World Wide Earning Review: A Fake Ad-Credit MLM Scam

worldwide earning scam

Rumors have been going round about a certain company by the name World Wide Earning. However, we are skeptical about this ad credit business ”opportunity” because it follows the same trend as scams in the advertising niche.

Chances are that you’ve come across it, which is why you landed on this review in the first place. Now, it’s critical that you make the right decision before attempting to ”invest” your money here.

Therefore, this review is a highlight of what we know about the scam company, its products as well as compensation plan.

Overview of the World Wide Earning

This shoddy company operates in the MLM advertising space, and it’s run by two strange personalities known as Ahsan Abbas and Andrea Burriesci.

A fake UK-incorporated document on the website indicates that B. Solutionss Limited is the parent company under which World Wide Earning operates in.

By this document, we also ”understand” that B. Solutions Ltd is situated in London, UK. But the strangest thing is that Ahsan Abbas is using a Pakistani contact address while his fellow con, Andrea Burriesci claims to live in Italy on his Facebook profile.

We checked out Abbas’ profile on Facebook and found claims that B. Solutionss was a web hosting & development company. Apart from the claim that it is owned by Abbas, it appears to have nothing to do with World Wide Earning.

The whole thing appears to be a shell company that is filled with a lot of information which isn’t making sense.

What is more, the incorporation documents for the said B. Solutions ltd cites U.K as the address of these two ( Ahsan Abbas and Andrea Burriesci). This is shrewd.

You also need to realize that this person by the name Andrea Burriesci has a tainted reputation. His history is literally tainted with mud, i.e. he has been promoting similar scams on the web. These include (but are not limited to) BitDonix, FutureNet, Reality Gift among others.

It appears that B. Solutionss Ltd is just a shell company, and we can comfortably draw a conclusion that neither B. Solutionss or Word Wide Earning has an operational base in the UK.

Also, think about this: On one of his Facebook posts dated November 2016, Ahsan Abbas listed a couple of well-known Bitcoin scams as his favorite matrix for making a solid income. He was actually recommending the infamous Super Matrix, Zar Fund among others.

That’s what we know as far as the overview of World Wide Earning company is concerned. But even with this little information, we still get a feeling that this is a sham.

Notice the inconsistent and contradicting information. It’s rather unusual for a company that claims success to engage in false marketing or promotional activities. If this is not outright deception, we don’t know what else to call it.

worldwide earning scam
worldwide earning scam

World Wide Earning review: the products which they claim to offer

This ponzi MLM scheme does not offer any product or service to its members. In reality, those who join are only faced with the reality of promoting the World Wide Earning affiliate program. Nothing else.

This discovery is contrary to what is listed on the homepage as their ”products and services”. Open this page

You can see claims that the company is involved in some sort of traffic exchange services? Now, the reality is quite different when you join them since we’ve already stated that it’s an affiliate marketing platform where you only get to promote the program itself and not any other product or service.

Also, when you sign up to the World Wide Earning affiliate program which are offered in ”plans”, you get to purchase ad credits which can then be used to set up banner ads on the World Wide Earning website.

The compensation plan

These are categorized as Code 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The first plan is supposed to get you 110% of ROI (return on investment). The second and third one should get you 115% and 125% respectively.

World Wide Earning also claims to payout commissions to its affiliates who subscribe to any of their plans.

In reality, these things don’t make you any money. We are yet to see proof of members who were paid. The site doesn’t give any form of proof as to whether or not they’ve been paying their members.

It is therefore difficult to believe that World Wide Earning is a reliable MLM company with records to prove its profitability among members.

Also, because there is a sharp contradiction in the real identities of the people who claim to run it, it’s only best that people should exercise caution when considering this scam. Why should you give a stranger your money if they are not willing to say who they are or where they live? It takes blind courage to trust them, and that is exactly what will make you lose money in this ponzi scheme.

The truth that no one is telling you

First off, if you’re into affiliate or internet marketing and would  want to build a steady income out of your online activities, a good opportunity like Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time and investment.

Now, in as much as World Wide Earning is working very hard to paint a good picture for itself, the fact that it has no real products or services to offer is, in itself, a red flag.

Things would have been a lot easier for them if only they implemented external sources of income which could guarantee the alleged 125% ROI.

The ROI which they are talking about here is only made from funds deposited by new members to pay existing members. It’s a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul since we’ve already seen that they don’t have any product or service to offer.

You cannot just say, ”well, we offer advertising on our site and we are looking to build a sustainable business.”

If this business is not yet ready (since they are still looking to come up with a sustainable way of doing business), then why are they collecting funds left and right?

We personally hate this type of operation. It’s the reason we can’t recommend World Wide Earning since there is a better way to invest your hard earned money instead of putting it in a  scheme like this.

What’s up with insuring your funds on this website?

world wide earning scam
fake insurance

There is a part of this website that says you can insure your funds with them which will guarantee receiving them if you ever requested for a cash withdrawal.

This option will incur you an expense of 1% in monthly charges, and we can also see that they are encouraging members to pump in $1,000 as minimum deposit. If it’s insured, you’ll get back $985 when you request to withdraw all your funds.

But the question is, why would you bank with a fraud in the first place?


By now, you must be tired of these shenanigans and are probably looking for the last opportunity before you quit searching for anything in the ad-credit MLM niche.

Don’t give up yet because we are recommending a better and transparent opportunity in the name of Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t have to give up because good opportunities exist. Only avoid scams that add no value to your investment efforts.

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