uProfit Review: Should You Trust Uprofit.online?

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uProfit review

uProfit is a money-making training program created by Jason Fulton, Rodney Yarde, and David Kirby. The authors promise that it will teach us how to make money from free videos. The idea is to solve problems using video, get viral traffic when people view them and then convert the views to money. That according to them will earn you a minimum of $100 or $3000 per month.

In this uProfit review, just like most scam product these days, the registration fee is a few dollars, $7.02 in case of UProfit, which is later followed by upsells. I will analyze their product features and come up with a verdict on whether this product is worth your time and money. In summary, the uProfit scam promises that you will not need to work or learn any skills to make lots of money. You will not be like other people who’re spending their days working to earn each month.

uProfit scam

What I Liked About uProfit

Make Videos


The uProfit scam promises that it will help us to make money by using free videos to get lots of traffic. That sounds like a great idea to me; it’s true people enjoy watching nice and interesting videos. Videos pack lots of audio and visual content in the same time slot, making them very entertaining but brief.

It is therefore a great way to make money if you can indeed come up with a way to make the best of them. That is why sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have become so successful and well known by any person who uses the Internet on a regular basis. In fact, that is why television is still so popular. However, that is the end of facts for the uProfit scam.

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What I didn’t Like About uProfit

No Skills to Learn

uProfit review

Just like any other scam, uProfit promises that we will not need to learn any skills to make money. They have figured everything out for us and all we have to do is just give them $7.02 and later on, buy several of their upsells. Once we are done reading and buying their guides, they will have given us every secret we need to make money.

They promise we will be getting $100 every 24 hours. We will not have to build any site or even create the videos ourselves. The uProfit training will show us where to get the open license viral videos. That seems like what a typical scam does, promise us the impossible. If indeed it worked, why would they sell it to us? Why not just keep and make the money themselves? That was my first hint that the uProfit scam was going to do me no good.

You Don’t Get to Own Assets

uProfit scam

When it comes to business, the only way you can be assured of regular earnings and some form of security is through owning of assets. Now, if you do not own any assets, it becomes difficulty to be assured of profits, like uProfit promises us. For example, they say we are not going to host videos, create, or even pay people to create them for us. In other words, they want us to believe that we can make huge profits from thin air or duplicated unoriginal content.

What will stop those who have created the videos to copyright them, and then replicate our techniques? After all, we all know that is what happens on YouTube and social sites. Anybody creating the videos has but one intention, create a huge following and make money from adverts. That is another thing I don’t like about uProfit, they seem to be coming with ideas that are in the public domain.


uProfit scam

I was not surprised to realize that after I pay the $7.02, I will have to pay more later, in upsells. That is what you would expect from such scam products that promise riches without any form of work or imparting special skills. I would recommend that you avoid this a product that will not give you any transferable skills. As someone who has established an affiliate marketing business, I would recommend that one spends their time learning rather than paying for expensive scam products.

Generic Scam Strategy

uProfit product reviewed

I have come to appreciate the importance of not falling for promises of shortcuts to riches by programs such as uProfit. It always gets to me that the sellers do not seem interested in making use of these supposedly useful strategies to enrich themselves. Especially since they claim they require little to barely any effort to make the money. uProfit has no physical address, or any means by which you can contact them freely. All you get is three pictures of the alleged owners, and a promise that if you pay, you will start earning. As an affiliate marketer, I would say you will do well to stay away from uProfit.

No Live Customer Support Available


When I pay my money to get a product, I expect that the product will come with adequate support. In this day and age, the least they could have done is give us a live chat support that is available 24/7. However, that is not what I got from uProfit. They shocked me when I tried contacting them, my email went to a Gmail address. That means they do not even have a company branded email and they do not host their mail. That led me to conclude that they are actually not doing much for their scam product apart from trying to scam as many people as possible. I just didn’t understand why they would charge so much and not offer professional contacts and addresses.


Overall Rating: 2/10

uProfit has no physical addresses, live chat, or an active affiliate community. Therefore, they will scam you,  and you will not be able to prove that you did anything to establish their credibility. I would instead request that you take your money and register with a program like Wealthy Affiliate for a year. You will be able to start earning within a few months. You will have your own affiliate brand, be a member of a vibrant affiliate community, own your site and domain name, and generally enjoy the freedom that comes with owning online assets.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing program where publishers create useful and fresh content. That that visitors to their websites and social pages will find useful and easy to understand. Once they get a huge following of readers and users of their content, the publishers can sell related merchant products to their followers or readers. The merchants then pay the publishers a commission for their work. WA will trains you how you can create a website and great content from scratch, and how you will market it.

This is a summary of what Wealth Affiliate offers:

  • You get a 24/7 Live Chat Support.
  • They offer monthly membership fee of $47.
  • You get a discounted annual membership at $359.
  • Free tips and near instant help from fellow affiliate members
  • You get access to a free site builder and free website hosting as well.

Those are just a few of the numerous benefits and tools that will be at your disposal once you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Please avoid uProfit at all costs as they are just out there to lure you in with a few dollars and then try to sell you innumerable other products via upsells, not to mention that their product is just a little better than a scam.

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