Walter’s FMS Review: Fake Bitcoin Bot

walter's fms

Walter’s FMS is a twisted Bitcoin trading bot scam created by Walter Green. Yes, this scammer is back with his new Free Money System. The only difference is that they are calling this scam Walter’s FMS. You should note that these scammers are cheap not forgetting relentless. They have come up with an old system and giving it a new name.

walter's fms reviews

NB: We have done a thorough investigation and come up with conclusive evidence showing Walter’s FMS is a scam. This scam is a representation of everything that’s wrong with online trading. Read on to find out more. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to affordable and legitimate Bitcoin trading bots.

Fake Brokerage Firm

Walter’s FMS main goal is to get people sign up and steal their money. They do this by asking you to make a deposit and then rip you off. They have also added a sleazy offshore broker in the mix to seal the deal. When we did our investigations, we were given GFC Investment as our broker. We have in our previous reviews alerted our subscribers that GFC Investment is a scam brokerage firm.

This brokerage firm simply wants to get your credit card information and rip you off. We received numerous complaints from bitcoin investors and newbies who have been scammed by Walter’s FMS bot. It’s our duty to reveal the trickery used by these scammers and show the world the rot in Walter’s FMS bot. We urge you to think twice before investing with this fake Bitcoin Trading bot.

Proof Walter’s FMS is a scam

When you enter the homepage of Walter’s FMS signup and registration, you will notice the interface is the same. Yes, this interface is the same interface used by Bitcoin Code and Ethereum code. This is simply because the interface has been created by the same person. We were the first to expose the original Free Money System and blacklisted it. The presentation video has the same person saying the same lies.

Fake Developer

During our investigation, we found out that Walter Green’s real name is Dennis Fitzpatrick. We noticed that Dennis has a website and you can search for his links. This reveals that he’s not an entrepreneur as he claims or a self-made millionaire. This is just a ploy to rake you in. He’s simply an actor who has been paid to say all this. Scammers usually hire actors from Fiverr to say anything for $5.

Dennis also featured in another scam called United Trading Network which we also blacklisted.

How does Walter’s FMS work?

Being one of the oldest get rich quick money scheme, this software was created during the Binary golden years. Walter Green who also calls himself the green machine claims Walter’s FMS is automated. He claims that this bot will passively make money for you. The truth is, there’s no such thing as an automated trading bot. He claims users simply sign in and the bot automatically does the trading for them.

Unrealistic Accuracy Levels

Developers of this bot claim Walters FMS has an accuracy level of 98%. This means that it will most likely win all trades. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We all know that Bitcoin market is volatile and prone to changes due to unforeseen circumstances. This makes this accuracy level a total lie. It means that all the bot does is win. This means everyone wins and there’s no loser.

Fake Celebrity Recommendations

We noticed that Walter’sFMS uses celebrities to legitimize their bot. We urge you to ignore these recommendations simply because they are fake. Some of these celebrities are tweeting that people should watch out for scammers who are using their names for profit.


This Bitcoin trading bot claims to make you tons of money by urging you to join them. They urge users to join their premiere money generating platform which will provide members with passive income. They also add in the fact that no experience is needed. All users need to do is push a button and their investment will pile up.

walters fms scam
These scammers also bombard users with fake email alerts. They use bannerbit which is a well-known business opportunity scam. This is simply a scam that will rip you off in a matter of seconds.

Fake Testimonials

We also noticed that Walter’sFMS uses fake testimonials to attract clients. These testimonials are all fake and people should watch out. As we earlier said, these are purely paid artists who will say or do anything for a buck. They also use fake profiles that have been stolen. This is a form of identity theft and all should be made aware.

Is Walter’s FMS free?

Hell No! This fake bot is not free as most people think. You will be forced to part away with $250 as signing up fee. You will also be required to deposit a minimum of $500 if you want to get quick and high profit margins. We know that once you deposit this money, these scam artists will steal it from you within seconds.

Fake Reviews

We also noticed that there are fake reviews going round the internet. These reviews praise Walter’sFMS as a safe bot. We would like to notify our readers that these are paid reviews, Scammers use affiliate marketers and bloggers to ensure people accept it. This is real scam artistry at its best and we urge you to stay away.

Product Name Final Verdict

WaltersFMS bot is without a doubt a scam in the making. This is an app that we decided to blacklist due to its severity. This investment platform will without a doubt take away your money and clear your bank account. Not only are these scammers asking for your money, but also bank details. You should stay away from this bot and ignore all incoming emails praising Walter’sFMS.

walter's fms review

It’s our duty to ensure your safety while trading Bitcoin. We encourage you to seek better alternatives and trusted bots used by the trading community. These bots are known to generate income for yourself and no broker is used.

Stay safe and trade smart.

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