Wealthy Affiliate Review: What You Didn’t Know About WA

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Wealthy Affiliate (otherwise called WA) is an affiliate marketing tutorial program that takes you by hand and guides you through all you need to become successful at your own business. In this wealthy affiliate review, you will learn whether it’s legit or scam as well as the detailed analysis of all the features you’ll find in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Is Legit

I wrote this review to help others who might be wondering whether they can make an honest living from the Wealthy Affiliate program. I must point out that you need to keep in mind that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. You are not going to be able to make a few clicks, sit back, and money will start rolling into your bank account.


Instead, Wealthy Affiliate trains you how to work smartly by using effective online marketing techniques. If you can read and follow simple instructions, then Wealthy Affiliate will train you how to start your very own affiliate marketing business in just a few simple steps. You will then be able to make good earnings from your online marketing efforts.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

People have asked me “What is affiliate marketing?” countless times. Therefore, let me answer it before I proceed any further. Affiliate marketing is a business model where merchants give publishers a commission whenever the publishers send the merchants a buyer. Most merchants require that as a publisher, you send them only traffic originating directly from your site.

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Wealthy Affiliate trains you on how to become a successful publisher of online content. That training is what will differentiate you from scammers regarding the quality of content you provide. Wealthy Affiliate also makes sure that a merchant pays you for every sale you send them.

Wealthy Affiliate

What Do I need to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has everything that you need start your journey as an affiliate marketer. You will be able to use all the premium features they offer in the 7-Day free trial without paying any fee. After that, you may choose to upgrade to a premium membership to continue enjoying all the tools. There is an option to continue without upgrading to the premium membership. However, you will not have access to Live Chat Support and some tools such as the Keyword research tool won’t be at your disposal. The free trial does not require you to give out your credit card. It is Wealthy Affiliate‘s way of letting you in to help you verify that Wealthy Affiliate is legit.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Do I Need a Website to do Affiliate Marketing?

Well, you do not need a website to start your affiliate marketing journey. However, Wealthy Affiliate does not recommend that you start without one. That is because the whole idea of affiliate marketing is it to earn your income passively at times. Without a website, you would have to work every time you made a sale. Such methods include posting content on social sites and networks.


A site allows you to get free traffic from search engines day and night! Even when you have not posted anything for a month, a top ranking assures you of earnings from organic traffic. It is therefore clear that having a website is important. If you combine it with social media posts, it becomes the best way to earn passively as an affiliate marketer. The idea is to have an online asset that does not need to you to work every hour, as you would do with a 9-to-5 job.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

How Exactly Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a combination of a vibrant community of affiliate marketers, the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and the founders Kyle and Carson. That’s unlike what you will experience with most scam programs and other less vibrant affiliate networks.  The two co-founders are involved actively in the running and sharing of ideas as much as the rest of the community members.


The vibrant community of affiliates works together to share information and solve any challenges they encounter. Their platform provides the space for the interaction among affiliates to take place, affiliate tools for the members’ marketing campaign, and the infrastructure for tracking commissions earned by the Wealthy Affiliate members.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

When Will I start to Earn as a Wealthy Affiliate Member?

Find Your Passion

First, you need to identify your passion because that is what will make your life as an affiliate marketer easy. If you are not sure or you believe you have several passions, then that should not be a problem. Wealthy Affiliate offers an affiliate boot camp for its new members. In the affiliate boot camp, members get to learn how to identify their true passion. Once they do that, the rest falls into place, and the long but sure journey to successes starts.

Wealthy Affiliate Review


Affiliates Make Money By Helping People!

The next step is for you to help others who share your passion find useful information and products that go with it. That is all; you will find that nothing is as easy as learning and sharing new information about your passion. In turn, people will enjoy and appreciate your help.

They will trust you and will depend on you for wise counsel. It’s from that special relationship that you will be earning from; sending them to buy useful product or services that you have chosen for them. Products and services that offer them value for their money. That is what you will learn to do from Wealthy Affiliate and do it successfully. Sounds Easy, Can I do it Without Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, you could, but if you have never done it before, you will soon find that publishing content is complicated. There are rules that you need to follow to get organic Internet traffic. If you do not follow those rules, search engines will bury your site under millions of search results. That is not something you ever want to happen to your site.

Wealthy Affiliate

In fact, that is the number one reason that most sites started by affiliate marketers never make them any money. Wealthy Affiliate offers you the tools and knowledge to get to the top of site rankings. That is where the real money is and getting there is not possible if you do not have the right knowledge and tools. What is more is that there are people running scams that promise to give your affiliate site a good ranking. Those who join such scams end up losing money and getting their sites blacklisted. Joining a reliable community affiliate platform such as Wealthy Affiliate is the only way to avoid such scams and make money.

What I liked About Wealthy Affiliate

Free Membership and Access to a Huge Affiliate Community

Most scam sites that promise you overnight riches have one thing in common. They have no community that is actually benefiting from its training. The reason they don’t have any community is that there is nothing really to build the community around. The absence of a community is also one of the first indicators that a product is simply a scam. That is why the presence of a product’s community indicates the product or service is legit. People love to share their success with peers. They like to shine and let others know that it’s possible to succeed. After all, it’s within the nature of human beings to socialize and share their achievements.

Wealthy Affiliate scam

Great Support from the Wealthy Affiliate Community

At Wealthy Affiliate community, you get access to a global community with different levels of expertise. What that means is that no matter what time of the day you inquire for information, you will get it. Best of all, you will be interacting not just with the co-founders of wealthy affiliate, but like-minded affiliate marketers. People who understand your challenge or have had the same experience themselves. That contrasts deeply with what scam product sites offer; endless upselling video tutorials and success stories that are possibly made up.


Learn From Others’ Experience

The Wealthy Affiliate community is like a school with many teachers; think of many teachers where the ratio of teacher to student is close to 1. When you belong to such a community, your questions get answered promptly and comprehensively. You also get to learn solutions to common problems even before you experience them. How does that happen? Well, since the questions are continuously posted and visible to all members of the Wealthy Affiliate forum, answers are also visible to all. You, therefore, learn easily from the success and mistakes of others.

Wealthy Affiliate

Everybody Matters

At Wealthy Affiliate, everybody matters. You will feel respected as much as someone who has been there since WA founded the community. With members from 195 countries, you will not find it hard to feel at home. On average, users get responses to answers within 1.8 minutes. That is fast by any forum standards, and it’s what you would expect when you are a member of a community of over 800,000 members.


New Business Networks

One thing you will learn from being a member of such as a huge community is that it’s easy to network. Each day around the world, thousands of people build new business networks through interactions with like-minded business people. The same thing happens at WA where the idea that affiliates are in competition with each other is broken down. The mutual view is that when affiliates help each other, it leads to greater mutual success for the Wealthy Affiliate members.


Wealthy Affiliate Guarantees Success

When you join WA, there is no limit to the level of success for you as an affiliate. You will be getting knowledge and skills that you can replicate as much as you want. You will also be free to apply it elsewhere. The more information you learn and put into practice, the greater the amount of success you will have. That is why you need to sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate membership to get started right away. No one fails at WA unless they quit or don’t put what they have been taught into practice.

WA review

WA Success Stories

Once you join WA, you will get to read different success stories from fellow affiliates. You should do the same thing once you have had your first success. The sharing will draw other successful members to you. From there, it will be one successful venture after another for you. The old saying that there is no better place to learn about success than with successful people is true, and Wealthy Affiliate offers you a community of successful affiliates.

WA scam

Start from Scratch

WA knows that you may not be an affiliate guru who just wants a share of its merchant’s fees. That is why as a member, you get all the tools you need to start from scratch. They have a guide on how to write your content as well as tips from other affiliates on how to outsource your content. Therefore, you don’t even need to write your content. There are also SEO and site building tools to help you build an affiliate website from scratch and rank it. Simply put, you will get everything you need to build a successful branded business.

WA review

Wealthy Affiliate Education

You will get an education that allows you to earn while learning. That is unlike the formal schooling where you go through four years and graduate with a degree and most often no job offer. WA gives you a simple but better training that ensures you “graduate” at the end of the year with not just knowledge, but success.


Up-to-Date Strategies

The strategies that were used to create successful affiliate businesses may not work tomorrow. That is why you need a competitive advantage offered by the Wealthy Affiliate training. You will learn to stay ahead of marketing challenges presented by the rapidly evolving Internet technology. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the latest strategies that search engines use to rank the best content to users as well as what users like to see and what drives them away. That is what will enable you to receive huge commissions for your efforts.


Learn and Apply

You may have paid thousands of dollars for your college education, but why did you do it? You may have done so hoping that employers would find your training useful and give you a job. That is not what you are going to go through again with the Wealthy Affiliate education. At Wealthy Affiliate, you learn something and immediately apply it to your business. In other words, you get to reap from your knowledge even before you are done with the whole course. That is why being a member of this awesome community of like-minded people from all over the world is exciting.


Wealthy Affiliate Offers a Site Builder

Wealthy Affiliate incorporates a site builder on its platform. In the past, building a website required that you spend days or weeks coding or you pay someone a huge fee to do it for you. It did not matter whether you needed a simple website for hosting informative content or a complex site that offers dynamic interaction to visitors.


That meant that only a few people could access the world of Internet marketing. People with money to invest in a website or those who could code in HTML and other programming languages. Now as a WA member, you can set up your site within minutes. If you can browse the Internet, then you can use a website builder.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers Website Security

Imagine earning huge commissions from your site everyday and having a great time while doing it. Now imagine waking up one day and finding that you have not received any commission. You then go to your website to check what’s wrong with it only to be met with an  error message. Well, that is every affiliate marketer’s nightmare, and it can happen to those who haven’t secured their site’s code. The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate does that hard work for you. They take care of the technical aspect of the site while you take care of your affiliate business.


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate’s 24-Hour Technical Support

If you have ever edited a website before, then you know that it’s possible to break a site by unknowingly modifying its code. By that, I mean something as simple as adding an alphabet character or “special” character to the site’s code. You only realize something is wrong when the pages fail to load correctly.


That is where Wealthy Affiliate’s technical comes in handy. As a premium member, you are entitled to free technical support. That includes free backups and restores for your site. You also get help with common technical issues such as an explanation of the site builder’s features.


What is more is that the Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help websites rank. The platform is fast, and the site builder offers you a desktop and mobile friendly interface. That gives your visitors the best user experience, making them view your pages for extended periods.


Wealthy Affiliate Site Hosting

Once you have your site optimized and ready to deploy, you need a platform that will give it the speed it needs. You need a platform with fast servers and experienced technical team to keep a watchful and knowledgeable eye over its code. It is the only way to make sure that your site stays up 24/7. Otherwise, your affiliate business will suffer from downtimes, which will lead to poor ranking as well as a drop in traffic.


Wealthy Affiliate hosts your website on Amazon Hosting. That translates to speed and better service for your site. Wealthy Affiliate combines load-balancing technology from its SiteRubix platform with faster speeds offered by Amazon Hosting, to deliver an optimally hosted site.


Live Backup

Unlike other platforms that run only one copy of your site and offer weekly backup files, Wealthy Affiliate offers double hosting. They create a mirror site, i.e., a duplicate site that runs concurrently with your site. The moment your site suffers any attack and goes down, they swap in the mirror site. The hosting technical support will then look into what caused the downtime of the first site and rectify the problem.

Wealthy Affiliate university

Backup Every 24-Hours

Unlike other platforms that offer weekly backups, they offer backups every 24 hours. In case of total failure, you are still assured of retaining everything you had up to 24 hours before the failure occurred. That means you will always be ahead of your competitors using hosting services that offer only weekly backup services.


Domain Name from Wealthy Affiliate

When you join WA, you get a chance to own a Top Level Domain Name at just $13.99 per year. What is more is that you do not just get a name. You also get an SSL certificate for your site. Other platforms make you pay for the SSL certificate separately and at an exorbitant price. The domain name also comes with full access to emails, privacy and domain protection, zero upselling. Everything that could ever need from your domain is included in this one purchase.

Wealthy Affiliate Program scam

What I Didn’t Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Access to 7-Day Free Trial

Well, some users from India and a few other countries have claimed that Wealthy Affiliate does not offer them the free membership option. They are getting a “No free membership for your country” alert when signing up. That is negative for users from that part of the world who were hoping to get a free trial. That is all I got as far negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews go.

Membership Plans

Wealthy Affiliate program review



Overall Rating: 9.9/10

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, I looked at the different features that make it stand out. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few affiliate networks where beginners and experts interact freely. They have all the tools that you need to excel and build a powerful brand. If you need to create an affiliate website that will grow to become a successful affiliate business, then Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform to start your journey. You do not need any prior experience in affiliate marketing to get started. Don’t wait to get started, register now and you will have taken your next step of success.

Your turn, please post your comments below about your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. What do you like about them or what do you think they can improve on?


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    Incredible and true review of WA. I am one myself and I have to say you have a hell of an eye catching headline for it. Best review of WA EVER!

    • Avatar

      Thank you Philip for stopping by. Yes, WA rocks and it’s our responsibility to share with the world the awesomeness of this unique program.

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