We Share Abundance stops withdrawals to avoid collapse

We Share Abundance
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It would not be wrong to say that We Share Abundance is a highly dangerous Ponzi scheme. It has been trying to attract investment from the users by posing as a non-profit organization. However, all of the evidence has already established the fact that Graham Frame is running the We Share Abundance scheme as a Ponzi scheme.

Stops Withdrawals

The company is not fulfilling its promises of instant withdrawals. Instead, the users are facing various types of restrictions in withdrawals. For instance, WeShareAbundance.com has introduced a new policy in which only users who hire new members will be able to withdraw.

The finances and working policies of We Share Abundance are also pointing to the fact that the investment from the affiliate members is also being shared with other pyramid schemes. Despite the users’ complaints against such kinds of policies and especially the withdrawal system, no positive changes are being made.

We Share Abundance

Instead, it has been announced that all of the invested WESA tokens will be locked by the company, and the new customers will not be allowed to withdraw any funds. This policy has been introduced after the previous strategy branded as ‘Power of One’ failed. Under the ‘Power of One’ policy, the members of the We Share Abundance were required to recruit at least one member to withdraw the money.

Contradicting Statements

The surprising thing is that the company is still not making its stance clear to the users. At one place, it states that no new investors will be able to withdraw WESA tokens for the next six months. On the other hand, it is still promoting the Power of One program on social media platforms to attract more investment and force members to hire new affiliates.

The purpose of these tactics is to get as much investment as possible before the eventual collapse of the company. The business model of We Share Abundance is not sustainable, and these desperate attempts show that the company is on the verge of its total collapse.

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New Investors

There is a very high chance that the company has already run out of funds. This strategy of not giving funds to any new members for a period of six months provides a golden opportunity for the company to keep collecting funds without paying the members. As a result, We Share Abundance is expecting members to keep recruiting investors.

Even if the existing affiliates are investing in the company, their WESA tokens will be locked away. You should also know that these tokens do not have any real value in the market. Yet, Graham Frame continues to market these tokens as some sort of expensive and revolutionary currency.

Additional Fee

Despite such strict policies in the withdrawal system, the company is still expecting to attract more members. Therefore, it has also updated its income structure and introduced a $10 monthly fee. The website states that 90% of the fee will be reinvested in the income cycle, while 10% go to the team behind We Share Abundance. Members who refuse to pay this fee will be kicked off the company.

We Share Abundance

With such a sharp increase in the fees of We Share Abundance and no method to withdraw funds from it, the company is clearly not aiming to be a client-oriented business. Instead, it is trying to collect as many funds as possible before it collapses like any other fraudulent Ponzi scheme. 


The bottom line is that you should definitely stay away from We Share Abundance at this volatile time. The analysis of WeShareAbundance.com is also showing a sharp decline in the number of people that are visiting the website. All of these facts show that the collapse of this company is imminent.  

2 Replies to “We Share Abundance stops withdrawals to avoid collapse”

  1. Avatar

    When I joined WESA about 3 years ago, al we had to do is sign in every day and earn 50c per day we also had to purchase and pay monthly for pools. There was a lottery monthly draw for the pools and our winnings we could never withdraw. Then membership what was supposed to be free, slowly became a money making scheme when all kinds of payable platforms were introduced. Now I cannot log into my account anymore from December. Because I can’t log in, I have to open a new account, in my old account I have accumulated quite a bit of WESA tokens but a couple of months I tried to withdraw, the message: unable to withdraw came up. Even my Sponsor has
    given up
    If you were not prepared to contribute to all the moneymaking schemes, they kicked you off. Now I don’t really know what is going on with WESA, all that I can say, is this;- WESA started off so well and then slowly but surely started dubing us their many many supporters and because we were not able to join te payable platforms, our accounts were very politely
    kicked off. Mr Graham Frame always came across as a loving kind person in his recorded videos and messages, even spoke about God which now after what has transpired was all just hogwash in order for all of us to be deceived by his so called intention to help people and the poor suffering countries all over the world through WESA. Mr Frame has singularly made a circus of something that is so important in this world today. That is=-
    To be a blessing to the really needy, individual companies institutions and countries. This situation has caused thousands of individuals to back awa from any money making schemes and platforms.This is so very very sad.

  2. Avatar

    Que tristeza saber esto de we share abundance, ya estaba a punto de invertir pero como no podía cobrar los tokenz decidí esperar, y hoy leo esto.

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