TwentyXPro Review: Is an Educational Ponzi Scheme

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Review Summary

Various aspects of TwentyXPro show that it is a Ponzi scheme that can collapse anytime due to lack of recruitment. Therefore, it is not a good investment opportunity. Instead, you should consider mining crypto coins with the help of legal and reliable crypto cloud mining companies.

TwentyXPro is an MLM company that is claiming to be a highly reliable and resourceful platform capable of providing you with a significant amount of profits. The website of the company, TwentyXPro is claiming to be an educational platform. Read this article to find out why this company is not suitable for any kind of investment.

Keep reading this article to get all of the required information about TwentyXPro and whether you should invest in it:

What is TwentyXPro?

TwentyXPro is presenting itself as an educational platform that is fully managed by Interconnectica Ltd. However, there is no information available about Interconnectica itself. In fact, it seems to be nothing more than a simple shell company. This shows that does not have any legitimate origins so it is difficult to trust this platform.

Moreover, you should also consider the fact that TwentyXPro is relatively a new company. There is no proof of the fact that the company is actually capable of providing any kind of profit to the users. The company is making ambiguous claims like providing a variety of e-books and instruction material. However, it never mentions the specific names of such books and resources.

Owner of TwentyXPro does not provide any information about the owner of the company. Moreover, there is no information about the team behind this platform. However, further research shows that Alexis Thomas is the CEO of the company.

The Facebook profile of Thomas shows that he is from Cyprus and has been a part of the business industry for a long time now. His profile also indicates that he has been a part of numerous crypto companies and MLM platforms in the past. However, the names of such ventures have not been revealed on his profile.

Features of TwentyXPro is claiming to have a number of modern and reliable features that make it quite different from other MLM companies. Yet, the company does not provide any solid evidence for most of these features. Some of these features are:


TwentyXPro claims to build unique and strong working relationships with clients through effective marketing strategies. The company is claiming that users can fully trust this platform because its team of professional marketers have years of experience in branding and earning massive profits. However, does not provide any information about these marketers and marketing strategies. Hence, the company’s claims of being able to provide a significant amount of profits cannot be fully trusted.

Educational Material

As stated in the introduction part of the company, TwentyXPro is essentially presenting itself as an educational platform that is capable of providing a wide range of educational courses. However, there is no information available about these educational courses and training courses. is making tall claims of teaching the best practices you can use to earn a massive amount of money. Yet, there is no proof that you can earn any kind of profits from this platform


All of the present evidence shows that was registered in November 2019. It shows that it is a new platform. Yet, the website states that TwentyXPro is a leading global organization that is providing modern marketing solutions and educational courses to help you increase the profits of your company.  

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Moreover, the company claims that it has helped a large number of companies and users all over the world. Yet, there is no evidence that shows that TwentyXPro has actually worked with any major company. It simply means that the company is making false claims to attract users and more investment.

Products is mainly promoting educational courses as the main product of the company. It claims that you can acquire significant exposure through these courses and ultimately boost your sales and profits. However, the company is not providing any reliable information about these courses. 

These features point to the fact that TwentyXPro is not a suitable platform for a large investment. Therefore, you should avoid investing in this company. Instead, you should invest in genuine crypto cloud mining companies that allow you to mine your own crypto coins and earn maximum profits via efficient, safe, and legal mining services.

Income Structure of TwentyXPro

Now that you are familiar with the major features of TwentyXPro, you should also read about the important aspects of its income structure that will help you in getting all of the important information about the feasibility of a potential investment in this platform. 

The website clearly states that in order to earn any kind of money from TwentyXPro, the users will have to spend at least €20 on the company. The company is asking for this investment in a cycler position just like any other Ponzi scheme. 

There is a total of 8 tiers in the compensation structure of These are:

  1. Invest €20 per position and earn €40 to reach Tier 2.
  2. Invest €20 per position and earn €1760 on three levels to reach Tier 3.
  3. Spend €40 per position and earn €7360 in total on different levels to reach Tier 4.
  4. Invest €80 per position and earn €30,080 in total on different levels to reach Tier 5.
  5. Invest €160 per position and earn €60,160 in total on different levels to reach Tier 6.

The company has set similar complex criteria for other tiers as well. However, the overall income structure is quite complex and is clearly favoring the people behind this company. The affiliate members have very limited income opportunities. Moreover, there is no proof of the fact that you will actually be able to get any of these profits. 

TwentyXPro does not specify any specific criteria for withdrawing the funds. It is highly possible that your investment will keep circulating in this cycler Ponzi scheme and you will not be able to withdraw it.


TwentyXPro is trying its best to seem like a legitimate and genuine platform. It does not define itself as an MLM company to hide its fraudulent nature. Instead, the company is promoting itself as an educational platform that is capable of transforming your entire life by bringing financial stability. However, there is no proof of fact the company is actually capable of providing any kind of educational training or financial benefits. 

Instead, the company seems to be using educational courses just as a cover and to entice users to invest in the company. All of the aspects and promised features of TwentyXPro are highly suspicious. The background of the company’s origins and its owners also indicate that the company is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. 

It does not have any external source of revenue. is encouraging people to buy as many positions as they can. This shows that the company uses the funds from new affiliates to pay the old ones. Such kind of company is not sustainable as it can collapse anytime due to lack of recruitment. 

Therefore, you should avoid investing your money in Ponzi schemes like TwentyXPro. If you really want to generate a good amount of profits from a genuine and reliable source, you should consider investing in crypto cloud mining companies. Such platforms have extremely safe and secure mining procedures that help you in mining crypto coins on your own terms and conditions. You can fully trust these companies because they have been operating in the industry for a long time now. 

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