Trade ATS Review: Another Indicator Scam

Trade ATS ( is another scam indicator not worth your money or time. They are claiming that you must have trading knowledge to get the full benefits of the indicator. And this is where we have a huge issue with the platform. The indicator is flagged by a number of investors as a scam due to its heavy losses. Investors have been up in arms after losing their investments immediately they used the signals. What is happening with the indicator?

Trade ATS Review

About Trade ATS

The platform is selling itself as an Action Threshold Software capable of offering 100 percent accuracy. They go ahead and claim that Trade ATS is the original advanced chart mapping software. These are empty and over the moon, claims meant to drive in signups. After receiving a number of complaints from investors, we decided to investigate. This scam indicator offers nothing but terrible trading signals. And the fact of the matter is that this indicator is not one to be trusted.

Trade ATS is claiming to have worked with hundreds of traders to come up with the platform. They fail to give an example of these traders as it would have easily cleared some issues. The information on their platform claims the platform is able to enter the market in a trend. This is their main selling point and urges all investors to take advantage of their indicators. These are the over the moon claims we state as there is no proof of anyone winning with the indicator. And below are the reasons why you should stay away from TradeATS.

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Assets Covered

They are providing two services to investors; one is educational material and the other indicator services. The educational service is 100 percent free according to their homepage. What we have a problem with is how they represent their strategy to investors. Tradeats is claiming to be able to give strategies on all assets. Most of the assets include Forex products but the platform remains unclear on Crypto. And this is where we delved deeper to find out more on the platform.

Business Owner

Trade ATS is operated by a company referring to itself as the Black Box Trading Software Company. A look at the company register shows no such platform exists in most jurisdictions. Another shocker relating to this indicator is the fact that they don’t name the people behind the platform. Who are the founding member and staff members behind the platform? It would be best if investors knew who they trust with their funds. And this is another reason to stay away from this indicator.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Trade ATS About the Indicator

Scam software developers will create a cloned indicator and insist it works. They will in most cases fail to provide a demo or test to investors. What they normally do is post a video tutorial on how the indicator works. After a couple of sessions, investors get to purchase the indicator and try it out. Most of the comments we’ve seen so far are negative concerning the indicator. And this is proof we are dealing with a poor indicator. None of the strategies work or even offer an advantage to investors.

Domain Register Details

They claim to have a number of trading experience behind them. These are false claims coming from a platform that is barely 1000 days old. As of publishing this post, we can confirm the date on which the site went live. Records do show that the platform went live on 11th April 2018. They have made 7 unique changes to their IP address over 15 years. And this is an indication that the indicator went with another name before changing to the current one. These are scam artists who change product names to throw off anyone with deposits pending.

Features found on TradeATS

The platform claims to have advanced charting platforms and is compatible with MT4 trader. Their main reason for going with MT4 is that they know this is a reputable trading terminal. Investors will want to gain an advantage when using the best trading platform the industry has to offer. Sadly, these scam artists will take advantage of this need by creating a false platform. Stay away from this platform or else become another of their victim. The list of victims who have fallen is endless.

License and Registration details of Trade ATS

Trade ATS is not licensed or registered by any regulatory body anywhere on the face of the planet. The indicator has no valid reason to operate as it is not fully compliant with trading rules, Investors who deposit funds with the indicator are partnering with a false platform. Any funds deposited will not be insured as dictated by trading regulations. What this means is that a money-back guarantee is not possible with the platform. Once you deposit funds, it is the last you will see of the deposit made.

The entire platform has no evidence of ever having a license. They don’t show a license number anywhere on their planet which is odd. And this is another reason to stay away from the platform. They intentionally refuse to let investors know that this is not a regulated platform. Investors are signing up blindly hoping that authorities have given the product the green light. After signing up, this is the time they know that the robot is nothing but a shoddy platform. It is best to stay away from it.

Limitations of Trade ATS

Cost of Trade ATS

Trade ATS Compatibility

The cost of purchasing Trade ATS is $150 per month according to the FAQ page. They insist that the plan comes with ATS chart mapping software and online courses. Other features that they claim to poses include expert assistance and webinars. What is clear is that the robot does not offer any free or trials. There is no demo account and investors have to trust the word of the creators. And this is a risky venture as all indicators should give investors the option of testing them first.

Deposit amount

The indicator is asking for a high depository amount which is off. According to their FAQ page, the platform is asking for over $2,000. They claim that this is the most realistic amount to earn profit with the indicator. And this is where the holes start showing as this is a ridiculous amount. The claim that a high amount is legit to make decent claims is unfounded. These are scam artists who only want a piece of your pie. And this is another reason to stay away from their platform. The depository amount is too high.

Strategy used

Trading ATS is claiming to have a unique strategy based on ‘belief analyses’. They claim that the strategy works well by understanding and tracking the beliefs of the mass price effect. What does this mean to you? Does the indicator show negative results if the masses belief is wrong? The strategy used is not enough to convince us to open an account with the platform. These strategies are unfounded and will lead most to financial ruin. Stay away from the platform and ensure you don’t sign up with their affiliate programs.

Support team

It is clear that the support team only responds to emails after a while. The indicator only gives an email address as a point of access. There is no phone number that members can use to talk directly to an agent or representative. And this is proof we are dealing with a rogue online trading platform. These irregular indicator developers don’t want any communication with their would-be victims. That’s why they choose emails as they can easily decide which one to respond to and which one to ignore.

Security of funds with Trade ATS

The safety of funds will not be guaranteed by a platform with no license. Investors who earlier signed up are already up in arms over losing funds with the indicator. Stay away from the platform or else become another victim who loses money in excess of $2,000.

Scam or Legit Trade ATS

Trade ATS is a scam indicator with no credibility. Stay away from the platform or else risk becoming another victim of this atrocious scam.

Final Thought

The indicator is a scam and we have to add it to our blacklist. This will help to expose the platform to our esteemed readers.

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6 Replies to “Trade ATS Review: Another Indicator Scam”

  1. Niquya

    I disagree with this blog. I’ve been using Trade ATS since May 2020. I’m new to trading and I’m almost finished watching all of their training videos. So far, as a newbie, I’ve won and lost, but I like their strategy and I know with more screen time I’ll get better.

    Trade ATS is family owned and they’re super kind people, who so far have shown me that they actually care about your success. This is just a different strategy in trading that wont resonate with everyone. Just because it didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean their scamming people. They actually tell people that it’s better to manually trade. To use your brain not bots.

    While reading your blog, nothing you’ve mentioned seemed factual except that’s it’s $150 per month. They’re not forcing people to sign up or stay. Trade ATS is one of the 10% of courses that’s actually honest and cares about their members succeeding and not getting chewed up in these markets. At leased that’s the vibe I’m getting so far.

  2. Wade

    Hello, I am the CEO of Trade ATS. I understand your website is trying to protect people from falling into real online scams and this is an important service you provide. However, it is extremely surprising that you have decided to feature my company.

    I would like to clear up a few things for you since this article is full of incorrect and misleading information.

    1. Trade ATS is strictly a software provider and does not trade client funds of any sort. You mention “Investors are up in arms”. We have no investors so this is false.
    2. We do NOT promise any gains using our products and do not guarantee 100% accuracy anywhere in writing or otherwise. No one can.
    3. We are not forced to have to have subscribers to survive. We do not hard sell or push our indicator on anyone. It is there for anyone who finds the free information we post on Youtube useful and would like an indicator that makes the analysis easier. That’s it.
    4. I don’t list my personal information all over the internet because I value privacy like everyone else. That is why the domain is private. This is very common.
    5. I understand that there are a few complaints out there about us, however we have worked with thousands of traders over the years so this makes the complaints very minimal in comparison. It is impossible to please everyone and I feel we have done an extremely good job overall in helping traders as much as possible.
    6. Our customer service is top notch. We absolutely pride ourselves on giving good service. We do fall behind with our main contact form from time to time but this is because we get a ton of inquiries and have a small team to deal with it. However, when someone signs up they have priority for our support team.
    7. Our indicator is $150 per month for a reason. Instead of charging $5K plus like other trading outfits, we understand that the methodology is not going to work with everyone’s trading style. This way they can test the water and not be out a ton of money. Our business plan is to keep those who find benefit in the methodology and indicator for a long time, not cheat people out of a huge amount of money up front. We can make much more money by charging more up front but we don’t because of integrity.
    8. We do not offer a free trial because we give so much up front support. We are not trying to just sell an indicator, we are trying to create a long term relationship. This take a lot of time and resources.

    In conclusion I ask that you please make adjustments to this post or delete it because it does not accurately represent our company’s true quality.

    • Chris Patterson


      I’m not a customer yet of Trade ATS but from all of the research I’ve done so far about their software they provide, your facts are wrong. Talk about fake news!

      Please do a more thorough background check and site resources before endangering a companies reputation. You provide an important source in our community. If anything, has damaged it’s reputation in my eyes. Like I said, I’m not a customer yet, but the fact that Wade took the time to respond to this makes me want to become a customer.



      Thanks for taking the time to clear up’s incorrect claims. I’ve done my research on your company and plan on becoming a customer soon.

      Best Regards,


  3. Chris Patterson

    I’m not a customer yet of Trade ATS but from all of the research I’ve done so far about their software they provide, your facts are wrong. Talk about fake news!

    Please do a more thorough background check and site resources before endangering a companies reputation. You provide an important source in our community. If anything, has damaged it’s reputation in my eyes. Like I said, I’m not a customer yet, but the fact that Wade took the time to respond to this makes me want to become a customer.

  4. Anda

    I am a Trader based in South Africa .. All I can say TradeATS software is the best . It is the ultimate strategy I had been looking to master trading. Period

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