Winnex Consulting Review: a Shady Venture

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Winnexconsulting Review
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Winnexconsulting promises clients a unique and innovative trading platform. They claim that their cutting-edge technology enables you to enter your trades with only a single click button. These are words to entice you.

Winnexconsulting is a financial service provider that offers a range of investment products. These products include online trading and FX. They claim to have a high-tech trading platform. The platform provides clients across the globe an opportunity to invest in over a thousand world-class assets. These assets include Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices. 

Winnex Consulting Review, Winnex Consulting Company

The company states that it has been trading for more than ten years, which is not the case. They have been around since 19/04/2022. Additionally, Winnexconsulting lists its physical address in Nicosia, Cyprus. Its actual location is in Seychelles. They claim they provide their traders with friendly, efficient, and professional customer care. They guarantee trade security on your desktop, mobile, or tablet, which is not valid. The company is not regulated.

Winnexconnsulting is not reliable a company as it may appear. The company has so many red flags. Meanwhile, there are legitimate forex traders that exist alongside these fraudulent ones. These forex traders provide a safe trading environment for clients to trade and grow their investments. Review

The founders of Winnexconsulting have invested in making it appear like a legitimate company. The website seems appealing to first visitors. It would be compelling to novice traders. 

The company claims to be world-renowned, yet it is not ranked on Alexa. Alexa is a metric that ranks websites in order of their popularity. So, Winnexconsulting being nowhere to be found is a HUGE RED FLAG. Like all brokers in the market, this company wants you to believe they are the best brokers. 

Winnexconsulting promises clients a unique and innovative trading platform. They claim that their cutting-edge technology enables you to enter your trades with only a single click button. These are words to entice you. The webpage indicates MT4 as the trading platform. Contrary to this, the platform is a simplified web with no unique or innovative feature, as stated. Providing such invalid information is unprofessional. MT4 is a popular platform among its users. Winnexconsulting is a scam trying to appear legitimate by associating itself with a popular trading platform. 

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Additionally, Winnexconsulting claims to provide comprehensive educational materials and conduct webinars. Yet, the company does not introduce us to any of its experts. It is a recipe for disaster to take advice from people with unverifiable identities. 

The customer support by this company is not reliable. The webpage provides a phone number and two email addresses, one being invalid. Clients can also fill out a contact form. Sadly, those can go unanswered for days.

Account Types

There are five account types of Winnexconsulting: basic, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. The minimum deposit amounts differ across all accounts. The basic has the least amount, which is $250, and the diamond with the highest at $500,000. The benefits increase with the deposit amounts. 

The website does not include a demo account, whereas most forex brokers offer them. Demo accounts assist clients in having an insight into the platform. They usually have virtual money that clearly shows how the platform works. Trading actual funds immediately without atleast testing the platform is an easy way to lose your funds. Winnexconsulting uses this scheme to acquire your money. You do not want to trust such people with your hard-earned money.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Winnexconsulting supports two types of payment options. You can fund your account using a Credit/Debit Card or Wire Transfer.  Using a Credit/Debit card is a safe option for investors. However, wire transfers are risky. Fraudsters mostly use wire transfers. Wire transfers are not reversible. You cannot make a chargeback; it is impossible to trace your funds. Review, Features

This company assures clients guarantee withdrawals. However, the withdrawals are limited. It is only possible to withdraw a minimum of $/€/£ 100 for bank wires and  $/€/£ 50 for all the other methods. Regulating the amount to withdraw is limiting to the client. Winnexconsulting finance department processes and approves most withdrawal requests within 3-4 business days. This delay is very inconvenient in case of an emergency. Winnexconsulting is a fraudulent company that does not care about its clients. They are here for your funds. 

Additionally, withdrawals are not guaranteed. This company has a highly leveraged instrument. It is a risk to invest in such. The withdrawal guarantee is a way to convince you to deposit your funds. 

Winnexconsulting Trading Conditions 

The company has automated trading. Such software exposes clients’ funds to scammers. They claim that there is no room for interpretation once the software executes. This automation overlooks the fact that the software may not be accurate. Winnexconsulting sounds dictatorial over clients’ funds. Once you deposit your funds, you will not have any control over them. 

Winnexconsulting has two deposit plans. A training package with a minimum deposit of $100, and an expert package with a minimum deposit of $200. At first glance, the webpage does not show the company’s leverage or spreads. You do not know what exactly you are getting yourself into. Transparency is vital when engaging with any investors. 

The company does not disclose its founders and experts. Hiding the identities of the founders is very common for fraudulent operations. Most scammers do this to avoid facing the law if an issue occurs. 

Regulation and fund safety 

Real investors do not want to invest in any unregulated company. Unregulated companies operate illegally in most jurisdictions. Winnexconsulting is registered under a company called Wealth Fund Services Ltd. This company claims to be regulated by CySEC and IFSC. However, this is not the case. Either body or any other body does not regulate Wealth Fund Services Ltd.

Additionally, CONSOB, the financial regulator in Italy, has exposed the Winnexconsulting website as a scam. This revelation is not shocking. Winnexconsulting is a fraudulent operation that is here for your funds. 

Consequently, we believe your funds will not be safe with this company. Regulatory bodies ensure that companies have the proper banking setup to protect investors’ funds. It is advisable to be vigilant before depositing your funds with any investor.

Winnexconsulting does not provide any evidence of system protection. They do not present an SSL certificate to show they have security measures. Hackers can easily access and steal your funds. Your personally identifiable data is also at risk. Winnexconsulting is a shady website. They are hungry to steal your funds. 

Final Verdict 

Winnexconsulting is not the company you want to invest in. It contains a lot of red flags that no one should ignore. Nobody regulates the company. Their website is not protected and can easily be accessed by scammers. Your funds and personal information are not safe with them. 

The company does not disclose vital information that you need before investing with them. Additionally, your funds are not safe with them. You are likely not to access or withdraw your funds once you invest. Further, the webpage does not offer a demo account. It is a considerable risk to trade your actual funds without familiarising yourself with the platform.

Nonetheless, some companies will give you better services. They are regulated and operate with complete transparency. Only invest your funds with legitimate forex traders. They will provide a trading platform without compromising your funds’ safety.


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