TradeWebExchange Review: Exposed Scheme

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TradeWebExchange Review
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There are several dangers of investing with an unregulated broker. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has already flagged TradeWebExchange because it is unregistered.

TradeWebExchange is an unregistered broker. You should therefore avoid investing with a fraudulent firm. The red flags are too clear to ignore. an online platform for trading in crypto, ETF, and options. They are hosted on the servers of a technology company called Tracxn. The company claims to have been established in 2021, and its headquarters are in New York City, USA. The firm is, however, unregistered and hence should not be soliciting investors.

TradeWebExchange Review, TradeWebExchange Company

There are many honest and trustworthy cryptocurrecny, ETF, and options trading companies in the US you can work with as alternatives.

In recent years, there has been a rise in unregistered crypto, ETF, and options trading companies operating in the United States. These firms often market themselves as a more accessible and user-friendly alternative to traditional financial institutions. They promise lower fees, greater flexibility, and faster transaction times. However, many operate without regulatory oversight or investor protection, raising concerns about the safety and security of customer assets.

One of the key drivers of this trend has been the growth of the cryptocurrency market. It has attracted many investors seeking to capitalize on the rapid price appreciation of digital assets. While traditional financial institutions have been slow to embrace cryptocurrencies, a new wave of fintech startups has emerged.

Many of these companies have taken advantage of regulatory loopholes or operated in gray areas of the law to avoid registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or other regulatory bodies. This lack of oversight can leave investors vulnerable to fraud, market manipulation, and cyber attacks. This is because many of these companies often have weaker security protocols.

Furthermore, some of these unregistered companies may not have the necessary infrastructure or expertise to provide reliable and secure trading services. Inexperienced investors may be drawn to these companies by the promise of low fees or high returns. Unfortunately, they may not fully understand the risks of trading unregistered securities or cryptocurrencies.

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This is the website hosting TradeWebExchange. Some of the information is about the company’s founder date and its competitors. Some companies listed as potential competitors are IG, Flow Traders, Saxo Bank, and Oanda. All these are forex brokers.

Interestingly the broker is ranked 801st among its competitors. This is probably because it is a newcomer in the forex trading space. The website, however, leaves much to be desired as it has little data.    

In addition to the potential risks to investors, the rise of unregistered trading companies also challenges regulatory authorities. Regulators are tasked with ensuring the integrity of financial markets and protecting investors from fraud and other abuses. Still, the decentralized and often anonymous nature of cryptocurrency trading makes it difficult to identify and regulate all actors in the market.

To address these challenges, regulatory authorities are working to develop new frameworks for regulating cryptocurrency trading and other fintech activities. The SEC, for example, has taken steps to crack down on unregistered crypto trading companies and has proposed new regulations to bring more transparency and accountability to the market. 

Founders and Team

When we checked the website, we didn’t see who founded the company or the operating team. This raises questions regarding the company’s legitimacy. If indeed they were as honest as they claim, they would even have photos of their current CEO. A reputable company also has a detailed history of its origins. The company was started a few years ago, and yet they don’t have essential data available. This is worrying. Review, Features

If investors are to trust the company, they must first earn that trust. However, if they cannot provide essential data, it is hard for people to be confident about their services. An investor must also know if the company possesses the necessary expertise and experience to offer financial services.

In case of fraud, legal agencies can handle the problem expeditiously. However, if the identities of the company leaders are unknown, it is tough to investigate misconduct issues. Investors are not confident in a company that hides the owner’s details.

TradeWebExchange Contact Details

There was no phone number, and the company only gave an email. This raises further concerns regarding the broker’s legitimacy and reliability. Trading in the cryptocurrency market is especially risky. Therefore it’s vital to have the broker’s contact details in case of queries.

This broker has not even given a physical address. In case you lose money, you cannot go to their offices and claim it. As an investor, you must be careful when dealing with a broker who won’t give details about their contacts. Mostly, it is because they have something to hide from their customers.

Law enforcement officers will also have difficulty addressing your issue if you deal with untraceable people. As a rule, make sure you authenticate a company’s contact details. If possible, visit their offices before making the first deposit.

TradeWebExchange Regulation Status   

When looking for a broker, you should check a few parameters like spread, minimum deposit, commissions, and swap, among others. However, even if a broker offers zero commissions and spreads, it’s futile if they are not regulated. There are several dangers of investing with an unregulated broker. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has already flagged TradeWebExchange because it is unregistered.

By trading with them, you risk fraud. You can also expect little to no customer support. When you are depositing money, these companies are very polite and friendly. However, after investing and something goes wrong, you can hardly reach them. Poor customer service is one of the reasons the SEC has flagged this company.

Your money is also not secure. As an investor, you need to know that your money is protected in case something goes wrong or a company becomes bankrupt. Therefore, regulators require all forex brokers to insure traders’ money by having it set aside. Fraudulent brokers are, however, unlikely to adhere to this requirement.

It’s possible that customers’ complaints about this shady broker prompted the SEC to take action against them. Avoid trading with an unregistered broker because they haven’t met the legal threshold.

Trading Conditions

We didn’t find any information about the broker’s trading conditions. When we tried to open an account, they declined, citing that we needed a business email. The broker is not giving enough details to make an informed decision about investing with them.

We also didn’t see any demo accounts, which are essential for any trader. We also couldn’t establish how much one needs to start investing. All this is vital information that should be available even without an account.          

Deposit and Withdrawal

There was nothing about how to make deposits and withdrawals. However, we suspect the company uses cryptocurrencies. Most unregulated firms prefer them because of their anonymity. Once you deposit via digital currencies, getting your money back becomes impossible in case you’re scammed.

Since SEC has flagged this broker, you will have a hard time getting help in case they scam you. It shows the firm has stolen from many, and you could be their next victim. Best avoid companies that don’t offer various methods of depositing and withdrawing funds.        

TradeWebExchange Customer Reviews

We couldn’t find any customer reviews about the broker, either positive or negative. For a broker that claims to compete with the likes of Oanda, we found that a bit odd. A reputable broker should have many reviews. There should be even more reviews on their social media channels. Unfortunately, this broker had no social media platforms to check more details about them.

The reviews can also come from companies that have benefited TradeWebExchange services. However, we didn’t find any links to such information. This lack of customer reviews further points to the illegitimacy of the broker.                          

Final Verdict 

TradeWebExchange is an unregistered broker. You should therefore avoid investing with a fraudulent firm. The red flags are too clear to ignore. SEC has warned investors against falling victim to this company. Many crypto, ETF and options trading companies are honest and trustworthy crypto companies. We recommend you work with them instead.  

When you work with a registered company, you can be assured of transparency. Therefore, you can rest assured that no nefarious activities are occurring and that your money is in good hands. Always check the SEC website to see if they have warned the public about them. If they have, look for another investment company immediately.       


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