Trade Capitol Trading Group Review: Absurd Firm

Trade Capitol Trading Group Review
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There is no mention of the Trade Capitol Trading Group founders anywhere on the company page. It’s either a purposeful omission or the business doesn’t even exist. 

Trade Capitol Trading Group is a prevalent scam broker. There is no denying that trading foreign currencies on the forex market is a good venture. Many choose to put their money into this potentially lucrative but exceedingly risky business. In response, brokers have developed an array of trading websites, each offering the enticing prospect of serving as a conduit to the global financial markets.

Trade Capitol Trading Group Review, Trade Capitol Trading Group Company

Some of these brokers are legitimate FX trading organizations that operate by all applicable laws and regulations. Scam forex firms build trading platforms that appear like the real thing. A careful observer may pick up on warning signs and peculiar behavior. These obvious red flags should raise suspicions that the broker is not who they claim to be.

In this research, we’ll show you how to recognize fraudulent forex brokers like Trade Capitol Trading Group by highlighting the specific details you should look for. In the meantime, invest with genuine forex trading companies. These are brokers that have an excellent trading history. 

About Trade Capital Trading Group2

These are some of the claims Trade Capitol Trading Group makes about itself. The company claims to be an exceptional brokerage company. The company supposedly catered to the demands of traders with varying experience, education, capital, and aspirations.

It is a full-service brokerage that helps its clients in various ways, technically and otherwise. They can help you develop a trading strategy, assess your financial goals, accept several forms of payment, trade across multiple markets, and resolve any problems you may have. An interdisciplinary group consisting of financial experts and IT specialists is responsible for the smooth operation of their trading services. They purportedly offer trading services that are truly one-of-a-kind and can help traders take advantage of more prospects.

Through close cooperation with staff and customers, they claim to be able to anticipate and meet the needs of traders at every level of their careers. They work with the best banks and financial institutions across the world. The firm value their business relationships with those who are forthright and professional.

They also allege that customers’ satisfaction with their service is the firmest foundation of their company. The company offers three types of accounts as follows:


Here, the minimum deposit is $250. The traders here can use WebTrader platform. The leverage is at1:100 leverage, with a spread of 0.1 pips. There are no commissions, and traders get a 20 % welcome bonus. This level, however, lacks a morning market report and daily technical and fundamental analysis.

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Here, the minimum deposit is $2,500. The traders here can use the WebTrader platform. The leverage is up to1:300, with a spread of 1.1 pips. There are no commissions, and traders get a 25 % welcome bonus and morning market reports. This level, however, lacks daily technical and fundamental analysis.


Here, the minimum deposit is $25,000. The traders here can use WebTrader platform. The leverage is up to1:600, with a spread of 1.3 pips. There are no commissions, and traders get a 30 % welcome bonus. This level also has daily technical and fundamental analysis. The broker allegedly deals with forex, commodities, and indices  

Trade Capitol Trading Group Founders and Team

There is no mention of the Trade Capitol Trading Group founders anywhere on the company page. It’s either a purposeful omission or the business doesn’t even exist. Investors will like to know the background of the broker’s founders so they can follow the company’s development and get answers to their questions more easily. Review, Features

An unwillingness to disclose such information to a broker is indicative of dishonesty. This broker doesn’t want you to know important information, yet it wants you to trust them with your money.

Domain Insight domain expires on 22nd April 2023. According to, it was registered in April 2022. The company is therefore looking to exit the market very soon. It could be planned to scam as many people as possible before leaving.

Trade Capitol Trading Group Trading Conditions

It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the market conditions at hand before joining entering a trade. Several examples include spread, leverage, minimum deposit, and commissions. They play a role in a trader’s choice of broker. The spreads offered by a broker can make a significant difference in whether a trader chooses that firm or another. However, you should be suspicious of brokers that offer absurdly low spreads.

One of the suspicious things to note about this company is the spread. In the beginner account type with a minimum deposit of $ 250, the spread is about 0.1 pips. However, in the professional account, which requires a minimum deposit of $25,000, the spread is about 1.3 pips. This does not make any sense from a trader’s perspective. The more money a trader pays as a minimum deposit, the tighter the spread should be. However, this company seems to do the exact opposite. They do not have the foggiest idea about how trading works. They also purport to give each trader a welcome bonus. This red flag shows the company is luring traders using all available means. The leverage is also too high, thus riskier to trade.  

Regulation Status of Trade Capitol Trading Group 

Regulated status is an essential factor for traders when choosing a broker. Unscrupulous brokers have eroded traders’ funds in the past. Some people will not pay winning traders their money. A broker’s claim to regulatory compliance is no guarantee of their reliability.

Trade Capitol Trading Group address is in Grenadines. This is a red flag. This country has a reputation for allowing unregulated and unscrupulous dealings due to a lack of a financial oversight body. They purport that Eunoia Group LLC owns the website.

No oversight body regulates the broker. Remember that there is a significantly greater danger of falling prey to scammers when dealing with unlicensed brokers. The Australian 

The Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) are just a few examples of official institutions that license and regulate brokers.

Also, most brokers operating under regulations must join client compensation schemes. As a result, your account money is protected in the highly improbable case of your broker going bankrupt.               

Trade Capitol Trading Group Trading Software

Trading is fraught with peril. Therefore, having as much experience trading on a trial account is crucial when you trade with fake money. Here you do not worry about losing any money. The company, however, does not have such an account.  To trade, you can only use the web trading platform. When we tried to check the live prices on the charts, we could not identify price movements on the supposed platform.      

Final Verdict

Trade Capitol Trading Group doesn’t meet the criteria for a reliable forex broker. The company attracts the investor’s attention with a layout of presumably warm and welcoming language.  Because the broker is based in an unregulated jurisdiction, investor funds are in danger.

Avoid joining sites that are unclear about their operations, even if foreign exchange trading seems like a tempting financial opportunity. There are many reputable forex brokers you can invest in if you are interested in the trading business.



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