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United Power Up Review
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United Power Up’s MLM division employs a complicated commission structure that distributes payments in UP tokens and bitcoin. However, do not be fooled by its name or mantra; nothing will go up if you invest with this entity. This business depends on ongoing speculation about what may happen next.

The company claims to be a genuine MLM offering a blend of startups, crowdfunding, and micro-influencing. In reality, this company is a spinoff of a popular Ponzi scheme, Crowd 1 gaming. MLM businesses rely on direct sales to market their goods or services. That implies that you are conducting direct business with other individuals, whether online or from a customer’s or your own house.

United Power Up Review, United Power Up Company

When you join such a program, you can either be a distributor, contractor or participant. There are two ways to make money. The first is selling their items directly to “retail” consumers, not part of the MLM. The second is finding new distributors and paying them commissions based on their purchases and sales to retail customers. Your downline (sales network) comprises the individuals you recruit, the people they recruit, and so on.

However, legalized crypto companies or transparent forex brokers will pay you based on your retail client sales without recruiting additional distributors. You will not be under unnecessary pressure to make money since you have already invested. Why should any entity claiming to help you invest pressure you to earn money? This beats the logic. To find out more on this, pore over the review below.

Unitedpowerup.com Review

Data from I cann lookup reveals that the company registered its domain on 14 June 2022. This relatively new company lacks solid market experience and a track record. Another cause for concern is the fact that United Power Up has not released the technical specifications of its UP and Premium UP tokens. When a business is dodgy about parts or all of the terms of service, you should be curious why that is the case. In many instances, you will find that such a company is hiding details that might alert you of its illegitimacy.

The company categorically states that members can only join via invitation. Affiliates can only promote United Power Up affiliate membership. Meanwhile, the company promises investors access to startups, crowdfunding projects, and the micro-influencer community. United Power Up’s MLM division employs a complicated commission structure that distributes payments in UP tokens and bitcoin.

However, do not be fooled by its name or mantra; nothing will go up if you invest with this entity. This business depends on ongoing speculation about what may happen next. Over time, investors become savvier (especially when withdrawals halt), and everything falls apart.

Contact Details

The company claims it is based in Estonia, using Soniqeflow OÜ. Sverker Caron, a Swedish, is the company’s CEO and lives in Spain. As a result, the exact location of this company can be contested. Caron was also the individual behind Crowd 1 gaming Ponzi and has a reputation for promoting other Ponzi schemes. If he promotes ventures unleashing investment frauds, United Power Up might just be another investment ruse.  

The company has not availed of any contact numbers. This is a sign of lousy customer support. How are clients supposed to get assistance without telephone contacts or email addresses? Digital investments are a hassle, but this one isn’t worth it. Go for genuine MLM companies that are direct with all material information.

Membership & Investment Plan

The entity puts forward four investment plans. The first small account has a deposit threshold of € 49. Next, the medium account has a funding requirement of €99. For the large account, investors should pay €499. Lastly, the extra large account requires a minimum of € 999. The United Power Up MLM’s opportunity is, undoubtedly, a pyramid scheme. We know this because the amount earned increases with increasing sign-ups.  

Unitedpowerup.com Review, Unitedpowerup.com Features

United Power Up offers five affiliate levels. The one-star rank requires the investor to generate €10000 in downline investment, while the two star rank needs € 15000. Next, the three-star and four-star ranks require generating at least € 25000 and €50000 downline investments, respectively.

Alternatively, investors can become influencers only after generating €500000 downline investment. To qualify for a bronze rank, one must generate at least €750000 as a downline investment. The levels go on, up to crown diamond which requires at least €50000000 in downline investment.

United Power Up Compensation Plan

Unlike a regular binary team which starts with two positions on the first level, the company’s binary team begins from the second level, with four positions, two on each side. The left side pays out in UP tokens, while the right pays out in bitcoin. The company has multiple compensation packages, including a recruitment commission, a fast start bonus, and a rank achievement bonus.

United Power Up pays recruitment commissions using a modified binary compensation structure. Small account investors get a token worth €55. They also earn €12.25 as recruitment commission. Likewise, medium account subscribers get € 120 tokens with an additional recruitment commission of € 12.25 and €24.75 for the small and medium account affiliates.

Similarly, large account holders get tokens worth € 650 alongside a commission of €12.25, €24.75, and €124.75 per small, medium, or higher tier affiliates, respectively. Lastly, extra large investors earn € 1400 worth of tokens and €12.25, €24.75, €124.75, and 249.75 for small, medium, large and x-large affiliates recruitments, respectively.

One-star affiliates earn a recruitment commission of 26 percent, while two-star affiliates get a 27 percent commission. Likewise, three-star affiliates make a 28 percent commission, and four stars get a 29 percent commission. Nonetheless, all earned commissions in binary teams are split into two.

Regulation Status of United Power Up

There is a likelihood that this company is in Estonia, as alleged. We say this because it hasn’t done enough on financial market oversight despite its effort to redeem itself from a dented image of being a den for crypto scammers. The results- shell companies still set up a base here. As an investor, be wary of entities operating from regions reputable for lax oversight. Such an atmosphere makes it convenient for companies to commit financial crimes with impunity.

As for Spain, the odds of being there are low. The country’s oversight agency, CNMV, is relatively stringent, so the entity cannot possibly operate there legally. So, all the evidence suggests that this company does not fall under any regulatory agency.

Unlicensed MLM companies pose significant risks to investment ambitions. The first is the financial risk. MLM businesses frequently demand that participants make a sizeable financial commitment. The outcome is a financial loss if the business fails or the individual fails to onboard enough members to turn a profit.

Secondly, they mislead investors by exaggerating the income potential. Rogue MLMs make deceptive statements regarding the earnings potential of their participants. This causes them to put time and money into the business with the hope of making a specific amount of money, only to be let down. If these are the general risks, imagine what happens when you deal with a scam MLM entity! 


MLM businesses generally have a questionable reputation. These companies have indeed been subjects of criticism because they sometimes use their compensation structure to take advantage of individuals. Consequently, it is crucial to thoroughly investigate and assess the business before devoting time and resources. That’s a sure way to avoid entities like United Power Up. While it may be hard for regulatory bodies to contain 

the menace of scam MLM companies, there is something you can do about it. First and foremost, confirm that the company has the authorization to offer the said services. Remember, it’s not authorization from just any regulators but from agencies known to have stringent standards for the same. This is a foolproof way to ensure you invest with legalized crypto companies or transparent forex brokers.



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