Trader Pulse Review: Indicator Scam

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Trader Pulse ( is a scam vendor that is providing both fundamental and technical analysis. They are able to sell their products through indicators and manual analysis. One of their most common products is the Range Band Indicator for both MT4 and MT5 trading terminals. Being their most touted trading platform, they also offer another product with the name Forex Analysis App. They claim signals sent via the app are generated manually by their expert and professional traders. Why is this robot such a fuss?

Trader Pulse Review

About Trader Pulse

On their homepage, one can deduct that this is a professionally designed indicator and signal website. They have done a great job trying to hide the defects that their indicator and signal providers have. The claim on their homepage is that they take into account more than 15 different indicators. With the help of these 15 indicators, they arrive at their signals which they claim is near perfect. Some of these indicators look for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, panic ranger, and volatility range.

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Trader Pulse is not a truly reliable platform as the comments from investors is discerning. Most of the reviews from members are of a different tale. After signing up and hoping to get the results, the indicator does not come through. And this is another sad tale of a robot that has no real influence. The vendors are trying to push their product into the Forex market by any means. This includes having to lie on the accuracy and capability of their platform. And this is why we have a problem with Trader Pulse.

Assets Available

The robot mainly deals with the Forex market but fails to inform users of the classes involved. They go ahead and sell their Forex Signals app as users friendly and precise. The biggest claim in regards to their signals app is it is able to deliver on entry and stop loss. They claim that they give users to test their signals app for free. When it comes to professional analysis, they rely heavily on expert analysis and professional trader tools. We have a problem with this signal provider because they fail to explain their ‘expert strategies.’

Business Owner

It comes out as a professional indicator but has some huge flaws. One of the biggest red flags is that of ownership. The vendors fail to give users the full information on who operates and owns the platform. And this becomes a huge problem as they are an anonymous vendor. The problem with anonymity is that the product can change name and ownership details. Chances of recovering funds from an anonymous platform are next to zero. No recovery agent will be able to recover funds from the Trader pulse.

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Customer Feedback

The feedback is not that engaging or positive. It would appear that the platform is not a favorite among investors. Most of the investors who have tried out the demo account are unhappy. We also tried the demo account and found that the results are not that impressive. The platform is failing to deliver on its promise and has no money-back guarantee. With the high price they charge the product, they should offer a money-back guarantee feature. It is one of the main reasons why investors shy away from the platform.

Domain Details

It would appear that the platform has been in existence since 2012. All these years and they fail to get a valid license from authorities. And this is another reason to stay away from a signal provider without any compliance. Details show that the website went live on 5th August 2012. What we do know is that from that time, the product has changed names. They have made over 44 changed which are enough to back down. This is a different product from signal providers who offer scam services.

Video Presentation

Trader Pulse Features

They also have a video presentation that claims it is the best tool to avoid fakeouts. The problem with the presentation video is that it does not offer real insight into the indicator. It is simply a video presentation of another indicator as there is no Trader Pulse name. This is evident as once you click on the video, it sells a different product. The video seems to be an extract of another product. What seems different from the video presentation is the narration. It is why we have to be careful with the

Features of Trader Pulse

Range Band Indicator

They claim that the Range Band Indicator is specially designed to spot high and low points in a range. One of the biggest flaws as we indicated earlier is the failure to explain their strategy. They give an overview claiming it is able to calculate tradable ranger from a particular currency pair. The indicator claims to assure clients that they have to take 15 different factors when calculating. Some of the factors listed include using different time frames. In the real sense, the developers fail to explain what is happening under the hood.

License and Registration of Trader Pulse

It is NOT LICENSED OR REGISTERED to offer their services. One can easily see the lack of any compliance as they don’t give their product license number. To try and get to the bottom of things, we contacted the FCA to check whether the platform is licensed. Since they give a Newcastle as their home address, we reached out to UK authorities. And this is where we notice this service provider is a hoax. It is better to use an indicator that is valid and backed by regulators.

Restrictions of Trader Pulse

Account packages/ Subscriptions

Trader Pulse Package Plans

The signal provider is offering three packaged to anyone willing to try them out. They are furnishing users with Free, Premium, and Pro account types. The free subscription claims to offer executable trades and instant alerts on 10 currency pairs. Premium account holders get a guarantee profit margin of 85 percent. The profit margin is one of the reasons why we state that this is a fraud. PRO account holders get a three-month package for $147. They state that this has better trading results and fail to explain it.

Trading Results

There are no trading results to confirm that indeed users make money with this indicator. And this is a huge problem as no one can trust what they say. The myfxbook does not have any proof of this signal provider. All that they sell to us is on paper and fail to offer any evidence. And this is why we state that this is a crude platform. Without any evidence, it makes Trader Pulse another unproven entity. No one wants to spend a full $1,000 for a product that has no evidence of producing results.

Support Team

They are using chat services to make contact with visitors. One of the representatives is Rachel who will take your information and redirect you to Telegram. The chat room is not of any help as the representatives only answer basic questions. A true and genuine indicator and signal provider should offer a more direct form of communication. One of the best places to start is having a live chat room. The next best thing is having a telephone number that actually goes through.

Security of funds with Trader Pulse

When it comes to how secure funds are with this indicator, a lot leaves to be desired. The indicator has been a pain in the neck for most investors. Failure to offer a money-back guarantee shows a lack of goodwill from the developers. Without a proper license, it means any funds deposited don’t have any insurance cover. And this is why most negative comments are from investors who lost huge with the indicator.

Scam or Legit Trader Pulse


Trader Pulse is a scam that is not able to produce any evidence of producing winning results. Mark any of their promotional emails as spam and warn your investor friends about this indicator.

Final Thought

We have to add this indicator and signal program to our robot blacklist. It will inform our esteemed readers on the dangers of using unproven robots.

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