Ventera Group Review: a Scam

Ventera Group Review
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Ventera Group is a company that claims to provide the best trading environment. Unfortunately, the website has a lot of red flags and you should invest with the best forex trading companies.

Ventera Group is a forex broker that promises to provide the best trading environment. They claim to be the way into the modern world of online trading. However, there are a few characteristics that make this company untrustworthy.

Ventera Group believes that its platform makes trading easy for everyone. They claim that all you need is a computer and a proper Internet connection. They make the online trading sound very easy. Make no mistake; successful trading requires a lot of practice. There is a lot of risks involved in online trading.

Ventera Group Review, Ventera Group Company

This shows that the company is eager to attract customers. Moreover, they are lying about some critical information about the company. This company only started in 2020. However, they still believe that they are the best trading platform in the world.

This is not true. There are a lot of risks involved with this company. You will be better off trading with the best forex brokers in the market. They have been around longer and operate with full transparency. Only such companies can assure you of your funds’ safety. Review

Other than currency pairs, there are several other assets that users can trade on the platform. These include CFDs, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies. This is a lot of options for traders under one roof. However, it cannot be very clear for novice traders.

Ventera Group aims to break the entry barrier to financial trading. They want to make trading accessible to every individual in the world. They promise to educate clients on the best strategies in the market.

Fortunately, they also promise lightning-fast transactions. This ensures that traders do not miss out on trade opportunities.

Additionally, they claim that onboarding the platform is rapid. They claim that the process is without any hurdles. Further, they claim to provide the latest technology to users. This gives traders the best chances to succeed in the markets.

They only promise to tailor the platform to a client’s level of experience. They provide the sirix trading platform to clients. This is an all-in-one social trading platform. It allows users to execute trades on a multitude of devices.

Luckily, they provide some tools to help traders in their operations. This includes an economic calendar and articles on CFD trading.

Account Types

There are several account types on the Ventera Group platform. These include Student Account, Advanced Account, Semi-managed, Fully-managed, Pro Account, Expert Account, and 1 Million Club. These accounts vary depending on the amount of deposit a client makes.

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The Student account is the smallest account type. This requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. This is one of the smallest account types in the market. This gives clients leverage of 1:200 on currencies. Account-holders also get access to a live webinar once a month.

The Advanced account requires a minimum deposit of $5,000.  The leverage remains the same on this account type. However, account holders get access to a live webinar once a week. Additionally, they get an expert advisor.

The semi-managed account requires a minimum deposit of $10,000. This account type provides users with 1:500 leverage on currencies and 1:100 on commodities. It comes with an expert adviser with daily signals and an account manager.

The perks keep adding up as you upgrade your account type. The biggest account type is the 1 Million Club account. It requires a minimum investment of $1 million. This account comes with a plethora of benefits. It comes with custom leverages and spreads for currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities. Additionally, users get an account manager and an expert advisor. This provides daily signals and access to unlimited live webinars.

Ventera Group Features

There are other general features that Ventera Group promises to clients. One of these features is shadow trading. This allows traders to watch expert traders as they trade. Users can then learn and copy the strategies of these experts. However, the company does not reveal who these experts are upfront. It is impossible to tell what kind of trading experience these people have.

Ventera Group Review, Ventera Group Features

Further, the platform provides users with a financial calendar. This allows them to stay up to date with market trends. Consequently, they can make informed price predictions.

Additionally, the team provides users with market intelligence. They avail daily market reports about what is hot and new in the financial world. Still, it is impossible to tell how valuable this insight is. This is because we do not know the people providing these insights. The last feature is the market index. This allows you to find an asset to trade easily.

Founder and Physical Location

It is very crucial to know the background of the people behind a company. This gives you an insight into what to expect from the company. Sadly, Ventera Group does not provide us with the identities of the team members.

This is common in fraudulent companies. It is impossible to understand why Ventera Group chooses to operate in this manner. Revealing the team members’ identities would help boost their legitimacy claim.

The physical location of this company is also a mystery. They give their address as Cnr Old & Curch Street, PO BOX 2290, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica. However, they provide a different address on the contact us page. They list their address as 64, New Cavendish Street, London W16 8TB, UK.

This isn’t very clear. The company should come clean on where they operate from. There is no reason to hide such crucial information.

Ventera Group Regulation and Fund Safety

Ventera Group claims to be a registered company in the Commonwealth of Dominica. This is an island country in the Caribbean region. Sadly, regulatory laws in such countries are very loose. Therefore, this is not a trustworthy company.

Moreover, the company also has a United Kingdom address. Therefore, it means they plan to serve clients from this region. However, there is no relevant regulatory body that oversees them. Consequently, this company can do anything they want. They can disappear with people’s funds without a trace.

Further, such a company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. It is impossible to tell whether they have segregated clients and personal accounts. Additionally, they do not say the bank they store clients’ funds in. They could store the funds in a bank with low liquidity. This puts the funds at risk should the bank declare bankruptcy.

The only thing that this website has is platform security. The systems have protection from the McAfee Security Company. That means that clients’ funds are out of reach for hackers. However, we have already seen other ways clients can lose money.

Final Verdict

Ventera Group is not a trustworthy company. The design of its operations does not match the characteristics of legitimate companies. For starters, the founders of this company operate in full secrecy. There are many risks involved in investing with mysterious people on the Internet.

Moreover, the physical location of this company is a mystery. Even worse, the company does not seem to meet the regulatory requirements. Therefore, they cannot assure clients of their funds’ safety.

Many legitimate forex brokers operate with full transparency. You are better off investing in such companies. They will give you a safe environment to trade and grow your investment.


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  1. thomas

    I have been scam by this company they do not return funds stay away from them I’m still fighting to get my money back

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