TraderProFx Review: Avoid The Unregulated Broker

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TraderProFx Review
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We are unaware of the people running the website. There is also no corporate overseeing TraderProFx trading activities. Their anonymity nature does not come as a surprise. Scammers hide behind the shadows to avoid being caught by the authorities. 

TraderProFx grants investors all trading tools and products under a single platform. You can invest in commodities, forex, shares, metals, and cryptocurrencies. Clients will also have access to thousands of products. They promise to help traders make informed decisions. But how reliable is the broker? Do they have proof of trade?

TraderProFx Review, TraderProFx Company

We shall answer these and many other queries that you might be having. is offering trading experience for volatile assets. You don’t just enter the market and start making money. You will need to have experience, and how do you acquire such knowledge? 

Luckily, there are many resourceful materials online that are free. TraderProFx claims to be offering educational opportunities, but there is no access to such materials. Also, the company fails to feature the course online. Therefore, we are unaware if the material is helpful to both novice and expert traders. Stick with us in this review, as there is more to uncover, Review

The ownership information is missing from the website. We are unaware of the people running the website. There is also no corporate overseeing TraderProFx trading activities. Their anonymity nature does not come as a surprise. Scammers hide behind the shadows to avoid being caught by the authorities. 

Legitimate platforms must present the names and qualifications of the website’s people. It is an act of transparency, and the regulators know whom to hold accountable for any dispute. The least TraderProFx would have done is to present past trading results. Unfortunately, we cannot verify there is investment taking place on the website. They also claim to have five offices. 

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However, there is not a single address published on the platform. Ironically, the scheme expects traders to present personal data to verify their accounts. Do not share such critical information with offshore companies. They can steal your information and sell it to criminals. 

Here is a list of some of the best crypto companies. These are legitimate ventures with a proven track record. You will earn real-time returns without having to worry about your safety. 

Trading Conditions and Accounts

TraderProFx has five trading accounts. The minimum acceptable deposit is $250, but you shouldn’t risk such an amount with a doomed venture. The scheme has a leverage cap of 1:100, proving they are illegitimately in operation. In the United Kingdom, brokers are approved for a 1:30 leverage cap.

The scheme is offering lucrative opportunities to investors. There are different discount packages depending on the money you deposit. Stay away from such opportunities. The money legally belongs to the broker. Therefore, they attach unfavorable trading volume. 

Failure to meet their terms means you don’t qualify for a withdrawal. This is why regulators limit brokers from offering such limits. TraderProFx offers a web trader interface. The platform is easy to use, but it lacks advanced features. 

Regulation Status of TraderProFx

TraderProFx is operating illegally in the United Kingdom. They even feature a phone number with the country’s code. Remember that this is not the company’s real area of operation. Also, the broker is not in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) database. Avoid dealing with offshore schemes as they prematurely exit the market. Review, Accounts

The broker is also working independently. They don’t mention any top-tier banks. Hence, you can be rest assured there is no segregation of account. The money you cash in shall go to the con artists’ pockets. It is impossible to recover the cash. 

Final Verdict

TraderProFx is a proven Ponzi scheme in the making. They don’t report daily performance to any regulatory bodies. Additionally, there is no customer support team. Investing in the platform is a blind move.

Choose reputable and top trading crypto companies. These are companies prioritizing customer safety. You will sleep sound knowing your money is secure. You can also read customer reviews to understand better how the firm operates. 


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