TradeBoost Review: a Utopic Crypto Scam Review
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TradeBoost is an investment company that is not transparent on the matter related to the people running their business. they are not regulated. Moreover, there are several complaints from their clients which is enough to prove this is a scam.

TradeBoost is a company that claims it has the ability to transform the lives of its clients. The venture states that it was established in January 2015. However, a quick search on will show you that the entity is displaying false information.

The platform made its first digital footprint in September 2020. It aspires to be in the industry for only one year. This is a short duration but no surprise to use. Scammers always exit the market when their clients least expect it.

TradeBoost uses statics that do not create confidence. There is no way that the entity will have acquired such amount of audience. Moreover, the funds that the firm claims to have handled also dos not rhyme with their history in the market.

TradeBoost Review, TradeBoost Company

Additionally, the returns that they promise to investors are ridiculous. We fail to understand the mechanism that the scam is using to yield such a high outcome. The red flags are visible and you will only be hurting your pocket if you decide to join this venture.

The market has several Ponzi schemes. They assure you of making you rich without having to perform any task. Unfortunately, it is never this easy when investing online. You need to have the necessary skills. Moreover, having patience is also a necessity. Review

TradeBoost claims that it is working with professional employees. The platform is offering BTC assets and other digital currencies. The entity states that it is located in Switzerland. They want to share their experience and knowledge with you.

The company has a total of 6 investment accounts that are exaggerated. The returns are outsourced hourly. Furthermore, you can also increase your chance of earning by participating in their referral program.

Unfortunately, TradeBoost only avails information that is basic. The platform is explaining what BTC is instead of giving investors reasons to invest with them. The company is a dirty scheme that does not have attractive features.

The entity states that it has a 24/7 customer support team. It also brags about having a strong security team. They allegedly use bank-level security. However, the venture fails to disclose the tier 1 banks that it is working with.

Considering that they are accepting money via BTC. You will not receive your money back. It is impossible to issue a chargeback with them. The only thing that will come out of this scheme is regrets. The withdrawal process will be a nightmare.

Why not trade with legit crypto trading companies that are transparent? These are on the top list of the best ventures in the industry that will give you real-time returns. They also provide high-security measures to their clients.

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The Founders Information

TradeBoost is an investment company that is not transparent on the matter related to the people running their business. The founder’s information is not accessible to the public. Moreover, the financial team and the engineers the broker brags about are not credited.

Without knowing the people that are handling your funds you lack assurance. Therefore, it is easy for you to lose all your money in a matter of seconds by trusting the wrong people. It is important that you invest with platforms that are reputable.

TradeBoost Investment Accounts and Returns

The company is accepting funds via BTC. The least amount to cash in at TradeBoost is $50 to $500. Investors are promised 6% returns within 24 hours. Their second investment plan accepts $501 up to $2500.

After 48 hours clients are assured of 10%. The third account takes $2501 to $6000 as their deposit. Finally but not least the last investment package takes $6000 and above as the initial capital. The returns that investors expect to yield are 14% in 2 days.

TradeBoost returns are too good to be true given the nature of the market. Moreover, their competitors are not offering anything close to this. The entity is using absurd returns to attract new investors.

Regulation Status of TradeBoost

The company claims that it is a transparent venture that has several clients. Investors allegedly trust them with their money. Therefore, the platform has no intention of jeopardizing the needs of its customers. Moreover, the entity is acceding traders from all over the world without limitation.

However, our main concern is their legitimacy. The company features a registration document that does not mean much. For starters, the document is not clear. The other thing is that an investment venture only needs a license to shows that it is legit.

TradeBoost is collecting money from investors around the world. Therefore, they need several regulatory certificates from all these countries. However, there is not a single government that grants them permission to operate in their jurisdiction.

The venture hence does not offer fund safety to investors. Your personal information that you share with the platform can be used against you. The company is also looking after its own needs. Their terms and conditions might change at any given time.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The company claims that it is an ethical venture. Despite TradeBoost displaying high returns, it appears they certainly do not have enough money to hire a professional customer support team. Investors can contact the firm via email.

There is no other method that is available for them. You will end up waiting for an eternity before getting feedback. The company is unprofessional and they are going to leave you high and dry. You can trade with reputable firms instead.

The address that the company feature is fake. They cannot disclose the real information to avoid being put behind bars for being an illegal scheme. You will never get the best outcome by trusting this Ponzi scheme.

TradeBoost False Testimonials

TradeBoost features a number of false testimonials. They are using stock images to imply that these are their customers. The information suggests that this is the best platform in the market that will grant you financial freedom.

The information is appealing to the eyes but the reality is that there is no platform that can make you rich in such a short timeframe. They are only looking for ways to defraud you. If you decide to believe in their lies you will suffer the consequences. Review, Testimonials

Unfortunately, this information is manipulative and untrustworthy. The support is also being praised for being responsive. However, once we checked on third-party websites the information we found suggests otherwise.

TradeBoost is a scam that uses big words to trap investors. Investors are counting losses after trusting them. They do not care about the needs of their clients. You can learn from the mistake of others. Avoid this Ponzi scheme that will not process your withdrawal.

Final Verdict

TradeBoost features the latest withdrawal and deposit of their clients. Sadly, this information is prone to manipulation. The entity states that it uses a successful strategy to generate profits. However, they leave out essential details.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to generate the hourly returns that the scam promises. The company also lies about its history which is a big red flag. The minor details display a bigger picture of the characteristic of the venture.

Invest with genuine and trustworthy crypto trading companies. That has a powerful team behind their operation. These are individuals that have years of experience in the market. Additionally, they are reputable and you can view their trading history any time that is convenient for you.


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