World Markets Review: a Trustworthy Firm or Not?

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World Markets is a Scam

After weeks of investigating complaints from members, it’s clear that World Markets is a scam. What started out as a legit Crypto platform is turning out to be the largest Crypto pyramid scheme. The people behind this platform started with the right idea, and for a while did execute the plan.

Users were able to register and earn realistic profit margins for the first few months. Some members also got to withdraw funds from this AI trading platform for a while.

Be wise and sign up with the best trading options available. Go for affordable and credible trading bots that have the backing of the trading community. Stay ahead of the game by using safe and Transparent trading bots.

How the Scam was exposed!

Before the cracks started to appear, the support team suddenly wasn’t available. The emails were not getting any reply which was the first pointer to the problem. Other members started noticing that there was a blocking of accounts without any explanations.

And this was the last stroll as no one expected this from such a company. Little did we know that this was their plan all along. The plan was to steal funds from the second and third batch of investors.

What is happening with World Markets?

Make no mistake; this is another AI trading scam. The ‘professionals’ behind it have turned it around. There is no more withdrawal, only new signings are allowed into the platform. No one should sign up with the platform as it only benefits the original members.

It’s now a clear pyramid scheme that only benefits a few members and affiliate partners.

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Scam or Legit World Markets

World Markets is a scam that is targeting unsuspecting AI investors. There is no legitimacy with this platform. Hundreds and thousands of complaints have been coming in from all corners of the world. The people behind this scam are nowhere to be seen.

All attempts to reach out to these fraudsters have borne no fruits.


Stay away from WorldMarkets and any of their packages or plans. There’s no withdrawal from this platform.



World Markets is a legit investment company that you can trust with your funds. They offer the best trading opportunities in the trading world.

The company was launched in 2003 and had been operating as a precious metals Dealer. Currently, they are also involved in digital trading. When investing, you should choose a platform that has a trading history.

Trust only the reputable investment firm with your money. World Markets have partnered with top cream prestigious companies in the universe hence offering top-notch services. Investors also receive financial trending news.

World Markets Review, Platform

They offer leveraged self-directed trading accounts, as well as managed accounts. You can trust the platform to achieve all your financial goals. Likewise, you can watch the live trading of 24/7 on the MQL copy trading platform.

World markets will help you achieve your financial goals by eliminating human emotion. They perform beyond human capability. Additionally, you do not require to have experience in trading for you to enjoy their benefits. The platform will fulfill all other efficient tasks for you.

It is time to diversify your investment portfolio. All you have to do is follow the simple registration process and start yielding a reasonable amount of returns.

Worldmarkets Review

Worldmarkets uses advanced AI in their trading activities, which outdo human traders. The investment company has tools with the ability to scan numerous potential trades in the market within seconds, distinguishing opportunities that have minimal risks.

Investment is not an easy task, and with the rising number of pyramid schemes, you should be careful. Register now with the best companies in the world to avoid losing money.

World Markets is a transparent firm; on their website, they feature financial reports which contains over 100% last quarter compound returns. Additionally, they are endorsed by various top-notch platforms like Crypto Group, BarclayHedge, among others. The firm is also validated by multiple presses and financial investment forum. Review, World Markets Awards

Eliminate doubts and panic during your trading by utilizing this company’s Artificial Intelligence system. The platform has the best professional team in the market, and you rest assured they will manage your account credibly.

Moreover, World Markets has won numerous financial awards globally. They are a renowned company with great success in digital trading as well as in the precious metals industry.

Receive fantastic rewards by inviting your friends, colleague, or relative in this Managed Account Program using your affiliate link. World Markets shares trading bonus with their clients.

It is easy to start your financial freedom journey. You only need to open an account, digitally sign the World Markets agreement that will permit their team to have access to your trading account and fund your account.

However, the account will begin trading 24 hours after activation. As the investor, you have the liberty to check your account either daily, or after a few months.

World Markets Education Opportunity

The reason majority of newbies are being scammed by pyramid schemes is due to lack of adequate knowledge. To thrive in the online investment venture, one needs to have sufficient knowledge of how the market works.

World Markets is offering a rare opportunity to investors free of charge. They have numerous educational resources on their platform, which investors can utilize and acquire skills that will aid their day to day trading activities.

World Market Review, World Market Education

You cannot become a millionaire overnight, that is something you have to acknowledge. You have to sacrifice your precious time, funds, and energy to make reasonable returns.

World Markets boost your knowledge of stock, currencies, and commodities through technical trading. The vital strategy that you should have in the risky online venture is how to avoid making losses.

Trading has both right, and bad days take that to the bank. It is only a pyramid scheme company that may state otherwise. The education program of Worldmarkets targets both novice and expert traders.

Improve your technical knowledge and trading skills by joining the top account management platform. Additionally, the company offers education on crypto markets as well as traditional ventures.

Customer Support and Regulations

The customer support of Worldmarkets is always ready to help, and you can contact them 24 hours around the clock. You can reach them via email; when you have a query.

Invest in a company that values its customers. World Markets provide clients with the best services since the 1990s. Most investment venture doesn’t care about their user’s satisfaction.

World Markets reply to emails within 1 to 2 hours’ maximum. Furthermore, they have many phone numbers that you can contact them with.

The company is expanding daily.  They offer their services to investors in every continent; the firm has clients in over 40 countries. Venturing with the regulated platform has numerous advantages like funds safety and adhering to the law.

World Markets is regulated by various financial watchdogs like FCA, CIMA, and CySEC. Unlike Ponzi schemes that can exit the market after sometimes, this company will be in the market for eternity, and you can sleep peacefully knowing your money is safe in their hands.

The platform is a member of various global regulatory agencies’ compliance, i.e., GBA, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Nordic Blockchain Association, Forex Brokers Associations, European Blockchain Association, among others.

World Markets are registered in numerous locations across the globe.  Currently, they have offices in India, Norway, China, Iceland, and Switzerland. The investment company is a legit platform that has the best interest for their clients

World Market Investment Account 

World Market target all form of traders in the industry. They offer fair pricing to all investors; the fee for a basic managed account is 30%, which they provide to the majority of their clients.

For their Standard account, traders maintain 80% of the net profit. The platforms take 20% as the performance fee and 1% management annual charge.

The Golden premium account investors retain 90% of the net profit. The company only deduct 10% as the performance fee; all the trading accounts of World Markets associate no upfront charges.

The investment company is transparent in all its dealings. There are no mark-ups or rebates fees; hence they are the best choice in the market. If you make losses, you won’t be subjected to any fees; they operate as a high-water mark firm.

You can deposit funds using Visa, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, MasterCard, Skrill, Ethereum, Web Money, or Skrill. You can withdraw your earnings once every month on any day of your choice.

Worldmarkets has an affiliate program which they offer their clients a 50/50 fee cut. Once you successfully invite a new investor, you will get half of their fees. For every newly registered account, the client receives the 1oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar.

The minimal amount that you can deposit is 5,000 EUR; the trial account needs an upgrade after one month at it goes for 2,500 EUR. The price is favorable, considering they are offering the best services in the market.

Self-Trading Account and Crypto Exchange

World Markets is a platform that provides multiple services and products to their clients. Individuals are welcome to use their website. You can start trading with as little as $100.

Investors will also enjoy secure, safe, and transparent self-trading opportunities. You will be in full control of your account without depending on a financial adviser to decide for you.

The investment company offers over forty currency pairs to its clients to trade. You can trade in Forex, options, stocks, bonds, etc. Additionally, the platform has partnered with leading Forex brokers like HY Markets, which is performing tremendously in the industry.

World Markets is offering cryptocurrency services to its investors; hence they have partnered with one of the top trusted exchanges in the industry Bitmex.

The exchange accepts investors across the world. You can trade digital currencies at leverage for maximum return. Join Worldmarkets today to enjoy and utilize the volatility of cryptos to your advantage. Investors can as well invest in ICO and STOs.

World Markets Funds Safety

World Markets observe high-security measures on their clients’ accounts. They mitigate risks by utilizing their cutting edge trading software.

They can attain high-level profit by retaining a realistic level of risk. Additionally, trusting this account management company, you reduce the level of hackers attacks.

Investors are the only people who have access to cash out funds; the platform’s team only has access to just trade in your account.

Get started today, and earn an additional income by utilizing this program. Luckily the company does not charge any supplementary fees; they compensate you from their current fee structure.

The platform has featured information regarding their banking information. You will know who is handling your money. It will be easy to make a follow up on your money whenever the need arises.


World Markets Final Verdict

World Markets is a company that is operating transparently, unlike pyramid schemes that brag about high performance that they can’t show any evidence. Sign up today! To Attain superior returns with the best-managed accounts in the globe.

Visit World Markets Here
The platform has a proven track record and has won numerous rewards. Venturing with this platform assures absolute returns with flexible leverage. They additionally observed a high level of diversifications, which increases the performance of their clients.

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