World Wide Brokers Review: Distasteful Broker

World Wide Brokers Review
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World Wide Brokers is randomly calling potential customers persuading them to join their venture. They use different phone numbers. We always advise investors not to leave their phone numbers or email addresses behind. The scammers will keep blowing up your phone with irresistible deals. 

World Wide Brokers is a company that has gained the attention of financial analysts and regulators in the market. Despite the entity’s pretense to be genuine, there are many visible red flags. It is also evident this is an unreliable entity. The sole purpose of the website is to steal your hard-earned money.

World Wide Brokers Review, World Wide Brokers Company

The entity has two websites; and The latter has been closed, and currently, it is only the first site in operation. The scammers are using Elon Musk to market their shady business. It would help if you were careful, as most fraudsters use celebrities for advertising their companies without consent.

World Wide Brokers is randomly calling potential customers persuading them to join their venture. They use different phone numbers. We always advise investors not to leave their phone numbers or email addresses behind. The scammers will keep blowing up your phone with irresistible deals. 

They claim you will earn huge profits even without having trading skills. If you deposit money, you will see huge returns on the dashboard. However, the narrative will change once you attempt to withdraw the cash. They will come up with several excuses to withhold the money. Review

Avoid World Wide Brokers. It does not care about your safety. Several customers have already lost money to the Ponzi scheme. Your fate will also be the same if you decide to test the waters. Be watchful of false testimonials. The scheme is paying people to claim they have received payment. 

The unethical marketers purport to have won an absurd amount of profits. So long as there is no proof of payment or audited trading performance, stay away from such ventures. You will only face unfavorable outcomes. The promoters receive their fat commission while you count losses. 

Avoid these scammers as they won’t give up even after blocking them. Take the advice of their victims and refrain from doing business with World Wide Brokers. Those that have lost funds claim the money disappear in thin air. 

Trade only with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are genuine brokers that have served many people. Their customers endorse them for their excellent job. They also put the safety of customers’ funds first. Sign up today and experience world-class services.  

World Wide Brokers Trading Conditions 

The trading conditions of World Wide Brokers are only available for marketing purposes. Their drain your account to the last penny. The platform uses a web-trader interface. The basic interface is not a choice of many. Experienced traders prefer the MetaTrader software. 

World Wide Brokers interface has some indicators and charting tools. We continue to stress that the availability of a trading platform does not guarantee investment activity. The spread of the EURUSD pair is 2.3 pips. Investors will pay $23 for every lot. The genuine firms provide a spread of 1.5 pips. The leverage is at 1:400. The limit is risky, and you should trade with caution. These trading conditions will not reflect in your account. This is a pure Ponzi scheme that targets your hard-earned money. Review, Conditions

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The Ponzi scheme is mainly relying on its A-game marketing strategy. A rich guy mysteriously encounters a broker person on the street. He is driving a Lamborghini and promises to help generate $1000 from his $67. The naive clients are falling for this ploy. 

Withdrawal and Deposit 

Upon traders asking for a withdrawal request, the firm start asking for a taxation fee. The charges are not mentioned on the website. This is not new to us, as most scammers implement hidden charges. They do this to retain all the money you have earned. 

The platform is asking for credit card information. Never take a picture of your bank card or forward it to anonymous people. Moreover, the other payment method is via various cryptos. The scheme accepts Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. 

Digital currency payments are irreversible. Scammers prefer this option as it allows them to remain anonymous. World Wide Brokers takes a quarterly maintenance fee of 75%. You must pay a 1% fee for every trade you place. Investors who accept the bonus must trade 25 times the accepted bonus and the amount deposited.

Of course, many won’t reach the trade volume, and World Wide Brokers will retain the cash. The regulatory agencies ban bonuses and promotions. Therefore, this is proof you will be dealing with an illegitimate venture. 

Contact Details and Customer Support 

World Wide Brokers’ customer support is terrible. The company stops communicating once you start making a follow-up on your money. Clients claim the entity blacklists them after making a follow-up of their money. 

A business that does not value its customer is not worth your time. The scheme uses alluring videos and adverts to fish for victims. These kinds of ventures mainly target novice traders. 

The red flags are colorful, and you do not need any trading background to know you are dealing with a scam. The entity does not feature contact details. The only way to reach the venture is via email. The company will call you if they need anything, but it is hard for you to use the same channel.

Those who have engaged with the entity in the past report low-quality services. The sales reps become rude if you constantly reach them. Instead of wasting money on an exposed scam, look for better trading alternatives. 

World Wide Brokers Regulatory Status

World Wide Brokers is operating from Saint Vincent and Grenadines. The local regulator does not oversee the operations of investment schemes. Therefore, any entity running its business from the Island can do whatever it pleases without facing charges. 

Offshore companies don’t report their daily transactional report to financial watchdogs. One reason you will see huge returns on the dashboard is that when you want to withdraw, the money vanishes. 

Moreover, the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has warned against World Wide Brokers. The Belgian regulator is one of the reputable watchdogs in the market. The entity lacks a parent company. Therefore, no one is answerable for the entity’s shortcomings. 

There are many benefits of choosing a regulated company. You get to enjoy fund safety and quality trading conditions. If there is any dispute, the authority can handle the issue amicably. 

World Wide Brokers Fund Safety 

A platform that has managed to steal from multiple investors cannot offer you fund safety. World Wide Brokers is an outrageous Ponzi scheme. Customers are also reporting the firm to their local regulator. Unfortunately, the people running this website are tactical scammers. They have not left any contact details. 

It is, therefore, hard for the authority to trace the fraudsters down. World Wide Brokers is not working with a reputable bank. Thus, in time of insolvency, clients won’t get compensation. 

World Wide Brokers was registered in May 2022. The website has been in the market for a few months. The traffic visiting the site is questionable. The entity will close its doors, and money will be lost. Hence, avoid engaging with the scheme. 

Final Verdict 

World Wide Brokers  is an exposed Ponzi scheme. Many people have lost their hard-earned money to the scam. Additionally, the trading conditions are sickening. You will also be shocked when you read the withdrawal requirements. 

Instead of dealing with shady companies, choose the best forex trading companies. Some reliable brokers will help you get the best returns. These ventures have been in the market for years. Hence, establishing a sound reputation.


2 Replies to “World Wide Brokers Review: Distasteful Broker”

  1. Justin

    You are absolutely right with your analysis and did described correctly worldwide brokers modus operandis. I’m one of the victims. I have invested around 35000$ and paid around 48000$ for so claimed taxes in order to collect or withdraw the profit which is around 350000$.their asking me now to pay penalties for not paying tax on time .
    I refused to make any further payment. According to them I will withdraw anything until I pay the penalties which are around 8600$.

  2. Phil Henderson

    You are correct in your analysis of WW Brokers. I am also one of their victims. I have invested a total of almost $7000 in US funds. In Canadian currency that is around $9000 CAD. That is still a big chunk of money when living on a fixed income. When discovering thier scheme, I contacted the broker who went by the name of Marcel Jacobs. He then transferred me to his senior financial advisor by the name of Roy Williams, and told him to close my account which was now sitting at $13000. He wanted me to have an additional $1400 in a crypto account to pay for taxes before he would release payment. Also was in a hurry to have this done within 2 days (another red flag). I refuse to put any more money into a phony tax scheme.

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