Zfxtrade Review: Zfxtrade.com Nasty Scam

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Zfxtrade does not have a client agreement policy. Therefore, we do not know the minimum amount customers can withdraw. You must deal with platforms that reveal all the necessary information. Your safety should always come first.

Zfxtrade might give a vibe of a genuine investment company. The broker promotes itself as one of the leading fastest growing entities. Those willing to join will only take a few minutes to open an account. The platform deals with forex, metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices trading.

Zfxtrade.com Review, Zfxtrade.com Company

Before you consider opening an account, kindly go through this unbiased review. The venture claims it observed transparency to customers. Clients are assured of high-quality security protocols. Therefore, they won’t trade for fear of losing money. 

It is a bold claim coming from a fully anonymous entity. Zfxtrade should at least provide the names of The professionals it works with. Every genuine company must provide an educational background and trading history.

It helps to build trust with customers knowing that the funds are safe. The scheme made its first digital footprint in June 2022. The broker should at least provide past trading performance despite being new in the market. 

Zfxtrade.com Review

Zfxtrade claims it is legally in business and has a license. The venture is trying to mislead traders. They promise access to the metatrader4 interface. Once you open an account, you will have full access to AI and advanced trading tools.

Investment activities have become easier over the years. Unlike in the past, you only require a minimum capital to start trading. Nonetheless, your responsibility is to verify you are dealing with a genuine company. The market is flooded with multiple scammers. 

Ensure that you perform thorough research before committing to any broker. Look for negative reviews from those who have already engaged with a company. They are also informative content from financial analysts who always look out for the trading community. You will never lose funds to fraudsters when you trade right.

Zfxtrade is an illegitimate broker that locks up trading history. Do not lose your money to shady schemes. Check out these genuine and authentic forex brokers. These ventures have excellent trading conditions. Their withdrawal requirements are also transparent without any hidden fee.

Metawhale Capital Trading Conditions 

Unfortunately, what Zfxtrade provides is not the link to the metatrader4 software. Avoid installing unknown files from shady companies. Your computer may be infected with malware resulting in your data being stolen.

There are no trading activities taking place on the suspicious website. Numerous companies are providing the MT4 and MT5 trading interface. The software offers competitive features that allow traders to gain success.

Zfxtrade.com Review, Zfxtrade.com Features

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Zfxtrade has three trading accounts that don’t have trading conditions. You can invest a minimum amount of $50, but once you attempt making a deposit, the system will require $100. It is only scammers who contradict themselves on the minimum amount to deposit.

The broker advertised leverage of 1:100 to 1:500. Another indicator is a Ponzi scheme that is not operating from the United Kingdom. Legitimate ventures can only offer leverage of 1:30. The FCA puts this limit to protect investors against severe losses.

Withdrawal and Deposit 

Zfxtrade is accepting funds via tether coin. We can also see an option for local bank transfers. Some scammers require customers to provide their banking information. They will even ask you to take a picture of your card. Never share such data, as it can drain everything from your account.

Cryptocurrency payments are dangerous when dealing with anonymous individuals. Unfortunately, customers cannot issue a chargeback or identify the recipient of funds. It is a perfect method for Ponzi schemes as they retain all the money coming into their system without blowing up their cover.

Contact Details and Customer Support 

Zfxtrade customer support is available via email, telephone, and WhatsApp. The contact information shows the company is operating in an offshore region. This is no excuse for the entity to target investors from strictly restricted areas. 

You should also note scammers will only maintain professionalism when you’re willing to deposit more money. Once you go broke, the fraudsters will cut all communication. The company will also eventually deactivate its phone number.

Choose a reliable company that will always handle your query on time. Transparent brokers value their customers. Some offer 24/7 customer support services. They also have active social media platforms where customers can interact with the support.

Zfxtrade does not have a client agreement policy. Therefore, we do not know the minimum amount customers can withdraw. You must deal with platforms that reveal all the necessary information. Your safety should always come first.

Zfxtrade Regulatory Status

Zfxtrade purports to be authorized by the Financial Service Authority to operate in the United Kingdom. The name provided is not of the UK financial watchdog. The agency responsible for overseeing investment platform activity is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The venture is trying hard to remain relevant, even using false information. Novice traders might miss the small details and end up trusting their money to a complete Ponzi scheme.

Zfxtrade is operating from Seychelles and Saint Vincent and Grenadines. The offshore regions do not have an existing financial watchdog. They are for anyone to run their business without being questioned. Investors are also not protected.

The FCA has issued a warning against the fraudulent company. Never trade with a blocklisted broker, as you will be signing a financial death sentence. Zfxtrade is a clone company that uses information from a licensed broker.

Do not be quick to trust when a broker claims to be legitimate. Visit your local financial watchdog website to verify the information. The Ponzi scheme also mandates all interested parties to agree to their terms and conditions. Unfortunately, the document is blank.

You will therefore comply with unknown requirements. Scammers alter the information on the legal documentation to suit their needs. They also inflict hidden charges on traders. Ensure you only invest with the best legitimate platforms.

Zfxtrade Fund Safety 

Your money is not safe with Zfxtrade. The company is not working with a reputable bank. Therefore, there is no segregation of funds. The broker can easily misuse customers’ funds. Additionally, The entity does not participate in the compensation plan. If they face bankruptcy, investors will not receive compensation.

The suspicious venture is not reporting its daily trading activities to the authority. We cannot verify whether they are trading activities involved. We are also yet to see positive reviews from customers.

Zfxtrade, a newly established company, should provide past trading reports. The red flags are far too many to assume. Fraudulent companies always exit the industry without notice. They accept funds directly in their pocket, limiting any fund recovery process.

Final Verdict 

Zfxtrade is operating from an offshore region. The company has unfavorable trading conditions. We do not know the requirement which customers must meet for them to withdraw funds. Unfortunately, the entity locks customer reviews and has a newly registered domain.

You should not gamble with your safety by hopping to every available broker. It is essential to do a due diligence test on a company before depositing funds. For those looking for reliable forex trading companies, we got you covered. These platforms have an unrivaled reputation in the market.


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