XO Signals Review: Xosignals.com Audacious Bot Scam

XO Signals (Xosignals.com) is a service that claims to provide accurate signals. From our initial investigation, it is clear that this is another online signals scam. The evidence is worth checking out as our investigation team unearthed some damning facts. This signal provider claims to provide alerts for a number of leading trading assets. We checked them out and we found out they are another scam. Below are some of the concrete facts we found out in regard to the signal provider.

XO Signals Review

About XO Signals

They claim to be a global signal provider on their about us page. Another big claim is that they work to solely produce accurate signals. The signal provider claims to create trading predictions and anticipate long-term patterns. They also claim to offer daily market analysis for cutting edge assets such as Crypto. Finally, they claim to help their clients excel in online trading. The barrage of sales pitch would move anyone to sign up with them. Before you do, there are a couple of things to consider.

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XO Signals is another well-designed website that looks professional to the eye. It is what the developers want. To help create a sense of professionalism and later entice users to sign up. For those who don’t know much about trading, there are a lot of scam products. Online scam artists will hide behind a good-looking website and pounce on unsuspecting investors. It is our duty to inform all investors of the impending danger of using this platform. XOSignals is not one to play around with, they are certified, scam artists.

Assets covered by the Signal provider

On their about us page, they claim to offer an opportunity to advance Forex trading. They do so by using forex trading assets such as CFD, Commodity, and Crypto trading signals. One of their biggest selling points is developing software-generated analysis. They claim to thrive thanks to mobile and online platform capabilities. Another false claim is to help the public develop a complex trading platform. These are the main assets the signal provider boasts to have in their artillery.

Business Owner

What looks like a genuine website is in fact operated by anonymous people. They claim that a bunch of big data specialists and mathematicians created the bot. What they fail to mention is the actual names of these mathematicians and specialists. Does this mean that they did not provide their full names when creating the robot? These are some of the tell-signs we are dealing with a rogue online trading platform. And this is why it is best to stay away from this platform. It is led by a bunch of anonymous online scam artists.

Domain credentials

What is astonishing in regards to XO Signals is that the website has been running since 2017. Evidence shows the website went live on 29th January 2017. What made us get suspicious is the fact that the bot has made 11 IP changes over the past seven years. It means that the website was under another name. These scam artists have been using the same scam tactics but delivering different products. We could not come up with other related trading products as they were pulled down. And this goes to prove the extent scam artists will go to target unsuspecting investors.

Feedback from clients

XO Signals False Client Testimony

The feedback from the clients who have used the signal provider is shocking. Most are still ruing signing up after they got banned by the platform. After trying to recover their remaining balances, the platform shut down their accounts. And this is proof we are dealing with a professional scam group. These scam artists have nothing else better to do than steal from investors. The feedback from clients is enough to urge our readers to stay away from Xo Signals.

Main Features

XO Signals is selling at $29 and they fail to mention whether this is a onetime deal. Most of the members claim that the robot developers insisted that they deposit more funds. The support team claims that the best amount to start making money is around $2,000. And this is the proof we needed to blacklist the platform. They claim a larger sum has a better chance of winning than a smaller amount. What happened to providing accurate signals to investors? Do the signals only work when the amount deposited is a large one?

License details of XO Signals

XO Signals is not regulated by any regulator in any jurisdiction. The IP address claims that the traffic is mostly from the States. We reached out to the CFTC and NFA to check whether the bot is certified. It is clear that none of the regulars have ever heard of a robot with such a name. Other regulators in regions where victims have lodged complaints plan to ban this robot. In Europe, regulators plan to issue a warning in regards to using this robot and their affiliate programs.

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The website does not pull any evidence to prove that they are indeed compliant. After searching for license information on their website, we couldn’t find any. The terms and conditions page does not also offer any valid details on compliance. We could not find any license or registration number of the platform. Our search also led us to the company register to find out if the entity is under companies. This too did not yield any results which are clear that the signal provider holds no license.

Limitations of XO Signals

Client Testimonial

Below the homepage lies information of what looks like satisfied customers. They have posted images with tags of comments on how the platform managed to create winning strategies. Some of the ‘satisfied clients’ include Reine G, Jack Morgan, and Koketsu D. The first name is used in different Forex brokers reviews. It would seem that these scam artists use the same names in their testimonial pages. These are stock images as there are no profiles of such people anywhere on the planet.

Customer Support

The platform has a chat support board at the bottom right-hand side corner. What we found odd is the long time it took to get a response. It seems the platform is using a bot to harvest data. The bot will take your email and phone address and pass it to their affiliate programs team. And this is where you get bombarded with emails from their other scam products. An excellent platform will offer a live chat support team or quicker response time. It means that the platform does not care about the plea of members.

Trading Strategy and results

XO Signals Trading Stock Page

XO Signals is using software-generated technical analysis for their strategy. What makes it a scam is that they fail to provide any concrete proof of concept. There is a page on active traders but no proof that any of them has won with the robot. And this is why we believe that this is another signal scam. There are no myfxbook results which we can verify the capability of the signal. And this is another reason to stay away from this ridiculous trading platform. They are not to be trusted with profit claims.

Safety of funds with XO Signals

The security of funds is not the same and is far from being tight. There are several discrepancies that must be addressed. The platform offers no ample security software to protect users from third-party attacks. Lack of credible and stable security software such as DDoS protection and SSL encryption is evident. This platform is putting everyone at risk as hackers can take over the transaction process. They will steal bank details such as credit card information. The outcome will be having your bank account swept clean.

Scam or Legit XO Signals

XO Signals is a scam signal provider which is targeting unsuspecting investors. And this is a huge problem for newbies since they fall for such platforms. Stay away from any of their affiliate programs and warn your loved ones on the risks of using this bot.

Closing remarks

We have to protect our readers from joining this scam signals provider. To do this, we will be adding it to our signals provider blacklist.

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