Trend Profiteer: Another Robot Scam

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Trend Profiteer ( is another scam product from the elusive Michael Nurok. Michael Nurok is involved in other notable scams such as Forex Precog and Trader’s Elite. And this is why we are concerned with this robot as it is his latest masterpiece. And investors should be extra careful with this man. He has a habit of going underground when things start heating up. What’s wrong with trend profiteer? Read this eye-opening Review and get the whole truth.

Trend Profiteer Review

About Trend Profiteer

Landing on their homepage, visitors get greeted by a promotional video. The video hails the robot as a game-changer when it comes to producing accurate results. Is Trend Profiteer an amazing trading platform as the homepage suggests? They have come up with a hype-free video which is a sales tactic for online scam trading products. It would seem that the robot is using the same sales tactic as other Michael’s scam products. And this is why investors need to be extra careful.

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They have a sales page that is redone for a number of occasions. The last time the homepage was up, the robot was going for $679. What has made the owners offer the robot for free remains to be known? If the robot does offer a huge profit margin, why give it for free? There is a hidden agenda and we will unearth it. The robot is most likely going to ask for more funds once an investor deposits funds. It is how these scam robots work, sell the idea that they are free and hide other fees.

Assets Traded by Trend Profiteer

The robot is most likely dealing with Forex related products. What is clear is that trendprofiteer is a semi-automated trading robot. They describe the robot as a trend and swing trader which works on a 4-hour time frame. Another unproven claim is that the EA provides $1,000 trades every day. If this was the case, hundreds of investors would have already signed up. The reason why none of them do so is that the platform is unclear on the available assets. For instance, they fail to mention the currency pairs available on the robot.

Business/ Product Owner

Michael Nurok is one of the most notorious online scam artists currently in the market. His whereabouts remain unknown which means he could be a fictional character. Scam artists from time to time create a character in the trading world. The character comes as part of a package and offers a number of trading products. After some time, the character is assassinated once the industry learns of the scam products. And we believe Michael Nurok is such a character as there are no pictures or videos of him.

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Comments and Customer Feedback

The truth of the matter is that none of the comments we see are positive. A few of the members who talked to us have no sweet words over the matter. After purchasing the product, nothing seemed to work. Trying to reach the developer was a problem as he claimed the problem was on the buyer’s side. Most demanded a money-back guarantee which did not occur. Even today, there are a few members hoping to get part of their funds back. Sadly, Michael is not a man of his word and all of his products are proven scams.

Domain Details of the robot’s homepage

Thanks to domain register tools, one can get a glimpse of the website’s history. One of the trusted domain tools shows that the website went live on 24th March 2015. For over five years, the platform did not get any valid license from authorities. Shocking details also reveal that the IP history shows 13 changes over the last 10 years. It means the product went by another name. Michael is one of a kind scam who has managed to escape all traps set by authorities. Avoid buying any of his Forex-related products.

Features of Trend Profiteer

Trend Profiteer Member Login page

Trend Profiteer is a semi-automatic forex robot that went for $697 a while back. Now they claim that the robot is absolutely free which is unrealistic. Even with the free incentive, it seems more and more investors are losing their cool with the robot. The strategy quoted on the promotional video is trend-based and has four timeframes. Four of the timeframes available with the robot include 4H, daily, and weekly. The robot claims to give indicators and signals for all currency pairs.

License and Registration details of Trend Profiteer

Just like with his previous robots, this IS NOT LICENSED OR REGISTERED anywhere on the planet. The platform claims to be fully licensed and yet gives no account of the details. One would expect that the platform will produce documents to support its claim. And this is why investors need to be wary. Scam developers will claim that their products are regulated which is far from the truth. Such products will ensure that no one is safe when using them.

One of the biggest problems with such products is the fact that they have no valid services. Investors will have a problem since any funds deposited with the platform don’t have any insurance. Covers such as a money-back guarantee are not possible with the platform. And this is the reason why no one is getting a penny back from the unregulated product. It is best to stay away from the platform or else risk becoming their next victim. Go for products that are licensed and regulated by official regulators in the industry.

Limitations of Trend Profiteer

Demo Account

Trend Profiteer does not provide users with any demo account. And this is a huge letdown as investors are going in blindly. The problem with such a platform is that they have no proof of the outcome. Investors who get the free trial period should use the robot on an MT4 demo account. Most investors who used the robot claims it did not yield any positive results. And this is why the robot wants to pass the blame to investors. It is clear that the robot is not capable of producing any favorable income.

Proof of Results

There are over 30 videos on the web with Michael claiming that the robot works. On all of the videos, we hear the same person speak but no visual of him. The results would have been posted in myfxbook to clarify that the robot works. With no proof of concept or valid trading results, it makes trendprofiteer another online scam product. The way things are heading, the robot is likely to end up stealing from a huge number of investors. A free robot does not necessarily mean investors will get it without spending a few bucks.

Security of funds with Trend Profiteer

It is clear that investors are losing funds with this robot. The robot offers no insurance cover or a money-back guarantee feature. Another issue with the website is the lack of proper security software to protect visitors. The website is prone to third party attacks since it lacks both DDoS and SSL encryption software. Hackers can easily steal bank record details during the transaction process. And this is why investors need to be extra careful with this robot.

Scam or Legit Trend Profiteer

Trend Profiteer Video Presentation

It is a scam that must be known to all investors. The creator is a wanted fugitive who has a plethora of online scam products. Stay away from the product and ignore becoming their affiliate member. Even affiliate members fail to get the money promised by Michael. It is a rotten scam that must be exposed for all to see.

In Conclusion

To protect our investors, we have to add the robot to our scam blacklist. It will help reveal protect our readers from purchasing the wrong trading robots.

The only safe way of trading is by using industry-backed Forex bots with a proven track record. They ensure users are safe and get a realistic profit margin. These robots are backed by trading experts as they ensure the investment is covered and safe. Try them out today.

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