We Share Abundance Review: WeShareAbundance.com An MLM Scheme Posing As A Charity

We Share Abundance

We Share Abundance is a traditional MLM company that is posing as a non-profit charity organization. Its domain, WeShareAbundance.com, states that Graham Frame and Rosa Frame are running the company. Moreover, there are many other aspects of the company mentioned on the website that will be extensively discussed in this article.

It is important to review this company because it is claiming to be a charity organization, which means a large number of people might invest in this company due to the emotional factor attached to such investment. However, you must be aware of all of the features and history of We Share Abundance before you make any kind of investment in it. 

What is We Share Abundance?

According to WeShareAbundance.com, the company is a non-profit charitable organization that wants to fight poverty on an international level. The purpose of the company is to promote equality and feelings of love and brotherhood. The primary marketing point of We Share Abundance is that it wants to build a community of individuals who want to help the world and promote contentment by helping others.

Features of We Share Abundance

WeShareAbundance.com mentions a variety of features. Let’s discuss and review these features one by one:

Company’s Constitution

All of these goals seem highly impressive until you start reading about the investment plan and income structure of the company. The website states that the company is following a set of rules and regulations to ensure the efficiency and legality of the working procedures. However, there are no further description or proof of such rules. 

WESA Tokens of We Share Abundance

It is also important to note that We Share Abundance is claiming to have its own currency in the form of WESA tokens. Such tokens have no real value outside the company. The company is also claiming to distribute these tokens free of cost to all members of the company. However, it does not mean that participation in the company is free.

You have to invest at least $2.50 in the company to register in the company. Moreover, you have to invest $125 to buy the entire package and start earning from the company. It simply means that We Share Abundance is asking for a very large amount of investment. It tries to convince the users to make this investment by claiming that as soon as users invest $125, they will receive $25 back in the form of WESA tokens. 


Membership of Company

WeShareAbundance.com is trying to attract people of every age group and profession by stating that there are no restrictions on becoming a member of the company as anyone who is of legal age can become a part of the company. Moreover, it is also inviting people from all over the world to become a member and start earning.

Since We Share Abundance is posing as a charitable organization, it is also claiming that charity starts at home, due to which the company distributes WESA tokens every month to make sure every member is getting an opportunity to participate in the earning opportunities. 

In addition to the MLM nature of the company, it is also important to realize that the team behind this platform has been involved in many other Ponzi schemes. It means that serial scammers are running the company. You should not fall into this trap.

Therefore, you should avoid investing any money in We Share Abundance. A reliable alternative to such MLM companies is crypto trading bots. Such bots make use of modern tools and technology to help you in earning maximum profits through crypto trading. They are suitable for both beginners and expert crypto traders.

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Value of WESA Tokens

We have already established the fact that WESA tokens do not have any value outside the We Share Abundance. However, even the company itself is not providing any exact value for these tokens. Instead, it states that the value of WESA tokens is determined every month on the basis of the tokens distribution each month.

Furthermore, the company is promising that the value keeps rising every month and has never decreased in the past. These kinds of claims are quite difficult to be true because there is no way that a platform like We Share Abundance can promise a consistent rise in its own currency. At the same time, the company is also asking the users to not trade WESA tokens outside of the company. 

Owner of We Share Abundance

WeShareAbundance.com mentions Graham Frame and Rosa Frame as the owners of We Share Abundance. The Facebook profile of Graham Frame shows that he is living in Lincolnshire, UK. This is not the venture of the Frame family. They were also involved in All in One Profit, which was a gifting scheme. 

This shows that the team behind We Share Abundance is experienced in running a variety of Ponzi schemes. They have been involved in promoting various MLM and crypto companies. It would not be wrong to say that the owners of We Share Abundance are only promoting the company as a charitable organization so that they will be able to attract more people. At its core, it is another MLM company that can collapse at any time due to a lack of investment.

Income Structure of We Share Abundance

We Share Abundance is promising daily ROIs on the basis of the following investment Pools:

  • Members of Pool 1 have to invest $2.50 to get 10 cents a day.
  • Members of Pool 2 have to invest $3.75 to get 25 cents a day.
  • Affiliates of Pool 3 have to invest $6.25 to get 50 cents a day.
  • Affiliates of Pool 4 have to invest $12.50 to get $1 a day.
  • Members of Pool 5 have to invest $25 to get $2 a day.
  • Members of Pool 6 have to invest $75 to get $5 a day.

Other than the above daily ROIs, the company is also promising various other bonuses like referral commissions and bonuses through a traditional 5X6 matrix. All of these bonuses make it quite clear that the business model of WeShareAbundance.com is similar to any other MLM company.

We Share Abundance


The purpose of the above discussion is to make it clear that We Share Abundance is not a charitable organization as it is claiming to be. In fact, it is like any other Ponzi scheme that tries to attract as many members as it can before collapsing. The collapse of such businesses is inevitable because the recruitment is ultimately bound to stop, which will lead to a lack of funds in the company.

Furthermore, the matrix compensation is the major part of the entire business model, which shows that the company wants its users to invest as much money they can to get any kind of daily ROIs and bonuses. 

The WESA tokens that are the primary currency of WeShareAbundance.com has no real value in the market. Yet, the company is trying to present them as some kind of profitable and popular global currency. This shows that the company is not being truthful about its true nature of business.

Therefore, you should not invest any money in We Share Abundance. Instead, you should use genuine and trustable crypto trading bots that offer flexible account plans and maximum customer support to help you generate a good amount of profits from the crypto industry. 

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