World of Ether Marketplace Review: Is it the right NFT market for you?

World of Ether Review is out, and we will help you know what to expect from Is it the right NFT marketplace for you?

A leader in crypto gaming NFTs, World of Ether is a marketplace to engage in. The platform has an immense presence in the crypto gaming scene.

And that gives it the best option to buy and sell crypto gaming NFTS. These gaming NFTs are highly valuable and can rise depending on the game played.

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Founded in December 2017, World of Ether is a dueling game based on collectibles that Ethereum powers.

Located in the United States, the Company operates under the legal name of World of Ether LLC.

With the main net version of the game launching in 2018, the platform has seen a sharp rise in players.

Is World of Ether the best NFT marketplace?

About the World of Ether

It’s a fantasy game; the world of Ether revolves around monsters where players breed them and fight against each other.

It’s more of a Spartacus Monster game where you get points by breeding monsters and winning fights.

You can also buy, sell, or sire monsters on the platform and get a quick return. And the gaming world is ecstatic about the monster NFTs available.

To summarize, World of Ether is a dueling game under the Ethereum virtual machine. It lives under the browser on the Ethereum ecosystem.

And with Ethereum, you know you have a stable ecosystem that’s highly valuable and secure. So that’s how you grow to become the best in-house gamer with these monsters.

You can store each monster inside a contract referenced under the Ethereum network. And that means you have legal ownership of the entity.

Pundits, primarily gamers, praise World of Ether due to its reformist nature. However, others are not that into it, citing collecting these monsters as boring.

Whatever the case, the platform is a breeding monster NFT marketplace. And the rewards are immense on some of these monster NFTs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the World of Ether

There are advantages and disadvantages to the platform. And this means you can take the good from the bad or cite negative aspects.

Depending on the gamer, buyer, creator, or investor, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

One of the most significant advantages of the NFTs is the Ethereum aspect of it. That makes the NFTs tangible and highly valuable.

It would be best to look at these monsters’ value, especially after winning duels. The value could increase in a matter of days or weeks.

What’s not t love about getting monster eggs for gaming? For those who want to earn cryptocurrency, this is another exciting aspect.

There’s no need to go for cryptocurrency that doesn’t offer much sustainability. It would be best if, instead, you indulged in an ecosystem that offers ROI.

And World of Ether won’t guarantee high returns, and it might take time before earning your ROI.

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Features of the World of Ether

Collectibles found on World of Ether

You need to check some unique characteristics when engaging with the Here are these features.

Available fees

Depending on how you view it, the fees have to be manageable and, most of all, affordable. The WOE team claims the platform offers the best in-house costs.

There’s no bidding for some of these monsters as the clients set the price. But, then, the game itself or its creators set the prices at some point.

You won’t get to negotiate or place a high bid on the monster you want. Once someone else bits you to the punch, the NFT is lost.


There are not a lot of collectible items on the platform. And these items are specifically for one game, that’s not exciting.

You don’t get to take a bunch of collectibles and choose which one. And the overall web interface is lacking.

The quality of these NFTs is not as enticing to the eye as you would expect. And that will bring the platform to a lower scale than other NFT marketplaces.

Payment methods

Sadly, the platform doesn’t accept FIAT, and that’s a problem. Most crypto gamers want several payment methods available.

And NFT marketplaces are now accepting credit and debit cards. So there’s no reason why the platform shouldn’t offer much in return.


Don’t expect direct support from staff or the creators of these NFTs. And that will give you an idea of what the platform is all about.

NFT marketplaces seem to all have the same support issue. There’s no live chat on offer to help traders with any help needed.

Login and Sign up with World of Ether

Players can easily buy or sell the NFTs on the platform, depending on the game. And that makes it a daunting task for creators.

There’s no sign-up on the website. However, there are a few artists listed on the website whose credentials remain unknown.

We believe the platform should offer a more insightful way of engaging with clients. Likewise, buyers and sellers should have a way to meet on the platform.

You have to have a MetaMask wallet account to get started with this game,

Is World of Ether the best Blockchain game?

Not by a mile, and anyone who leads you to believe it is a liar. You don’t need to use any of the tools here, and that’s a shame.

What you need is to get the advantage you need when playing games. But, unfortunately, the games or monster NFTs offer no real excitement to players.

You can read the reviews from other independent parties for more.

Safety of Purchase with World of Ether NFTs

There’s safety when purchasing NFTs on the Ethereum network. And that’s the beauty of having these monsters to sell when needed.

We haven’t heard or seen any safety concerns with the games. The game is available on the app and the web and has an exciting interface worth checking out.

One issue with the game itself is that it has limited language options. In our world, the language barrier should not be an issue in any of the games.

Our Verdict

If you are a fan of such games, go for it.

We do believe the game is not as exciting as some would claim. The game mainly involves collecting and rearing monsters, not as much as the actual game type.

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