady reputation all over social media. The sales pages are poorly presented and show a lot of murkiness in their operations, causing more suspicion. They also claim that traders can get the best trading solutions that help in maximizing profits.

Torrent EFX  claims to have more than 700 completed projects and up to 9000 appliances. They also brag about having more than 300 employees working with them constantly to generate profits for you. They offer investors more than 41 forex pairs with very high spreads and deep liquidity. Torrent EFX claims to have compromised CFD instruments to boost your trading expertise. They also provide cryptocurrency and bitcoin services on the platform.

Torrent EFX Testimonials and Awards 

Torrent EFX tries to win customers’ trust by using fake testimonials of alleged happy investors. Legit testimonials are highly recommendable; however, falling for the wrong testimonies may have some significant losses. Furthermore, one of the customers claims the platform is easy to use and invest money, and the chatting facility is amazing.

Torrent EFX Review, Torrent EFX Testimonials

Moreover, you may be shocked to find out that the people whose names of stock images of the people who have been used do not like even know of the company’s existence. Or it’s whereabouts. In addition, they claim to have won various Awards that are non-existent anywhere within the forex market. The same trait is common among scammers. You should not fall for the catch.

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Is Torrent EFX Scam or Legit?

Torrent EFX, just like most scammers, will end up contacting you continuously with high bonuses and promises. However, you cannot access any of the bonus until you make deposits or you trade with the amount; hence once you fall for the catch and deposit funds, that’s the end of business between you and the company.

Moreover, they also feature pop-ups advertisements luring you to register. The method that they use for operation is unknown and has a lot of murkiness. They do not have any refund policy, and some transactions are irreversible; hence getting a refund is almost impossible. Thus is only interested in your funds, and the beneficiaries are anonymous company owners.

Funds Safety

Torrent  EFX not safe to be trusted with your funds. The founders of the platform are anonymous, and you risk trusting criminals with your money. Furthermore, not only do you risk losing your funds but also personal information may fall into the wrong hands. They do not feature any evidence of successful withdrawals made by investors.

Consequently, no trading activity seems to be taking place in the investment firm, and the company seems to be generating negative returns. Also, if they were making any profits, the same should be visible through past trade results. You should be able to find at least three months or more to earn trust with any investment firm. The anonymous founders may even be keeping funds in their personal accounts.

There is no banking information available to show that your money is safe. Torrent EFX does not have a demo account or refund policy. They feature multiple deposit methods, and the minimum trade amount is $1000.

Regulation and Customer support

A regulated platform showcases a high level of transparency, and you can easily verify all the documents for the same. However, there are a lot of regulatory bodies, yet none recognizes Torrent EFX. Unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market. They may end up breaking all the trade guidelines whenever they choose to.

The founders of the platform risk facing criminal prosecution and is the main reason their identity is hidden from traders. Additionally, scammers can barely afford to pay regulation fees; hence they result in providing false information. Working contact support is very helpful in gaining more confidence with the investment firm.

Thus you should always receive instant support towards your query though this is not the likely outcome in Torrent EFX. However, they feature a head office address; 205 Embassy Center Jamal Bajaj Marg L, Nari man Point, Maharashtra 400021. The address does not have any relation with Torrent EFX, and this is a major red flag. Also, they have telephone contact +442039363472 and email support There is no guarantee that you will have any responsibility for your query.

Final Verdict

Torrent EFX claims to have won awards and features fake testimonials as an attempt to appear legit. The platform has a shady method of operation, and your funds and personal data may fall into the wrong hands. The location whereabouts information is also made up, causing more doubts on the company.

However, you can choose to invest with legit transparent forex brokers with reliable trade strategies and tested techniques. Through them, you will be able to earn reasonable returns, unlike Torrent EFX. The founders are anonymous, and they claim to provide expert services, yet how they achieve profits is questionable.

The company is illegally generating funds from the public, and they do not follow any guidelines. They may also disappear at any given time with all your funds. Therefore the 100% claims of transparency is a definite line that you should not fall for. You should avoid any dealings with a shady offshore broker and read reviews before investing.


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