Traffic Authority Review: a Traffic Selling MLM

traffic authority review, traffic authority mlm review, review

Traffic Authority is an MLM company that mainly deals with selling the traffic. Moreover, they have some other products too, like business training and marketing tools.

The company is in the booming phase due to its multi-level marketing income opportunity. Affiliates can earn money by reselling the company products in return for a commission.

If you are thinking to join the Traffic Authority MLM opportunity, then read this article till the end. It might change your opinion about the company.

In this article, we will discuss their compensation plan, product, and everything else you should know about the company.

About Traffic Authority – Traffic Authority Review

traffic authority review, traffic authority mlm review, review

The company Traffic Authority was launched in 2015, and the company runs by the three people Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey.

In the past, the company name was an Infinite Leverage System. They claim that Infinite Leverage System was a beta version of Traffic Authority and the beta version is very successful.

Right now the Traffic Authority website operates on domain, and even Infinite Leverage website also redirect to Traffic Authority.

In their marketing material company claim that they will tell you how to use the same business model that companies like Google and Facebook use to grow them.

Now, this doesn’t seem right to me because there is a lot of difference between Google, Facebook and the Traffic Authority.

The two online giants Google and Facebook earn money by selling their Ads, whereas Traffic Authority earns by selling online traffic to businesses. So basically it is impossible for them to replicate Google and Facebook business model.

Well, it seems that the company is only using it to market their scheme, so more affiliate and affiliate will join the company MLM opportunity.

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Traffic Authority Products

To earn money with Traffic Authority firstly you need to buy their package. So later on, you can resell it and earn commission on it.

The company package is as follows:

  • $220: Basic
  • $440: Bronze
  • $660: Silver
  • $1097: Gold
  • $2197: Platinum
  • $4297: Titanium

Moreover, as you progress, you need to buy more and more expensive packages. The company hide the thing that if you want to earn money, then you also need to spend more and more money. Because the price of packages is not cheap.

Apart from these packages, two other products are also present on the company website, which is as follows:

  • $27 per month: Traffic Optimizer Tool
  • $97 per month: Traffic Academy Traning

Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

The commission in a Traffic Authority compensation plan ranges from $100 to $2000. The company pays the following commission on their products and packages.

  • Traffic Optimizer Tool: On the sale of this tool, the affiliate earns a commission of $20 per month.
  • Traffic Academy Traning: On the sale of this training, the affiliate earns a commission of $50 per month.
  • Basic Package: On the sale of a basic package affiliate earns a commission of $100 per month.
  • Bronze Package: On the sale of a bronze package affiliate earns a commission of $200 per month.
  • Silver Package: On the sale of a silver package affiliate earns a commission of $300 per month.
  • Gold Package: On the sale of the gold package affiliate earns a commission of $500 per month.
  • Platinum Package: On the sale of the platinum package affiliate earns a commission of $1000 per month.
  • Titanium Package: On the sale of the titanium package affiliate earns a commission of $2000 per month.

If an affiliate wants to earn the commission on the sale of any traffic product or service, then either affiliate needs to purchase that product or service themselves or sell them three times.

Until an affiliate qualifies for the commission, all the commission made by him are paid to the affiliate who recruited that affiliate.

Furthermore, the purchase of the expensive package allows the affiliate to earn on even the lower levels.


Once an affiliate qualifies to earn a commission, then the company pay the commission to them as follows:

The commission of the first six products that affiliate sales are split between the affiliate themself and who recruits them.

The initial splits if of 50/50 for all products of Traffic Authority. Moreover, after completing the six sales affiliate earns the 80% of the commission and the one who recruits the affiliate earns 20% of the commission.

Pros and Cons of Traffic Authority

Usually, while seeing the pros and cons list of any company, you will see there are a lot of pros, and only some cons and most of the cons are outwith by the pros. But this is not the case with the Traffic Authority.

A lot of cons is there in the company whereas only one pro is available, that is good for nothing.


  • Traning Material: Traffic Authority provides some training material to its affiliates. So if they have no clue about online affiliate marketing, then they can learn about it. However, the quality of the training material is just average.


  • Misleading Sales Page: On the sales page, the company claim that they will help you to earn money through the model that big online giants like Facebook and Google use. This type of information is very misleading, in my opinion. It is not possible for MLM to reach event close to Google or Facebook.
  • Transparency Issues: The company doesn’t give much information about themself. Moreover, the free membership is a ploy.
  • Support System: The company support system is not much good as company claims.
  • Package and Product Pricing: The product pricing is quite okay, but the price of the package is very high. Furthermore, the bad part is that affiliate needs to buy package themself if they want to earn a commission.
  • BBB Rating: The company doesn’t have a good reputation on the Better Business Bureau. There are a lot of complaints that are still unanswered. Most of the complaints suggest that they buy their product or service, but the company didn’t respond to them.

Final Verdict about Traffic Authority

The company doesn’t make insane claims like other MLM companies, but it doesn’t mean that it is a genuine company.

At first look, the company will seem exciting, but if you research deeply, you will get to know there are a lot of issues with the company.

By reading the pros and cons of the company, you can easily find out the company is doing a scam or not. If you would ask me whether the Traffic Authority is a scam or not? Then my answer will be No Traffic Authority is not a scam because in this you will pay for money and get some product.

It all depends on how you define the scams. Although it is not a scam, I will not recommend you to join the Traffic Authority MLM scheme because there are a lot of red flags for the company.

Instead of this you can invest your money in Crypto Cloud Mining Companies. The crypto mining companies are 100% safe and provide you good return on your investment.

I hope my this review of Traffic Authority is helpful for you and it gives you detailed information about the company.

Thank you!!!

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