WorldVentures Review: WorldVentures.Biz is a Rebooted Ponzi Scheme

WorldVentures Review
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Review Summary

WorldVentures is a Ponzi scheme that can collapse anytime. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avoid investing in it because you are likely to lose your money. It is much better to use efficient and reliable crypto trading bots rather than trusting MLM companies to make huge profits.

WorldVentures is a long-running MLM company that has gone through transformations since its inception. It is important to review WorldVentures.Biz in detail because the company has been a part of several controversies. As a result, you should be familiar with the various aspects of the company before making any kind of investment in it. 

Keep reading to learn all about WorldVentures and make a smart investment decision. 

Overview of WorldVentures

WorldVentures is an MLM company that is claiming to have various travel-related products. However, the primary product of the company is a DreamTrips membership. The company’s website encourages users to invest in the company and get the benefits of modern technology in the tourism industry. 

WorldVentures is a company running from the state of Texas, USA. The original owner of the company is Wayne Nugent. Currently, Josh Paine is the CEO of the company. The analysis of WorldVentures.Biz shows that the USA, UK, and Australia are contributing the majority of traffic to the website. 

History of Regulatory Issues

WorldVentures has faced many regulatory issues since its inception. In 2014, Norway declared the company to be a pyramid scheme. Similarly, Malaysia also called WorldVentures an illegal business in 2015. Since 2019, authorities in Taiwan are also investigating the company on the charges of being a pyramid scheme. 

Other than these major investigations, WorldVentures has been a part of several other controversies in various countries. You should always proceed with caution when you are thinking of investing in this kind of company that is already facing legal issues. 

Products of WorldVentures

WorldVentures is promoting the membership of DreamTrips as its own product. As the name suggests, DreamTrips provides a variety of travel packages. If you want to get the membership of DreamTrips, you have to make an initial investment of $143. Moreover, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $56.99.

There are also other packages that you can buy to get access to more features and benefits. However, you should beware of making such investments because there is a very high chance that the company is only marketing these products to seem like a genuine company and not a traditional Ponzi scheme that does not provide any kind of products or services.

Registration Fee of WorldVentures

WorldVentures.Biz does not provide any information about the exact amount of fee that you have to pay to the company. However, other sources like the company’s marketing video suggest that you will have to invest $99.95 initially and $10.99 every month.

It is surprising to see that despite charging such heavy fees, the company is still claiming to be an affordable investment opportunity for all kinds of people. It is possible that the company is not disclosing the exact amount of investment because it wants to attract a wider audience.

Income Structure of WorldVentures

According to WorldVentures.Biz, there are a total of 11 affiliate ranks in the company. These are:

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  1. Active Representative Rank, for which you have to register at the company and submit the affiliate charges.
  2. Qualified Representative Rank for which you have to sell at least 4 DreamTrips memberships.
  3. 1 Star Representative Rank for which you have to sell at least 6 DreamTrips memberships.
  4. 2 Star Representative Rank for which you have to sell at least 12 DreamTrips memberships.
  5. 3 Star Representative Rank for which you have to sell at least 24 DreamTrips memberships.
  6. Senior Representative Rank for which you have to sell at least 60 DreamTrips memberships.
  7. Director Rank for which you have to sell at least 180 DreamTrips memberships.
  8. Marketing Director Rank for which you have to sell at least 400 DreamTrips memberships.
  9. Regional Marketing Director Rank for which you have to sell at least 900 DreamTrips memberships.
  10. National Marketing Director Rank for which you have to sell at least 1800 DreamTrips memberships.
  11. International Marketing Director Rank for which you have to sell at least 3800 DreamTrips memberships.

It is important to note that other than selling the memberships, you will also have to make sure that the members are maintaining their memberships. This kind of business model makes it difficult for the affiliates to maintain a long list of customers and other members. As a result, you will not be able to generate any significant profits from WorldVentures. 

It is much better to use efficient and reliable crypto trading bots rather than trusting MLM companies like WorldVentures.Biz that cannot provide many profits. User-friendly crypto trading bots makes it possible for both experienced and new crypto traders to participate in the crypto industry and make huge profits.  

Weekly Bonuses

Other than the traditional bonuses on different affiliate ranks, the company is also promising weekly bonuses to attract as many people as it can. However, only the members of the Qualified Representative Rank and higher ranks are eligible for these bonuses. 


WorldVentures.Biz states that the weekly team bonus is calculated on the basis of the sales credits and the number of DreamTrips memberships you sell to the customers and other members. The website also provides the following breakdown of the weekly team bonuses:

  • Members of the Qualified Representative Rank to Director Rank can earn $2000 per week.
  • Members of the Marketing Director Rank can earn $5000 per week.
  • Affiliates of the Regional Marketing Director can earn $10000 per week.
  • Affiliates of the National Marketing Director can earn $20000 per week.
  • Members of the International Marketing Director can earn $25000 per week.

Other than these commissions, WorldVentures is offering many other types of bonuses like residual commissions, Lifestyle Bonus, and DreamHome Bonus. However, all of these commissions are similar because they are associated with DreamTrips and how many people you recruit to the platform.


The purpose of this entire discussion about WorldVentures is to make it clear to you that this is not a suitable investment opportunity for you. You cannot expect to make any significant profits from this company. 

WorldVentures.Biz is facing a lot of legal issues in various countries. There is a high chance that if you invest in the company, you will end up losing your money. Moreover, you should also carefully look at the income structure of the company. You will have to continuously work to ensure more people are buying the DreamTrips memberships, and these members are maintained to generate any profits. 

Despite facing a lot of criticism, WorldVentures have not made any changes to its income structure. It is evident that the company wants people to keep investing in the company and recruiting more and more people to generate profits. 

WorldVentures.Biz is presenting the company as a well-established name in the MLM and tourism industry. However, the company has some serious compliance issues. WorldVentures does not have a sustainable business model because it completely relies on getting investment from the affiliates. 

The money from the new members will be used to pay the profits to the old members. It clearly means that WorldVentures is a Ponzi scheme that can collapse anytime. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avoid investing in it because you are likely to lose your money. 

If you do not want to invest in potential scams like WorldVentures, you should consider learning about crypto trading bots. These bots allow people to get familiar with crypto trading quickly and generate huge profits in the crypto industry. The good thing is that you can fully trust crypto trading bots because they are used by even the most experienced crypto traders.

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