uFun Club Review: UFun.com an obvious MLM Scam

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uFun Club is a company that does nothing apart from providing you an opportunity to be a part of a challenge.

The official company website is ufunclub.com, and on that, they provide a direct MLM business opportunity.

Moreover, they hide the business opportunity and do not provide any information regarding the owner of the company on their official website.

The only thing that you can know from their website is that the company is based in Asia. However, there is information about the person who is the inventor of their system.

According to their official website, Mr. Huang is the inventor of the UFun Club system. However, no one knows much about him.

By taking one look at their site, you might feel that it is a genuine company, but when you take a brief look at all things, then you can easily find out that they are doing a scam with you.

In this article, we have discussed various things about the ufun club through which it can easily prove that uFun Club is a scam company.

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About uFun Club – uFun Club Review

uFun Club, uFun club review, ufun club scam, mlm scam

As I already told you that u Fun Club is a company that operates on website uFunclub.com. Various people criticize the company because the opportunity side is hidden.

In my view, it is a bit cautious. Imagine a company that cannot even frown upon it as well.

The domain ufunclub.com was registered in December 2012, but it is set to private. Moreover, every genuine company has a Wikipedia page, but u fun club does not have any Wikipedia page, which also raises questions for the company value.

uFun Club System Inventor – Mr. Huang

According to the uFun Club official website, Mr. Huang, who is a Chinese Mathematician, is the inventor of their system. However, Mr. Huang is still a mystery because no one knows much about him.

Lots of people try to find information about him, but they are not able to find anything about Mr. Huang.

So the guy found the system of the company is almost unknown, which is not a sign of good company. Moreover, there is no proof that Mr. Huang is previously attached to any MLM company or not, which means there is no information about his experience in the MLM industry.

So how anyone can trust a system which is developed a person who is entirely unknown to everyone.

uFun Club Helm – General Athiwant Soonpan

Another person who continually appears at the time of uFun club promotion is General Athiwan Soonpan.

He is a Thai defense force advisor and regularly be the part of military garb for the U fun Club photo. However, no one can verify that does he have any MLM history or not.

Moreover, no one has any idea of how he becomes the International President of the uFun Club. In my opinion, he only works as a poster boy for the company, which means he is portrayed as the face of the company so people can trust them.

In a marketing video, the company claims that the general is lending the name to the uFun Club. So they can get instant credibility in the east.

Moreover, there this technique works very well for the people who only know the English language as they can easily trust what they see at that instant.

But if anyone does a little research about all the things, then it is not difficult to find out that all they are doing is an MLM scam. So always keep your head open and be aware of all types of MLM scams.

In my opinion, if you want to invest your money safely then firstly you should invest in Crypto Trading Bots. These bots will help you in investing your money and getting a good return on your investment.

Moreover, these bots are more trustable as compare to the scam MLM companies that are run by some selfish human beings.

uFun Club Compensation Plans

Now we will discuss one of the essential parts of this article, the compensation plan of the company.

The company compensation plan depends on the affiliate investing in the company and recruiting others to do the same.

They have a total of 5 investment packages which are mentioned below:

  • $575 – 1 Star
  • $1150 – 2 Star
  • $5750 – 3 Star
  • $11,500 – 4 Star
  • $57,500 – 5 Star

Every investment package comes with some uPoints that are used to buy uTokens for the uFun Club website.

Below is information about how much uPoints you can get at different-different levels:

  • 400 uPoints – 1 Star
  • 850 uPoints – 2Star
  • 4500 uPoints – 3 Star
  • 9500 uPoints – 4 Star
  • 50,000 uPoints – 5 Star

Moreover, a 30% commission is given by the company if anyone reinvests back in the company. An affiliate daily earning limit also depends on how much an affiliate invests in the company.

Below is a detail of how a much person can earn at different – different levels:

  • $500 – 1 Star
  • $1000 – 2 Star
  • $5000 – 3 Star
  • $7000 – 4 Star
  • $10,000 – 5 Star

Investment ROI

Another important section of the article. The amount of uTokens purchasable per uPoint depends on the whim of uFun Club.

Moreover, the real money that affiliate invest in the company is turned into points and then into tokens, which is not a great thing, in my opinion.

Depending on how much investment affiliates made in a company, uFun.com sets the price of a token. It is also not a good thing; the price of a token should be the same for everyone.

Furthermore, affiliates can sell their uTokens to earn commissions. Apart from this, they can also wait for the new affiliate investment to push the withdrawal amount high.

Referral Commissions

Referral commission is given on all investments made through the UFun.com . But this also depends on the star system.

  • 7% – 1 Star
  • 8% – 2 Star
  • 9% – 3 Star
  • 10% – 4 Star
  • 12% – 5 Star

By reading all these about the compensation, you will surely get an idea of how much you can earn with it and what type of fraud they are doing.

Other Plans

They also provide the uni-level and binary level commission. Apart from it, they also use the scheme of World Pool Bonus and Resort investment to hype up the investment amount.

In uni-level structure, one affiliate is at the top, and then other persons are recruited under it in the pair of 3. Moreover, in the binary structure, one affiliate is placed at the top, and then two-two affiliates are recruited under each one affiliate.

To increase the affiliated investment, they have two other schemes World Pool Bonus and Resort investment. But in reality, all these things only give profit to the company and not to the affiliates who invested in the company.

Final Verdict about uFun Club

uFun Club is totally a scam. They will take the money and do not provide any value. All they give you a Ponzi scheme to confuse you and make you believe that they are genuine.

Moreover, the uTokens and uPoints scheme is very disgusting and hard to crack. They only use it so they can break the more and more affiliate investment in the company.

This scheme only provides profit to the company and not to the affiliates who invested in the company. In my opinion, you should not even think about investing in the uFun Club.

Moreover, If you are really want to invest your money then you can invest in Crypto Cloud Mining Companies. Crypto cloud companies are far better than these types of MLM scams.

I hope this review is helpful for you and helps you to be safe from the MLM scams.

Thank you!!

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