Trust Investing Review: Ponzi Crypto Scheme

Trust Investing

Trust Investing is an MLM crypto company. Its domain ( states that the company is based in Panama. However, there is no proof if the company actually exists in Panama because there is no specific address. It is highly possible that it is a shell company.

Diego Chaves is the CEO of Trust Investing. He claims to have over ten years of experience in network marketing. However, there are no records of Chaves’ involvement in any company before. According to his Facebook profile, Chaves lives in Malaga, Spain. Whereas, Trust Investing’s Facebook page is being managed from Brazil. It creates a lot of confusion about the origin of the company. But it is suspected that the company is actually running from either Spain or Brazil and not Panama.

There are many other red flags about this company. Keep reading to find out whether this platform is legit or just another scam.

What is Trust Investing? describes the company as an expert in crypto asset management. It claims to offer numerous opportunities to earn money through crypto trading and mining. Moreover, Trust Investing says that it is a truthful and transparent company, which is quite ironic considering the fact that it lies about its real location.

Trust Investing’s Joining Policy

Trust Investing does not have any products or services. Like any other MLM company, the only way to avail the compensation plan is by investing in the company’s affiliate membership. A minimum investment of $15 is necessary to join You can make a maximum investment of $100,000. Moreover, to maintain your rank qualification, you have to keep investing in the company.

Compensation Plan of asks people to invest money in the affiliate membership and promises a 200% ROI. Daily returns of up to 5% are promised to the affiliates. Moreover, a 5% fee is also applied to all revenue withdrawals.

The company has the following payment structure:

  1. Start Level – invest $15 to get $30
  2. One Star Level – invest $30 to get $60
  3. Two Stars Level – invest $60 to get $120
  4. Three Stars Level – invest $100 to get $200
  5. Launch Level – invest $200 to get $400
  6. Four Stars Level – invest $300 to get $600
  7. Five Stars Level – invest $500 to get $1000
  8. Six Stars Level – invest $1000 to get $2000
  9. Seven Stars Level – invest $2000 to get $4000
  10. Eight Stars Level – invest $5000 to get $10,000
  11. Nine Stars Level – invest $10,000 to get $20,000
  12. Challenger Level – invest $20,000 to get $40,000
  13. Ten Stars Level – invest $50,000 to get $100,000
  14. Eleven Stars Level – invest $100,000 to get $200,000

Trust Investing

Remember that the entire company’s structure is extremely suspicious. Trust Investing claims to be experienced in managing crypto assets. Yet, it does not mention any specific crypto coin and platform it uses. It is a highly suspicious company. Hence, you should not invest in it. Instead, use the crypto trading bots to earn maximum profits by investing through reliable crypto platforms.

Affiliate Ranks of Trust Investing

The crypto MLM company has six affiliate ranks. These are:

  • Team Leader – join the Six Star level or higher level, hire two Six Stars level or higher affiliates, and make total $16,000.
  • Manager – join the Six Star level or higher level and hire four Six Stars level or higher affiliates.
  • Regional Director – join the Seven Stars level or higher level and hire six Six Stars level or higher affiliates.
  • International Director – join the Eight Stars level or higher level and hire twelve Seven Stars level or higher affiliates.
  • Continental Director – join the Nine Stars level or higher level and hire fifteen affiliates.
  • Global Director – join the Ten Stars level or higher level and hire twenty affiliates.

Trust Investing’s Commissions

Trust Investing has a binary structure to pay the residual commissions. In this model, the affiliate is placed at the top of the team while the other two members are placed directly under the affiliate. The first level consists of two positions, while the second one has a total of four positions. Further levels are created by similar splitting.  The breakdown of the residual commissions is as follows:

  • Affiliates on start level can earn $15 a day.
  • Affiliates on One Stars level can earn $30 a day.
  • Members on Two Stars level can earn $60 a day.
  • Affiliates on Three Stars level can earn $100 a day.
  • Members on the Launch level can earn $200 a day.
  • Affiliates on Four Stars level can earn $300 a day.
  • Members on Five Stars level can earn $500 a day.
  • Affiliates on Six Stars level can earn $1000 a day.
  • Members on Seven Stars level can earn $2000 a day.
  • Affiliates on Eight Stars level can earn $5000 a day.
  • Members on Nine Stars level can earn $10,000 a day.
  • Affiliates on the Challenger level can earn $20,000 a day.
  • Members on the Ten Stars level can earn $50,000 a day.
  • Affiliates on Eleven Stars level can earn $100,000 a day.

It is extremely important to note that the above compensation plan may seem very promising; however, there is no proof that Trust Investing is actually following this plan. Despite mentioning its vision and mission in many places, the company never makes it clear how it generates income. The only source of funds for seems to be the affiliate membership, which makes it an MLM Ponzi scheme.

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PS: YieldNodes is 100% Verified by Insights mentions Fabiano Lima as the Marketing Director, Claudio Barbosa as the Technology Director, and Diego Chaves as the CEO of Trust Investing, Analysis of the domain shows that its majority of the traffic is from Cuba (20.2%). Columbia (17.7%) and Brazil (16.5%) are also major sources of the website’s traffic.

Overall, it has a good global ranking. It shows that the company is enjoying good international exposure, thanks to its marketing. However, people should remember that it is a scam company. Its business structure is not sustainable, and the company will collapse as soon as the recruitment stops.

The management team behind Trust Investing claims to have decades of experience in managing MLM companies and crypto companies. However, none of the directors or managers has any substantial profile outside the company that can prove their claims. It raises some serious suspicions about the founders of the company.

Team of

Is Trust Investing a Scam?

From the above review, it should become quite clear that Trust Investing is a scam. It does not have any external source of income and only lies about generating external revenue through crypto assets management. gives very general information and does not provide any specifics of the business model.

Moreover, the compensation plan of the company fails the basic Ponzi logic test. If the company were able to generate a 5% daily ROI, they would not have asked members to invest a huge amount of money. To take as much money as possible, they ask members to keep investing in the company and buy multiple positions.

There is no indication that Trust Investing is registered in Spain, Brazil, or Panama. It means that the company is probably operating illegally and committing fraud. Such companies are bound to collapse, which means you will lose a lot of money in the end. It is a Ponzi crypto scheme that should be avoided.

Instead, use the authentic crypto trading bots that allow you to set your own trading preferences. In this way, you have greater chances of earning profits and very less risk of losing your investment. They are much better than Ponzi crypto schemes like Trust Investing that only wants to scam a maximum number of people before collapsing.

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