Xenesta Review: Xenesta.com a Clear MLM Scam

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Xenesta is a health and nutrition-based MLM niche company. It is launched in early 2014, and it is located in the USA.

Moreover, the CEO and founder of the company is Kyl Smith. Smith is also known as Karl Love. According to the information about him on the official Xenesta website, he is a pioneer in the world of natural medicine. However, none of the information about him relates directly or indirectly with MLM.

If you are thinking of joining Xenesta.com, then first read this article till the end because it might change your opinion about joining the company.

There is more than one red flag for the company. In this article, I have discussed everything about the Xenesta company to tell you how they are doing an MLM scam.

About Xenesta – Xenesta Review

xenesta review, xenesta.com, xenesta, mlm scam, xenesta scam

As I already told you, it is a health and nutrition-based MLM niche company, and the owner of the company is Kyl.Smith.

Apart from the information given on the official website about Smith. Let me give some more information that various marketers found about him by doing a lot of research.

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In 2008 he started working for the Scientific Advisory Board over at Xooma Worldwide. At that time, his name was steadily used to promote the company.

Xooma is a 17-year-old company that claims Dr.Smith, who is the former founder of Focus Factor, invents a new product Focus UP with the help of Randy Heaton.

As it is a very old company, it didn’t seem that they are giving us the wrong information. But suddenly, after a few years, Smith’s name was removed from the Xooma official website, which raises several questions about him.

In my view, there must be a big reason for doing this; otherwise, why an old company like Xooma will do this with their old employee. Moreover, it raises a red flag for the Xensta company too.

If you really want to invest your money in a safe place, then firstly invest in Crypto Trading Bots. These bots will help you to invest your money safely. Moreover, these bots are more trustable than fraud MLM companies.

Xenesta Product

Their main product is a drink called MemoryWorks. According to the company, it is a patient pending blend of various researched energetic nutrients.

The company claim that it contains ingredients that increase mental focus, concentration level, and mental performance.

Moreover, various research also shows that it is possible to support brain power, and in some cases, it also enhances the brainpower.

One box of MemoryWorks is sold for $34.95. However, if anyone visits their official website, they will not show the pricing unless that person is visiting through an affiliate link.

Xenesta Compensation Plan

Now we will discuss one of the most important things of this article, the compensation plan of Xenesta. Through the compensation plan of Xenesta, you can easily find out how they are doing an MLM scam.

Their compensation plan is based on the affiliates who are recurring other affiliates. They pay commission primarily via a 3×10 matrix. Apart from this, the additional commission is paid through a binary structure.

Affiliate Membership Ranks

Xenesta have a total of 7 affiliate memberships which are as follows:

  • Affiliate: Sign up and place one order.
  • Associate: Generate a $34.95 monthly auto-ship order plus recruit two members on each side of the binary structure.
  • Director: Generate a $59.95 monthly auto-ship order, plus your weaker binary team must generate at least $1000 in weekly sales.
  • Executive Director: Generate a $59.95 monthly auto-ship order plus your weaker binary team must generate at least $5000 in weekly sales.
  • Regional Director:  Generate a $59.95 monthly auto-ship order, plus your weaker binary team must generate at least $10,000 in weekly sales.
  • National Marketing Director:  Generate a $59.95 monthly auto-ship order, plus your weaker binary team must generate at least $10,000 in weekly sales.
  •  Global Marketing Director:  Generate a $59.95 monthly auto-ship order, plus your weaker binary team must generate at least $30,000 in weekly sales.

Customer Bonus

An affiliate earns a 30% commission on referred person first order. Moreover, a $1 commission is also provided up to 10 levels of the matrix. However, the company did not explain the mechanic of this commission.

Recruitment Commission

Same as customer bonus in this also a 30% commission is given when any recruited member purchases their first product.

If a recruited affiliate purchases a leadership pack, then a $30 commission is given. Apart from this, a $10 commission is paid up to 10 levels of the matrix. However, in this case, too, the company did not give the exact mechanism of the commission.

Furthermore, if an affiliate wants to get a yearly bonus, then the member must purchase a leadership pack while joining the company.

Matrix Commission

In this, commissions are given through a 3X10 matrix. One affiliate is at the top, and three affiliates are below it, and it forms level 1.

In the same way, three more affiliates are below the above every three affiliates, which is level 2, and this goes so on.

An affiliate will get a commission when any new affiliate in the matrix or a preferred customer purchase any product. However, the commission depends on what is the level of the member who purchases the product.

  • 5% –  Level 1 to 4
  • 10% – Level 5
  • 2% – Level 6 to 10

Furthermore, an affiliate can also get a 10% matrix matching bonus if an affiliate gets a maximum of four generations of recruitment.

However, to qualify for the commission, the affiliate must be at the position of Director affiliate or higher.

Most of the bonuses that the company gave are only good for the company because it is challenging for any affiliate to complete these tasks.

Binary Commissions

Apart from matrix commission company also give commission to the buyer through a binary structure. In binary compensation, one affiliate is at the top, and two are below it.

In the same way, two more affiliates are below the above every two affiliates, and it goes so on like matrix commission.

An affiliate earns 25% of commission by successful generation weaker binary structures. However, the company did not define what happens if an affiliate gives more sales than stronger binary teams.

Furthermore, one standard $34.95 monthly order of Memory Works gives a $25 sales volume. The maximum weekly earning for an affiliate of the Global Marketing Director rank is $20,000.

Xenesta Joining Process

Joining the company is free, but every affiliate must purchase Xenesta products while joining up. So actually joining is not totally free because you need to pay the money indirectly to the company.

When you join the company, they give you their product MemoryWorks and compensation that describes the leadership package. However, no additional information about this is present on their website.


By reading the information about the company owner and its compensation, you might get an idea that Xenesta is not a company that you can trust.

The company only using your money and time for their profit. They try to hide their MLM scam under the scheme of MemoryWorks product.

But by reading this article, you can quickly know that how they are scamming the people and doing an MLM scam with them.

If you don’t want to lose your money, then don’t invest in these types of fake MLM companies. There are plenty of Crypto mining companies that give a good return on investment. It’s worth checking them out as they are not doing any type of scam. Your money will be safe in their hands.

I hope my review of Xenesta.com is helpful for you and make you aware of their MLM fraud.

Thank you!!!

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