Review: Another Ridiculous Mining Scam is an alleged young and fast-growing cryptocurrency company in the mining world. The Investment firm boasts owning two mining data center intended to offer bitcoin and altcoin mining. The Investment firm claims the mining center provides optimal mining rig operating conditions.

The alleged mining centers cause constant temperature, and they are secured and protected. However, how the mining data centers work to generate the speculated operations is murky to the Investor.

The company claims to guarantee investors a stable income despite economic changes in the cryptocurrency world. The cryptocurrency world is vast growing, and competition is always increasing, generating profits requires skill and general knowledge. brags of heavily investing in the best available hardware to stay at the edge of the technology. The hardware allegedly depends on an algorithm used by a coin.

The hardware allegedly is design to provide mining power at high speeds, and they do not consume electricity. The Investment firm claims that for coins that are resistant to ASIC. The company applies graphics processors that are best for mining.

This investment firm promises you 24 hours a day guaranteed profit. Investors are promised numerous advantages while trading under However, do not be so quick to believe this platform offers you, and as you read this review,; you will realize why you should not trust this company with their money.

About claim to be comprehensive. They allegedly offer investors a convenient interface and promise essential long-term profit for an extended time. The platform boasts of being a team of mining experts with extensive knowledge of the digital currency sector.

No historical evidence has been provided to support their expert knowledge in the trading world. Past companies’ experience by legit trade platforms is essential as it boosts the investors’ trust.

The company claims a serious approach towards investment. It entails registered activities intelligently picking the stuff and management. Scam Review, Platform

The Investment firm brag putting in place all the essential factors hence attaining success and prosperity. The platform changes the ability to analyze the market. They additionally come up with approaches and algorithms for mining.

How this company intelligently chooses the high returns is not outlined. Moreover, the requirements and qualifications  of the team is undisclosed to the Investor. The method the team uses to come up with profitable is also not elaborated to the Investor.

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The company focuses on attracting private investors, which will allow them to purchase more capacity for mining cryptocurrency. promises personal data security by using SSL encrypted connections that protect investors from external threats.

The platform promises a user-friendly interface and transparent trading options for the workflow. The company accepts investors from all over the globe to participate in the Investment programs. The company promise a stable income to investors.

This investment firm does not provide you with any information about the founders and employees. The team that is responsible for profit is also not mentioned. Invest with only transparent mining companies in the industry that offer real time returns. Funds Safety

Despite the alleged use of SSL encryption fun safety is not guaranteed by the platform. This one feature is not enough to prove your money is secure. No bank information is available to the Investor or the bank segregate funds.

Once you lose money, it will be impossible to get a refund without any banking data. The company features a section with deposit and withdrawal number try and hide their shadiness.

No evidence has been provided to prove the successful withdrawal of money from the company despite the company claiming smooth withdrawals.

You should not trust this company with the funds. Usually when you deposit money to fraudulent platforms, they easily block you. Hence, you cannot contact them again.

The company accepts multiple payment methods Perfect Money, Bitcoin cash, LiteCoin, Doge coin Ethereum and Payeer. The minimum allowed deposit is $10 on the maximum is $100000.

Regulation and Customer Support features a fake incorporation certificate the used to target investors, as their regulatory documents. The company, however, is not regulated. Moreover, there’s a difference between registration on regulation.

The image of the fake incorporation certificate is blurry. This company risks facing criminal prosecutions as they are operating against the law. For any legal company to be allowed to generate funds from the public regulatory procedures are mandatory.

Unregulated trade platforms smoothly go against the law whenever they feel like as no one controls them. The company address is 22 Stephenson way I London NW1 2HD United Kingdom. The address, however, during our research, we discovered that it was just made up to hide their illegitimacy.

Telephone contact is not provided. You can only reach the platform via the email; [email protected] The email, however, does not guarantee that you will receive feedback from the company regarding your query. Investment Plan

It is a common trait of scam companies to use massive investment plans trying to tempt investors into depositing funds into their accounts. These investment plans, however, do not always generate the said return, and you should not believe a word they offer you. has multiple investment plans with hourly plans, daily, and even lifetime investment plans. We will go through their investment plan; After 24 hours, you earn 25%. The next plan after 30 hours grants you 60%.

Vit-eliteint Scam Review, Vit-eliteint Plan

The third investment plan offers you 400% in 24 hours. After 20 days you will earn 2000%. offers you 1.5%,2.7%, and 3.5%  as lifetime investment plans. The last two plans promise you 1.8% and 2.2% respectively.

Mining associates numerous risks, and the earning that this company display is ridiculous. Unless company has discovered a mysterious method that eliminated the risks, then we might buy their narrative, which is not the case.

Before you invest in any company, ensure you do thorough research and determine if the platform is credible or not. The notion that pyramid schemes create that digital currency investment is a get rich quick venture is wrong and false.

Novice investors should practice patience and understand how the markets work to avoid falling victims. Funds are not secure in this company, and investing in would be an unwise decision.

Domain Insights

According to, the company was registered in April 2024, one year the same month. The company apparently cannot be trusted because their registrar is NameCheap. Inc.

Scammers use this registrar because they have the freedom to hide their identity. The domain name for the company is the platform has an Alexa rank of 2, 292, 278

Funds Safety in Vit-eliteint

The safety of your funds should be your primary concern when it comes to investment. Unfortunately, clients’ money is not secure in this pyramid scheme. If you make the mistake of depositing your funds, you will never recover it back.

The company does not have avail any banking information where they segregate users’ money. Additionally, the owner of the platform is running it behind the scenes. Final Verdict

The founder and banking information I’m not known to the Investor, and this is a major red flag. You should only trust regulated companies with your money, or you risk losing hard-earned income.

The contact support this platform offers you is a thumbs down and only causes more distrust in their allegations. You risk losing funds and personal information with criminals hence only trust legit companies.

4 Replies to “ Review: Another Ridiculous Mining Scam”

  1. Sisko


    I have been Scammed this passed weekend by company called Cexbank owner is Serah Holmes.

    So wish i can post her picture and website for everyone to see..

  2. Bee

    This company is a scam do not invest your money, don’t even listen to the admin Victoria. I invested with them and was not able to get my money back instead they told me to invest in another plan higher that the one I was in

    • Japele

      vit-eliteint Victoria Flury is a liar and scammer the company backed her up even if you have proof. She kept wanting me to make deposits blamed me for using another computer IP address that she told me to use. After deposits of 3000 usd I wasn’t able to withdraw. I had to deposit more money to fix the ip problem. Victoria decided to roll my money over 4 times in the 400% plan until it reached 512,000 Bitcoins no I need to pay a miners fee of 1 percent to withdraw that’s 5,120.00 usd. I was being into sending half of the fee because I told her I didn’t have it all. She still wanted it until I could get the rest. It’s a lot of misleading and withholding of company rules and they have the right to terminate your account and keep your money if they said you broke their rules. They are scamming some people. I have seen anyone withdraw a huge amount like she built up on my account. There are others with huge amounts but no withdrawals.

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